George Soros Takes Action After Democratic Defeat

While the 2016 election may be seen as a large repudiation of liberal and Democratic Party politics many of the party elite are trying to put the election in their rearview and look forward to 2018. However, billionaire investor George Soros is among many in the upper echelons of the donor class of the Democratic Party who are asking the hard questions.

Many Democrats were incredibly stunned by the election night results. Many party members believe that widespread voter intimidation and in some cases fraud ended up robbing the part of a solid victory on Forbes. Others have cast doubt on the current strategy of the party to simply use demographics to defeat right wingers. This strategy appeals to have failed- for now.

Regardless of how the party got here Soros and many of his buddies in the top of the party are trying to figure out what to do next. Traditionally Democrat strongholds in the Northeast and Rust Belt appear to be faltering at best. With Republicans being able to reach out past the South there needs to be a radical change in thinking when it comes to getting votes in more conservative areas of the country.

Another enormous topic of contention will be the fight for leadership in the party. The outgoing Debbie Wasserman Schultz was one of the most hated and despised politicians in the country and a serious change is needed for DNC chair on It is very likely that Rep. Keith Ellison, a Nuslim congressman, will end up becoming the first Muslim to head the Democratic Party.

Many other incredibly power people within the Democratic Party will be attending including the sitting House Minority Whip of San Francisco= Nancy Pelosi at In addition the most important glitterati and donor class members will abound at this meeting that is destined to shape the future of the Democratic Party for at least the next two years.

While George Soros is not the only heavy hitter in the room he is among the most powerful people in the Democrat Party today and you can be he will have a great deal of influence on the course the party ends up taking.

Ms. Mary Pirrello is now the President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association

Mary Pirrello of NexBank was appointed to serve as the President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association on the 22nd of June this year. Ms. Pirrello is the Senior Vice President of the National Warehouse Lending at NexBank. She is going to serve as the association’s president for the 2016-2017 term a seat she assumed as of 3rd May.

Mary has a 20-year experience in the banking industry working in different sectors as a leader. She has been a member of the committee and board TMBA as from the year 2007. She has also served in the National Mortgage Bankers Association’s MORPAC (political action committee). In 2010, Mary received the James Wooten Scholarship from the TMBA; they named her a Future Leader.

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a financial institution that provides three major services to its customers; Mortgage Banking, Investment Banking, and Commercial Banking.  The financial institution also has ATMs and branches in Dallas and Texas as a whole.

This year on 14 May the bank had a lot to celebrate about the financial success of the 4th quarter and the entire year 2015. They had a Net income upsurge up to $53.2 million and also growth in the Return on Average Equity by 35%. In the previous year 2014, they experienced a net income of only $25.6 million and the Return on Average Equity had just increased by 23%. They also reported an increase of total asset by 48% from the year 2014 to hit $ 2.72 billion. These are a few of the many achievements of the NexBank. John Holt, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, said, “This success shows that our bank is a profitable and efficient banking platform.“

You can go online and research to find out more about the NexBank Capital, Inc.

Women’s Haircare Advice

Every woman seems to have a fascination with hair. It’s a woman’s secret weapon of choice for attracting the opposite sex. Hair comes in many textures as well as colors, but many of the everyday grooming techniques are causing underlying damage to your follicles. Dyes and perms are a great way for achieving a specific look, but these treatments are very draining when it comes to haircare. Being made up of sulfates, consistently treating your hair in this manner is simply overkill.

According to, hair breakage and even hairloss can and will occur at some point so if you’re the kind of person who loves using these products, using them at a minimum is much safer in the long run. Many conditioners and shampoo are loaded with sulfates as well. These products can help and hurt your hair in one punch. If using the products, try to be as gentle as possible, literally. Some of the major brands are extremely powerful so you never really want to over do it. Have you ever seen QVC ads of WEN hair by Chaz? This is one of the leading haircare brands currently on the market. The ingredients of (WEN) products are top of the line and naturally grown from the earth. This means that there are no chemical sulfates or additives. Check out some of the Wen hair care products below:

  • Lavender Cleaning Conditioner
  • Fig Cleaning Conditioner
  • 34 Day Supply Kit
  • Sweet Almond Mint Haircare Kit
  • Texture Balm Anti-Frizz Styling Creme
  • And many more

It’s time throw away those harmful synthetic products and start taking care of your hair from a more natural approach. WEN by Chaz Dean is the present as well as the future for any and all things in organic haircare.

WEN Hair Care on Facebook:


Talk Fusion: The Answer To Everyone’s Prayers

For years, people have been looking for a product like Talk Fusion. They knew they had something inside of them that was waiting to come out and something they could offer to the world. Quite frankly, they had more to show to the world than what they were showing at the present time. As it often goes, life gets in the way of dreams sometimes. Dreams don’t always pay the bills, but people have been hoping and pining for something to come along and change their world and change it for the better. They have wanted to be with their families more, be at important events, and live a life that was true to themselves.


That is where Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion came in back in 2007. It has grown at a rapid pace and in 2016, many people have said they had their best year yet with two awards from the Technology Marketing Corporation. One must keep in mind that this company only gives out awards to the best of the best. They are a tough crowd, but that is meant in a good way. If they were not a tough crowd, it would not mean anything if someone won. It would just be another award.


Their award this time was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award .That is rather ironic, in a good way, because Talk Fusion is all about solutions with video emails, video newsletters, video conferences, and video chats.


All of these are solutions for people out there. It offers them the tools to get their business off the ground and pursue whatever it is that they want to pursue. This award shows that Talk Fusion is constantly growing and evolving. They are never just taking it easy or coasting on past success. They want to prove themselves to be worthy of this award and worthy of their reputation. It just motivates them to put in the extra time, extra effort, and extra dedication. They don’t want to be denied and they want it better with each passing day, week, month, and year.

Great Success with Securus

There are a lot of ways for you to keep in touch with your loved one in prison without necessarily having to make a trip to the prison itself. You will be amazed at how many people are currently using a company known as Securus because of how beneficial it can be in their very own lives. It is important that you consider this company because of the fact that it enables you to do video visitation from your own home using great quality systems that are put into place on your own computer or laptop.


My own experience using this great company and the different Services they offer has been a wonderful one for myself and my loved ones. I have finally been able to keep in touch with my relatives in prison because of the fact that I am using Securus on a regular basis and I am able to actually see them face-to-face for my own computer at home. The whole system is incredibly beneficial and high-quality as well as being Totally Secure and safe for you to use no matter how often you would like to see your loved one.


Another wonderful benefit about this company is that they recently launched a multi-state campaign that has allowed for people to learn more about video visitation that they can actually get done from the Comforts of home. This means that you will be able to save a lot of time and money by not having to make those lengthy trips to the prison just to be able to see your loved one. You can do it all from the comfort of your own home using a software program that is easy to download and begin using no matter how often you would like to utilize it.


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Evolution of Smooth Has Become One Of The Best Selling Lip Balms To Date

Evolution of Smooth is a lip balm company that has become one of the best selling companies in lip care today. They did an interview with fact company not too long ago to shed some light on how things with the company were going and the strategies behind their success today. Under 10 years old, and the company is worth more than $250 million, and sells more than a million units each week, second only to Burt’s Bees.

The company’s idea to get started in the industry actually came after they did some research and found that it had been largely abandoned by most other company’s that used to be on the market, and things had been the same in lip care for decades. Before EOS, most people on Facebook immediately think of the clinical looking tubes of lip balms or chapstick, as it has been the standard for more than 100 years.

This was part of the inspiration behind the company’s patented lip balm spheres, which are a unique take on the lip balm design, which are designed to stimulate the senses. This new take on the industry turned out to be widely successful, as there products can be found on Target supermarkets and all over the world today.

Another often overlooked aspect was the target audience for lip balms, as it is largely dominated by millennial women, which is who EOS decided to focus on instead of making their product unisex. That being said, anyone can find good use for EOs lip balms, even kids enjoy using them.

It took a little while before they were really noticed and a company wanted to take on their product, but their break came when Walgreen’s jumped on the bandwagon. After that, it didn’t take long for the product to start spreading like wildfire. Now, Evolution of Smooth lip balms can be found at major retailers like Target on an international scale as well as online on Ulta. Check out


George Soros Continues to Inspire All of Us

It is sad to see commentators, within the Media, take shots, at great individuals such as George Soros. This author hopes that Mr. Beck’s jealousy does not become so great as to take away from the character of any man, or woman. However, such is the sad truth of some radio personalities. This is to say, certain radio hosts are more interested in making a living and keeping ratings up, even if doing so, compromises the true integrity of another individual. That said, it is naturally okay, if maintaining ratings does not do so at the expense of another person.

In order to keep matters controversial and shook up, the goal of the media commentator, such as Beck, is to make as many outrageous claims about the individual as possible. Unfortunately, the claims are so abundantly outrageous, and embarrassingly uneducated, that the person, subject to them, is truly objectified. This is cheating: Yes. However, it is done in many different ways and across various mediums.

To say George Soros is opportunistic and a threat to governmental entities is totally ridiculous. However, one journalist was concerned, because even though the comments, made by Beck are outlandish, she feared his listening audience, may actually believe them. Some may think it is inconceivable that a person, whom they trust, such as Beck, is making such an outlandish claim without cause. The journalist believed that Beck practiced discrimination when it came to Jewish individuals–a form of discrimination that the world seems to embrace, now and historically.

Mr. George Soros is internally strong. He has faced, historically, much in the way of dealing with hate-mongers. He is far from opportunistic, as Mr. Beck suggests. He had a normal career progression: it is just that he became fabulously wealthy–something that, it is a certainty, Mr. Beck, probably wishes for himself. It is important, then, to not believe everything you are fed is good for you.

Mr.Beck is basically a replacement for former right-wing personality Rush Limbaugh. And we all remember how Mr. Limbaugh, went on and on about Hillary Clinton. Hillary, though, earned the popular vote during the last Presidential race.

Mr. Soros’s only character flaw which is not a character flaw at all is that he is enormously rich. Can he help it if he is innately talented in way of amassing a fortune on the stock exchange? George Soros works with the people and his great misdeed, with regard to supporting liberal causes, was supporting persons such as Barack Obama in his Presidential campaign. Many of us stand guilty of that charge. We even did so much as vote for Mr. Obama.

Regardless, Mr. George Soros remains a true inspiration. He is very immune to criticism, and his only offense, as it pertains to wealth, is that he is very good, instinctually, in addressing the currency and stock exchanges. He is eighty some years young, so it is doubtful he wishes to take control of some governmental enterprise. Historically, it was Mr. Soros who warned his people about the trickery of the Nazis, and later was instrumental in minimizing, successfully, the poor effects of Communism, upon the world’s populace.

Read more about George Soros on The Atlantic
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The Future of Community Banking

Every year over the past five years has been of significant importance for community banking. Many of the industry’s leaders get together and discus business matters for improving the field. This is known as the Texas Bankers Association Annual Strategic Opportunities/M&A Conference. Industry advisers, consultants, and official bank leaders get to share their opinions and perspectives on trending ideas in the business. This is a great way to stay on top (via) branching and organic growth. This year (CEO) and president of NexBank Capital, Inc served as one of the event’s panelists. This exclusive banker panel speak on topics such as new innovations and of ways to reinvent regional banking.

NexBank is one of Dallas, Texas’ premier financial institutions. Being run by such great leadership, the bank has improved and became stronger over the past few years. NexBank’s success shows up in it’s asset worth, which is over $3.5 Billion. This financial institution delvers high quality banking, innovation, and a host of advanced business features.

With a specialty in commercial, mortgage, and investment banking; NexBank has the capabilities to handle all of your financial needs. The bank provides warehouse lending, credit services, commercial lending, treasury management, corporate finance, real estate advisory, and many more. The bank’s focus is thriving as it serves all of it’s clients with top notch financial services. Though NexBank is considered (regional), it still has that international feel about it.

The Success of EOS Lip Balm

It is delightful and enjoyable to have sparkling, shiny, smooth, and healthy-looking lips. Evolution of Smooth (EOS) lip balm guarantees you protection and beauty of your lips.

For several years, people have been struggling to find the right lip balm. They had been using the tasteless lip balms that tasted like medicine before the advent of the EOS. The bold and wild individuals commonly used the mint and cherry lip balms.

The pastel colored product went out of the roof once it appeared on the market. In addition, celebrities started using the EOS lip balm thus attracting more users. This boosted the company as they made big sales. Notably, the organization sells over a million units on a weekly basis. Furthermore, the company anticipates selling more units in the future.

EOS is a fast moving product in the eBay market since it is made from organic and natural products. This makes the people have more confidence in the product than in other lip balms in the market. Besides, the company managed to penetrate and succeed in this competitive market by concentrating on the quality of the product available rather than the price.

The EOS lip balm targets both genders. However, a significant number of females use the product as compared to the number of males.

The founders of the EOS lip balm company are Mehra and Jonathan Teller. They both worked in different companies before starting the EOS organization ( Despite the massive success, the company directors remain mute about their business strategies.  In addition, they argue that forming partnerships with other esteemed firms have contributed to the strength of the EOS brand.

Therefore, if you are a woman or a man shopping for a lip balm that would give you the value for your money, then EOS should be your choice.



Getting LED Lighting in the House

In fact, a lot of people are not totally aware of what LED lighting even is or what it can mean for them and their families. One of the best things about choosing Gooee LED Lighting is that it allows you to save a ton of money in the long run. The reason for this is because LED lighting uses a lot less energy than any other type of light that happens to be out there on the market at the current moment. Because of the fact that you are able to save a lot of money in the long run by choosing LED lighting, a lot of homeowners are realizing that this is an option that is great for them and their own personal needs without having to take away from the lights that they expect in their home.


The most important thing for you to consider when choosing LED lighting is to go with a company you can trust. It is very important that you use a company that has a good standing and also provides a great product that is going to last longer than anything else you might choose. More and more individuals are realizing how beneficial it can be for them and their loved ones to have LED lighting in the home.