Dr. Jennifer Walden Texan Plastic Surgeon

The Jennifer Walden is one of the most well-known plastic surgeons in the state of Texas. She was born November 17, 1971. Her parents were both members of the medical field with her father being a dentist and her mother was a surgical nurse. Dr. Jennifer Walden went to the University of Texas in order to complete her undergraduate education in the field of biology. After putting her undergraduate education, she continued on to the medical branch of the University of Texas in order to receive her medical degree. After completing her medical degree, she began her residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch and began a fellowship in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan eye ear and throat hospital.

During her time at this hospital, she took part in several clinical trials that eventually led to the introduction of silicon breast implants. After cleaning her residency at the New York hospital, she returned to Austin Texas in 2011 and began to open her own private practice. At the private practice is recognized as one of America’s best plastic surgeons by numerous publications. She has obtained this title through her implementation of modern technologies including 3-D imaging technologies. The use of these 3-D imaging technologies has helped patients visualize what they would like to look like after their surgeries. This has had long-term revocations for the private practice as doctors are much more easily able to meet the expectations of potential clients.

She continues to work in the state of Texas and has a staff that is comprised mostly of women. This is significant as the field of plastic surgery particularly in the state of Texas is normally a field that is dominated by male doctors. She has introduced this staff of primarily women in order to provide a place for individuals to receive plastic surgery in peace and to feel comfortable while doing so. She takes special pride in remaining cognizant of cultures and races of our potential clients. She has helped to build a team of mostly women and continues to serve a client base that is comprised of primarily women in an effort to push forward the ideals of women helping women.

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