Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is a marketing expert that has recently taken over a young marketing company in Florida. Although the company is young thanks to the leadership of Edwin it is already a global force that is changing how marketing works. For a long while a lot of larger companies have always found it more beneficial to have their own marketing department. The reason that most large companies would do this is because most marketing companies just aren’t able to keep up with a larger company that is all over the country. But on the other hand small companies would struggle to afford the marketing companies that provided them services especially when they weren’t seeing the return in which they felt they should get off the money they spent on the marketing.

But Edwin’s company is addressing both of those problems and taking them head on as the way he organized his company is completely different than others. For every company that signs up for the marketing services with his company they are assigned a team of people. If the company is relatively small than the same group will likely be with more than one company but all smaller companies so that the team can keep up. But larger companies that are signing up with the company get a large team just for them where the company doesn’t have a need for a marketing department. Because they have their own team and only have to work when they are needed the company still saves money and the marketing efforts thus become much more worth the cost. The company believes that with the right group of people a marketing company can serve anyone with the need for marketing services and they have prices that are fair for everyone so that the companies or people that hire them are able to get their money’s worth.

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