Highlighting the Realizations of Edwin Miranda, the Force behind KOI IXS

If you are an entrepreneur based in Puerto Rico, we guess that you have heard of Edwin Miranda, a marketing expert who has helped many companies to acquire the top position in United States’ industry.

Miranda manages KOI IXS, a company he started at the age of 21. He established his company to transform Puerto Rico’s marketing industry with smart, performance-driven marketing strategies.

To grow the company, Edwin Miranda teamed up with talented strategists, designers, and thought leaders who would serve entrepreneurs from various sectors. The team formulated solutions that enhanced a company’s visibility, authority, and credibility.

Unlike traditional marketers, Edwin Miranda’s team spends their time conducting marketing research, collecting useful marketing information, and analyzing various marketing strategies.

They use the information to formulate result-oriented marketing schemes that align with the customers of a specific industry. The team specializes in search engine optimization, content development, social media marketing, influencer marketing, and many more digital or hybrid marketing strategies.

“Our company leverages the power of cutting-edge marketing technology, and creative brand work to give Puerto Rico’s entrepreneurs the edge they need to acquire and defend the industry’s top position,” says Edwin Miranda.

What tactics does Edwin Miranda use to manage KOI IXS? An interview posted on ideamensch.com, suggests that Mr. Miranda uses two primary tactics to keep KOI IXS ahead of other marketing agencies.

Miranda dedicates his time reading insightful articles and books authored by other successful marketing experts. The reading routine keeps him abreast with the ever-changing needs of the marketing industry.

Apart from reading, Miranda uses his managerial skills to keep his team organized. Before the start of each working day, the marketing expert identifies and lists all the activities that need his team’s attention. Subsequently, he delegates the operations to relevant team members, and he makes a roster that guides them through the day.