Oncotarget Became a Great Resource for Oncologists

Since Oncotarget first started, publications like Research Gate have been looking at how they are changing the industry. They know what they are doing and they also know they are able to make a difference for all the people who are a part of the community. Since Oncotarget knows what they are doing and since they are so focused on how to change the oncology world, they are always prepared to help people through the issues they are facing. They know what it will take to bring attention to the things they can do to make the industry better. For the company, this means they have to try their best to make things easier and to make things better for themselves. They know what they want to be able to do and they know they are going to try and help people through different situations. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

Being a part of a peer review publication like Oncotarget has allowed those who are working with the company the chance to try different things with their patients. They have found out about cancer treatment options and they use them so they won’t have to worry about how they are going to get the treatment they need. All of this goes back to how they can be a positive influence for patients. Oncotarget knows what it takes and isn’t afraid to give people the options they need to make cancer treatment better. They want to help all their patients feel they are getting the best treatment possible.

Listen: https://player.fm/series/oncotarget

Even recently, Oncotarget was learning how to help even more people. They found out about the treatment that could be used for thyroid cancer. This was a type of treatment they had never used before and it was something they were sure would work to their advantage. For everyone who was in the industry, Oncotarget was prepared to make things easier for their patients. They wanted them to realize there were other things that were going on and there were options their patients would have a chance to experience so they wouldn’t have to worry about how they were fixing things or making them better. Learn more at researchgate.net

Boraie Beach in Atlanta

Omar Boraie arrived in the United States from Egypt keen to get a Chemistry Ph.D. He then saw the potential that New Brunswick held in terms of Real estate. Johnson and Johnson had just decided to stay in the city and Mr. Boraie saw the opportunity to provide the employees of Johnson and Johnson with proper housing. Back then that side of New Brunswick was not safe to be around in past 4 pm.

The Boraie journey

Starting out in the late 1980’s up to early 90’s with twenty-one run down empty apartments that he had steadily bought off, Mr. Boraie turned the apartments into 250000 square feet Class A office spacing. These apartments are what is currently referred to as Tower One along Albany Street. He was to later put up Tower Two next to Tower One.

Condominium and Aspire

He then put up a condominium in a part of New Brunswick that no one thought suitable for such a 25 story building. He named it One Spring. One Spring has 121 residential units having floor to ceiling windows and balconies. 4,000 feet has been left for office spacing. It also has a garage that can park 400 cars. The retail space has been allocated 10,000 square feet. Other features include space to stroll dogs and outdoor barbeque. Boraie, through his company Boraie LLC then put up Aspire, which offers luxury housing to young professionals. It has 238 residential houses with a Yoga center. There is also 10,000 space for offices. Check out Press of Atlantic City to see more.

Boraie Development LLC

According to NY Times, founded in 1986 by Omar Boraie, the company deals with the development of real estate. The company develops and manages properties. Through Boraie Realty services, the company runs property sales and marketing business. So far the company has managed sales of about $150 million. Under property management, the company does leasing, customer services, marketing, maintenance and administration of property.

Beach at the South inlet

This is a new project by Boraie development in Atlantic City. It is also Atlantic’s first development that is market rated in a quarter century. The complex, costing about $81 million is bounded by four avenues (Atlantic, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pacific). Upon completion, it is expected to serve 50,000 within the resort town with 250 apartments it will contain. This is welcome news to a city that has been grappling with the closing down of its many Casinos due to competition from neighboring States. You can search on Yahoo to see more.

Read more: https://www.statetheatrenj.org/board-of-trustees

Mark Holterman Raising Hope

In a time that everyone stays busy and everything in life is rushed, Dr. Mark Holterman, a professor at the University of Illinois, seems to create more hours for his days. In his everyday life Dr. Holterman manages to amaze the world with the role of super hero! He is an exceptional father of three and husband to his wife Ai-Xuan Holterman MD. On top of family he also teaches full time at the University of IIlinos. His students consist of medical students and surgical residents. Read more at vitals.com to know more about Dr. Mark Holterman.  Dr Mark Holterman majored in biology at Yale University graduating Summa Cum Laude then went ahead to obtain his PHD and MD from the University of Virginia. His vast knowledge prepares his students for the ever evolving medical world. Working as a professor at the university does not hinder his duties as pediatric surgeon at St Franicis Medical Center and Advocate Christ Medical Center. Working with children is something that both Dr. Holterman and his wife have a passion for. A heavy supporter and advocate for the IPSAV-VN, a children’s charity, Dr. Mark Holterman tries diligently to bring the ill children of Vietnam the latest surgical advances.

Visit: https://angel.co/markjholterman

The need for pediatric surgery is so great globally. Surgeries such as tumor removal, repair of heart disorders, and for spinal abnormalities are examples of what this charity provides. Volunteer support is always needed for medical staff and teachers. On top of volunteering, Dr. Mark Holterman also serves time as the CEO of Mariam Global Health. This research and development company’s primary goal is to solve medical concerns, develop new and innovative medical procedures, and work hard to do research that will help children around the world. Dr. Mark Holterman has a very hands on approach to leading this company in research on subjects such as cancer, obesity management, and cellular therapy. A major project that Dr. Holterman led created a synthetic trachea from bone marrow cells. His role in creating stem cell therapies is documented as cutting edge medical breakthroughs. This Man has dedicated is whole life to the children of today and is raising hope globally. Read more about Dr. Mark Holterman at Ideamensch.

Jorge Moll on the Advancements of Tech and Medicine

Mr. Jorge Moll is an entrepreneur as well as a cardiologist. The Brazilian businessman is the collaborative owner and founder of the D Or hospital network which is also known as Hospital Group. This is the largest private group of medical institutions in the country of Brazil.

As a medical entrepreneur and doctor, Mr. Jorge Moll feels rather invested in the future of medicine and technology when the two worlds are brought even closer together. Mr. Jorge Moll believes that technological advancements can play a strong role in revolutionizing the ay hospitals all around the world take care of their patients, including treatment of disease.

There has been a common group for both medicine and technology. In fact, it is impossible to talk about the advancements made in medicine without mentioning and giving credit to the many technological advancements that have helped humanity reach its current progress. Technology is an integral part of medicine. Visit Jorge’s profile on facebook.com.

The D Or Institute for Research and Education has been working towards furthering the progress of medicine and technology. The president of the institute Mr. Jorge Moll names some of the many benefits that bringing medicine and tech closer can have in our future.

For instance, the patient can receive better attention faster. Tech advancements work through information and data faster than what a human can flip through texts to find the meaning of the results of a test. That allows doctors to pay attention to treating the patients while tech does its job and compile and analyze data.

Visit: http://www.fehosul.org.br/fehosul/paulo-chapchap-e-jorge-moll-apresentam-visoes-inovadoras-da-gestao-empreendedora-em-saude/

In recent years, there has been the development of software that can comprise a treatment plan for individuals based on their genetics and medical history. That is one of the most important advancements according to Mr. Jorge Moll that will be more common from now on.

Another exciting advancement according to Mr. Jorge Moll is that smartphones and tablets can also help people take better care of their health. These consumer electronics make it more accessible to call a doctor as well and use medical apps. Visit Ideamensch to know more about Jorge Moll.

Partnering To Bring Vegan Products To China: Lime Crime and Revolve

In response to mandatory animal testing for cosmetics in the Chinese market, Lime Crime’s Global General Manager had to find a new way to market to its makeup lovers. During a conference in Los Angeles, Kim Wells explained that the cosmetic brand could not expose itself like traditional sales required. Lime Crime identifies itself as vegan, and as such, it can not pass Chinese cosmetic expectations without what vegans consider animal cruelty, defeating the purpose of their wholesome morals. To make matters worse, there were already counterfeit products in circulation within the Chinese market.

There is, however, a loophole! If the products are shipped out from the USA, Lime Crime doesn’t have to be subjected to the Chinese testing involved. The downside is the logistics needed for this would be a new realm to research and handle. For this reason, Lime Crime has partnered with the LA based company Revolve to help distribute their products. Revolve and Lime Crime shared similar interests and goals. Together, they could cement themselves as the only real vegan cosmetic producer in the country.

Combining this partnership and a smart social media presence, LimeCrime created a base audience to help spread the word about it’s upcoming launch. Instead of using big names to promote the brand Lime Crime chose smaller content creators, their reasoning that prime influences have their own image to worry about. Letting smaller influences get early access to buy products on their site, Lime Crime garnered good will and fans from it’s wholesome approach to makeup despite many complications.

Eli Gershkovitch and the Creation of Steamworks Brewery

Earlier in 2017, the U.S. Open Beer Championship took place in Ontario, Canada. There were beer entries from all around the world with more than one hundred styles entering the competition.

There were judges from England, Canada as well as the United States of America, they had various venues of experience, but all shared a passion for good beer. One of the judges had the designation of Master Brewer and another was the president of a brewery. Another judge was a college professor teaching the art of brewery, and another was an editor a publication about beer.

In the U.S. Open Beer Championship, there were participants from Canada, The United States of America, as well a from Australia, Belgium, Vietnam, Venezuela, and many other countries from all around the world. Follow Eli Gershkovitch on twitter.com.

From Ontario, Canada, Eli Greshkovitch too part with his craft beer brewery called Steamworks Brewery. Mr. Eli Greshkovitch has been in the industry for many a decade, and his enthusiasm for craft beer is still going strong. Mr. Eli Greshkovitch established Steamworks brewery after many years of working as an attorney.

The notion stuck with him, and after a career in law, Mr. Eli Greshkovitch felt inspired to take a step in a different direction. He purchased a small space in Gastown, the old part of the city. There, Mr. Eli Greshkovitch opened up a brewpub meaning he would brew the beer in the back of the location and sell it in the bar at the front.

Visit: https://www.manta.com/ic/mtqs8v5/ca/gershkovitch-eli-a-law-corporation

The name Steamworks Brewery was conceived because of an old steamer that was left behind by the previous owners. That was the first piece of equipment that Mr. Eli Greshkovitch to brew his beer, and so he adopted it fro the name of his business.

Even though Mr. Eli Greshkovitch did not win the competition, he is still strongly dedicated to the art of craft beer brewery.  Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at Ottawa Citizen.

Launching a Business Like Glen Wakeman

It seems like in the internet age, you need a really solid idea in order to break out of the monotony of a 9-5, and Glen Wakeman is a prime example of someone who catapulted forward in his career because of solid business ideas. After working for twenty-one years gaining experience in the business world, Wakeman now specializes in building business through his own created methodology that is specifically designed to improve overall agility within a company; starting at the root of it’s individual employees. Follow Glen Wakeman’s profile on Twitter.

True to his style of building up business, Wakeman’s bright idea has the title “LaunchPadToolkit.com”. This website was created by Wakeman and his team to offer a business services online, easy to use, and easy to understand. The world has moved towards online marketing and online sales, and much of his company tools are focused on utilizing the digital realm in order to market towards prime customers. This way, no marketing dollar is ever wasted on the wrong kind of consumer for a company’s product.

Not only does a company benefit from Wakeman’s program, but communities in general do as well. Glen Wakeman loves to invest in good ideas with the money they need in order to launch appropriately. When he noticed the failure rate of new businesses, he took an opportunity to support people who are attempting to do something that America really needs at the moment; new and sustainable businesses to boost our economy. Read more on affiliatedork.com.

Wakeman’s first step of advice for anyone looking to start a business is to explain it to whomever will listen. He insists that explaining a business model will help you get an outline idea for what you want to accomplish, and spread the excitement you need in order to motivate a beginning to launching the business idea. This includes sharing the idea with those who may not agree with you. This way, you enter into the launching of your business already prepared to present your idea to those who would initially turn you down.

View: https://www.slideshare.net/GlenWakeman


Waiakea Water Helping The Planet One Bottle At A Time

The bottled water industry is over a multi-billion dollar industry around the world. With so many competitors advertising their water as unique and different, it’s hard to find one that actually delivers what it claims. This is where Waiakea Water comes into the fold. Waiakea Water is based in Hawaii with the name meaning “broad waters.” The people behind the company, wanted to incorporate Hawaiian culture into their brand. When most of us think of Hawaii, the words “fresh” and “all-natural” come to mind. Watch this video on Youtube.

Waiakea Water is a fairly new company, established only five years ago. Their volcanic water is filtered through porous volcanic rock along the Mauna Loa volcano. Plastic water bottles are extremely harmful to the environment with 8 million tons of them being dumped into the ocean each year. The biggest culprits are Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China and the Phillippines that contribute 60% of plastic that ends up in our oceans. Sadly, only 23 percent of water bottles are recycled in the United States. Read more articles on Affiliate Dork.

Waiakea Water is doing their part for the environment by using low-emission trucks to deliver their bottled water. Their business has become certified Carbon Neutral because of it. Early this year, they will begin to use the world’s first bio-degradable bottles using 100 percent recyclable plastic. Regular plastic water bottles can take 1,000 years to degrade. A Waiakea Water bottle will take only 15 years to break down greatly speeding up the process. Three percent of Waiakea Water’s profit goes to local nonprofit organizations and community programs. They also donate a week’s worth of volcanic water to those in need living in Malawi. They have made the list of one of the fastest growing companies in America. What makes Waiakea Water better than its competitors, is its concern for the environment and dedication to reducing their carbon footprint. A 17 ounce bottle of Waiakea Water is reasonably priced at $1.58 a bottle. Just one bottle is packed with vitamins, electrolytes and minerals that have proven to strengthen your bones and prevent damage from free radicals. It also helps promote healthy hair, skin and nails while regulated blood flow through the body.


Working Hard To Maintain Faith During Difficult Times Is How Adam Milstein Moves Forward

Having courage to move forward after failing is what keeps people trying to succeed. You should know that just because you succeed at something, it does not mean that it is the final step. You should always aim to be better and do better, even after you have succeeded at something.

Adam Milstein helps others to realize their potential in the Jewish religion and to move forward in the teachings of the values of their religion. In an effort to bring those values to others in the Jewish religion, Adam Milstein and wife, Gila, are helping in various foundations that promote the Jewish culture and values.

In each generation of a Jewish family, there is more and more people finding courage and strength to move forward in their traditions. It has not always been as easy to maintain tradition and if others have their way, the State of Israel will fall and it will once again become hard for those who believe in the Jewish religion.

You have to be faced with unimaginable persecution as well as triumph if you want to maintain the strength and devotion needed by the Jewish community. If they come together as one front, the chance to protect their values and faith will be easier.

Over the years, there has been an increase in the campaigns against the Jews that have ranged from intimidation to discrimination and more. The problem with this is that it not only happens in Israel where they are attempting to bring a fall to the state but also in the United States. The attacks on those of the Jewish religion still continue to rise each passing day. The people of the Jewish religion are being forced to live in fear for not only their own safety but for their children who are learning about the values and traditions of the Jewish community.

Adam Milstein is working to put an end to the violence against the Jewish community. One person is not going to make a difference on their own but when you combine all the members of the community fighting for one cause, it becomes easier for them to adjust and justify the means.

Someone who knows all about justifying and succeeding in the Jewish religion is Adam Milstein and family.

Folow Adam: @www.facebook.com/adammilsteiniac/

Adam Milstein and Family Foundation Instills Morals and Values of The Jewish Ways

Someone who knows all about the heritage of his people and being able to live by the ways he was taught. Adam Milstein was blessed to have lived by his Jewish heritage and came to the United States after being in Israel for his whole life. He was raised in Israel and served the country during the Yom Kippur War. After the war was over, Adam Milstein attended to Technion and graduated in 1978.

After marrying Gila, Adam and Gila moved to the United States. Moving to the states was something that would help Adam expand his knowledge. After arriving in the states, Adam attended the USC to gain the degree he would need to be involved in commercial real estate. Upon graduating in 1983, Adam Milstein was working and after three short years, he opted to head out and be independent from what he was doing. It wasn’t long before Adam was approached by David Hager of Hager Pacific Properties.

While Adam Milstein was enjoying the real estate investment world, he felt as though he was missing something. Each sale or each investment he was actively involved in wasn’t as satisfying as he thought it would be. That is when he decided to become a philanthropist. As soon as he started donating his time to various programs and foundations, Adam started to notice that each sale was becoming more heartfelt.

Adam and his wife believe that others of the community should have the knowledge of their background and should know about the Jewish ways. Sitting on the boards of many organizations and foundations is how Adam and wife Gila stay involved in the Jewish community. When this was not enough for Adam, they decided to open their own foundation. The Adam Milstein Family Foundation works to help bring more Jewish ways to families.

Not only are the two on the board of their own foundation, they also are on the boards of another important foundation. The foundation which donates monthly books in Hebrew are being shipped to more than 15,000 families each month. The books also teach the Jewish values and morals to the families receiving books in the United States.