Jason Hope and the Future of Technology and Medicine

Jason Hope is an Arizona-based futurist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and healthcare technology investor. His obsession with technology began as a young man. He knew even before graduating high school that he would someday be involved in the technology industry. He began his adult life by obtaining a B.A. in Finance and then an M.B.A. from Arizona State University. After this education, he dove full force into the technology world. He firmly believed—and still does—that technology is the future of humanity.

He began by founding Jawa, a mobile communications company. He first started getting customers for Jawa after a client company referred him to some of their own customers. Hope also started getting business after utilizing the power of social media. Although social media remains his most important method, he has since used a wide range of marketing techniques. It ended up becoming the parent company of many others. Jawa clearly showed him that technology was his thing with his business endeavors almost immediately becoming very successful.

This has encouraged him to keep going through the years, but at the same time, he has fought hard against becoming overconfident. He highly recommends taking time out of your business to evaluate it and your direction. Today he owns a large portfolio of technology companies. In addition to running his businesses, Hope is passionate about writing about the future of technology. This writing part of his profession is so important to him that in recent months he has scaled down his position as the leader of his technology businesses.

As busy a man that he is, Hope makes philanthropic work a priority in his life. In fact, he has stated that he considers this philanthropic work its own business. Hope says he considers his $500,000 donation to SENS to be his greatest single philanthropic work. He shares with SENS an optimism of the future of medicine surrounding the anti-aging processes. In particular, he and SENS are both interested in how anti-aging processes can help prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. He strongly believes that technology is key to this as well. Connectivity for Life: Jason Hope Predicts the Future of the Internet of Things

Although Hope reads a lot, he does almost all of his reading online. In particular, much of his reading is focused on scientific articles and journals. Arizona Entrepreneur Jason Hope Predicts the End of Aging   He says that his personal favorite thing read was called “Higher Intake of Whole Grains Associated with Lower Risk of Major Chronic Diseases and Death.” Whenever he reads a really good article online whether it be scientific, medical, or technological, he shares it on social media. He hopes that this is just one avenue of his inspiring and mentoring the next generation of medical, science, and technology innovators. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging