What is Behind Equities First Holdings UK Success

Equities First Holdings UK (EFH UK) wants people to exceed their financial goals. EFH UK has products to give its clients chances to achieve their goals and prosper. Stock-based loans is the product everyone turns to when a crisis needs to be avoided. A stock-based loan allows stocks to be used as collateral, and it may be easier to get approved for a loan with its’ use, and learn more about Equities First.

EFH UK puts the clients first. EFH UK will continue to perform well by keeping personnel on their team who understand the client’s satisfaction should keep them working hard to achieve the best outcome for the clients. It will lead to a good performance record. People can trust EFH UK’s products and services. EFH UK is an ethical company who people wants them on their side when they need to help financially. EFH UK has an operation that will keep the people happy by understanding satisfied clients are behind their success, and http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/ANPCY/news?id=143461.

Michel Terpins – Racing with Fervor on the T-Rex

Michel Terpins’s passion for car racing began when he started racing using motorcycles in 2002. When Michel advanced to racing cars, he was given the chance to race using a car called T-Rex. It is a unique customized car for racing that has a V8 engine that makes uneven terrains and roads more manageable. Aside from that the T-Rex also delivers an extra surge of force to help the car travel in high speed during rallies.

Having won a lot of rally race, Michel Terpins is popular in Brazil. He and his brother formed a duo in 2015, and so far they have won in numerous rally racing categories. Michel and his brother’s flair and love for racing comes from the family gene who are also very enthusiastic about the sports ever since.

The T-Rex that the Terpins brothers use for racing releases carbon dioxide due to the fuel it utilizes. However, the Green Initiative installed a carbon free seal to control the carbon dioxide emitted by the car. Green Initiative is a project that undertakes tree planting programs to help in the maintenance of the forest environment along the Atlantic. The T-Rex car that the brothers used to achieve first place in the Duos Brazilian Championship and Mitsubishi Rally Challenge was designed and created by MEM Motorsport.

Michel and his brother participated in the 22nd Sertoes Rally where they won the seventh place in the competition in the Division for Prototypes IT. Both commented that they had a hard time during the race because they did not anticipate rough terrains on the road. After the cited event, the brothers joined again in the 24th Sertoes Rally where they finished in the fifth place – a better result compared to their previous game. The duo has participated in many more racing competitions where they won, and that made their names famous in Brazil’s car rally sector.

The duo plans to join the 25th Sertoes Rally where their driving skills will be put to the test once again. The rally is considered as the longest in Brazil’s off-road competitions that covers a distance of three thousand kilometers.

Susan McGalla’s Job At The Pittsburgh Steelers’ Merchandise Department

Susan McGalla has had a lot of experience in hearing what young people who are conscious of fashion want, and now she’s doing that for the Pittsburgh Steelers as their Director of Strategic Planning in the fan merchandise department. Not long ago, McGalla listed off a lot of items like Pandora jewelry brand now showcasing Steelers’ logos, female pink jerseys and hoodies and even undergarments, and even golf accessories with the black and gold on it. McGalla helped launch the phillypurge.com website which made shopping for the fan gear possible on many devices and has added to the fan shopping experience, something that’s not taken for granted by one of the NFL’s most passionate fan bases.

Susan McGalla has a special place for football in part because she grew up in a small town in western Ohio where football is loved, and her father was a coach. She decided upon entering college at Mt. Union that she wanted to go into business and marketing, so upon finishing her degree there she relocated to Pittsburgh and took a job in merchandise management at the Joseph Horne Co. When that department was acquired by the Lazarus Company, she moved over to American Eagle Outfitters where she became head of regional merchandising in 1994, but in a few years her marketing ideas brought her up to the corporate administrative branch and she became Chief Merchandising Officer and President, one of the few women at the time to do so in a major retail company. American Eagle saw great growth during McGalla’s time there including some extra branches for female and children’s apparel.

McGalla left American Eagle in 2009 to pursue other business opportunities, and she served on the boards of HFF Inc., a Pittsburgh real estate broker company and also founded a branding consulting firm known as P3 Executive Consulting. McGalla has served on non-profit boards including the Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute, the Mount Union College and Pittsburgh University Board of Trustees and the Allegheny Community Development Conference. She’s also been a speaker at various seminars and gatherings focused on women’s leadership in business and other areas of society.

Find out more about Susan McGalla: http://www.bizjournals.com/pittsburgh/news/2015/09/08/want-to-dress-like-a-steeler.html

Adam Milstein on Radical Islam

Adam Milstein is an Israelite who writes for Jewish News Syndicate. He worked with the Israel defense forces before he attained his bachelor’s degree. He is a very religious man, and he takes part in several religious related activities and has founded many Jewish based foundations. Adam Milstein, supported by his wife, has been able to found an organization which provides Hebrew books to several families. Adam Milstein became an author for JNS because of his profile and background. His insights on different issues regarding religious matters are interesting and mind triggering at the same time. Get details on Adam Milstein at milsteinff.org.

For instance, his latest article in JNS, Adam focuses on radical Muslims and their efforts to destroy Israel, which is a Jewish land. According to him, Anti-Semitism is the base of all Muslim movements. The Muslim movements that are present, instead of promoting peace and unity, they advocate for racism and hate. Despite the origin of the Muslims, they tend to share the same beliefs. Their different traditions do not matter because their goal is speared by the common hatred they have towards the western culture. Radical Muslims are ‘over religious’ and as such tend to punish any act that seems the least bit out of the book. They are known for stoning women and executing the homosexual. According to Adam, these acts do not necessarily mean that they are holy.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/user/AdamMilstein

Adam Milstein says that there are two major groups of Islam. The radical Muslims and the leftists. The Radical Muslims are known for these absurd actions including admonishing feminism. The leftists are not for these ideas. They allow their counterparts to do these things under their noses. In turn, Islam is generalized as a culture that oppresses the women and is too strict with the rules of the book. Their hatred for the west makes them the same in the eyes of others who are not Islamic. According to Adam Milstein, one Islamic woman, Linda Sarsour has defied the norms to become an Islamic journalist. She is not scared of her culture or of the people. She aims at telling it as it is. Learn more about Adam Milstein at israeliamerican.org.

Why ClassDojo Is Set Out To Change The Future

ClassDojo is an Ed Tech Startup That Changes The Game

ClassDojo is an Ed Tech Startup which is poised to revolutionize the way that students, parents, and teachers interact. Classroom Communication is a huge challenge that many teachers and parents can attest to. Parents feel that they are often being ostracized, while teachers feel that they are constantly being badgered by parents. ClassDojo comes in between the two and offers a better solution that allows students, parents, and teachers to communicate with one another more easily.

Ed Tech is a Rapidly Changing Field

Ed Tech is a rapidly growing sector for investment. They are on pace to reach $1.4 Billion by the end of 2017, but the sector also faces a few challenges. Ed Tech is a sector which is heavily reliant upon federal government spending. Government spending is expected to face a major slowdown. Ed tech startups that are successful make learning fun, and easy for educators. These products have also been tested rigorously to make sure that teachers and students alike are able to interact with their products. Finally, ED tech Startups should be proven and tested. Students should enjoy working with them, and teachers should enjoy working with them.

ClassDojo’s Success Indicates Ed Tech is on the Upswing

The success of ClassDojo is evidence that ed tech is on the upswing. The company has secured a total investment of $31 Million for their parent, student, and teacher communication app. This tool is designed to allow teachers and students to know what is going on at school. This makes it one of the fastest-growing educational apps because it is used by millions of teachers and educators around the world. Educators, designers, and others from Facebook, Google, and Dropbox are all part of the engineering and product development team.

Financial Advisor David Giertz Says Understanding Social Security Is Fundamental

Finance expert, David Giertz, explained recently in an interview with the Wall Street Journal’s wealth columnist, Veronica Dagher, the importance of explaining and speaking with each financial client about Social Security. Social Security is the nation’s monetary fallback plan. It is what some older people rely and live on when they’ve past a certain age. It is also utilized by people who have had unexpected medical illnesses come about in their lives and suddenly need assistance.

The general idea of it is, at some point, everyone will use Social Security in some way. This is where being familiar and well acquainted with the financial advisors in one’s life comes in handy. And it is why David Giertz explains to fellow advisors the importance of being both knowledgeable about Social Security and then passing that knowledge onto the client.

David Giertz is an accomplished financial advisor with decades of experience under his belt. His alma mater is University of Miami, a progressive college in Coral Gables, Florida. After graduating from college, Giertz landed a job at a financial firm called Citigroup where he advanced from Finance Advisor to Area Sales Manager. During his time at Citigroup, Giertz received many awards and built a rapport with both colleagues and client consumers. After working as an Area Sales Manager, Giertz was later promoted to Vice President of Sales, a position which he excelled in.

With Giertz doing so well at Citigroup, it was not long before he began networking with other business men to make new lasting connections which helped his career in finance. It was at this point in Giertz’s career, that he landed a job at Nationwide Insurance company, in which he specialized in management of both the sales and financial division. Through his hard work, and knowledge, he moved up at Nationwide to become the company’s President of the Finance and Sales division. In this position, Giertz took the company’s revenue from $11 Billion to over $17 Billion. He used sharp investment strategies, long term finance plans, and advanced logistics to galvanize Nationwide’s company to far exceed that of it’s competitors.

Rodrigo Terpins and His Phenomenal Victory at the Sertoes Rally

Race car drivers have to be adroit for them to survive the game. Otherwise, death will be a natural enemy that’s coming. This is something that Rodrigo Terpins, the Brazilian rally driver, fully understands and faces with complete risk. It is his dream to make sure that he wins in the race car rallies that he joins and for that, he’s going to risk his life.

The Sertoes Rally Competition

People cannot be stopped when they want something. When they put their heart into it, only time and violence can get them to halt what they want to do, even if it’s a cause of risk on their life. This is precisely the reason why Rodrigo Terpins is still pushing with his races despite the threat that he faces by joining them. For more details visit LinkedIn.

This dream of racing all his life has paid off, though. One of the recent achievements of Rodrigo Terpins is when they ranked and finished fifth in the 24th Edition of the Sertoes Rally. He was joined by his brother Michel Terpins, and with their overall standings ranked in fifth, it’s not hard to imagine that they could reach higher positions in the next races.

As a form of recap, we should say here that the race that Rodrigo Terpins went through was not one of the easiest. It was filled with mud, and hard tracks to drive through, and there was not a mote of land there that didn’t test the skills of Rodrigo Terpins. Despite that, Rodrigo Terpins was confident that he would be able to ace the race and reach the goal.

It’s also amazing that Rodrigo Terpins has the best team that would assemble the race car that he used, which was the T-Rex, developed by the MEM Team. This, by the way, was the seventh participation of Michel Terpins for the Sertoes Rally exhibition.

Fortunately, he went through the race without harm and the least bit of discouragement. Even if they didn’t win the first place, there’s still so much to hope for in the next game. This may not be something that would be still easy to do, but the preparation of Terpins will more than make up for it.

Phoenix New Times

It was no surprise to the citizens of Maricopa County that their former sheriff, Joe Arpaio, would be officially pardoned after President Donald Trump issued the order; recently, United States District Judge, Susan R. Bolton, did just that.

It was a decade ago that, on the order’s of “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” that the long-brewing tensions between Joe Arpaio, and the former heads of New Times Inc, Jim Larkin, and Michael Lacey, came to a head – resulting in their unlawful arrests.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Joe Arpaio violated the constitutional rights of those he had sworn to protect, as Michael Lacey recently ran down a condensed list of his crimes when speaking on the appeal, but it would result in a unanimous victory Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, resulting in their $3.75 million settlement.

The 1970’s proved to be an integral decade for the way in which print media was delivered in the United States, due in part to the divide created by the Vietnam War, as well as well as the public’s need for a voice that spoke for a long-neglected population of people.

During this time, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, having recently dropped out of Arizona State University, decided to fill the need for an alternative take on the issues that affected the pro-war and anti-war body politic. Joined by Frank Fiore, Nick Stupey, Karen Lofgren, and Hal Smith, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey set out to produce a newspaper that did just that.

Jim Larkin, handling the marketing of Phoenix New Times, was able to garner ad space from a number of longstanding corporations, including J.C. Penny. This enabled Larkin and Lacey to increase their readership, as well as their finances throughout the decade.

As the newspaper grew, the duo decided to implement new areas concerning the alternative community, including the utilization of satirical cartoons, as well as creating a cultural section to focus on issues outside of America’s political climate. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Angel.co

In 1983, as Phoenix New Times began to establish itself as a dominant force, they decided expansion was an order, soon acquiring Westword – a publication that focused on issues regarding the Denver, CO area. This was the first move in the expansion of the New Times brand but eventually led to the purchase of a number of publications that were in accord with the visions of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey.

With names such as the Village Voice, Miami New Times, and LA Weekly under the New Times umbrella, it was now possible for Larkin and Lacey to reach the masses, covering the whole of the United States.

Today, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey no longer head the brand that they brought to prominence over the course of four decades, but still remain active, focusing on several of their new ventures.

After their victory over Joe Arpaio, they started the Frontera Fund with the $3.75 million awarded to them, which focuses on protecting the freedoms of the people that Joe Arpaio and his deputies harassed so viciously during his 24-year term.

Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/jim-larkin/ and http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427818/Michael_Lacey

Bob Reina

Talk Fusion is a successful video marketing company that started based off of a man’s difficulty trying to send a video through email. At the time video email was not available. It was not made available until Bob Reina, the man who had trouble sending a video, started Talk Fusion. Bob Reina learned from his encounter. He recorded and tried to send the video to his family. The video failed to send. Bob Reina contacted AOL to get them to make video email available. They told him that video email was never going to be available because it was impossible to develop the technology for it.

Bob Reina got in contact with his tech friend Jonathan Chen, and they developed the technology for video email. When Tal Fusion launched, they offered video email as their first service. Bob Reina was proud to finally do the thing that he loved and make a good profit off of it. He worked as a police officer for over ten years and was not satisfied with his job. He started selling products on the side to earn extra income. He instantly fell in love with marketing and everything that he was learning.

Bob Reina’s experience viewing a house in North Carolina is the base of his company. He had immediate success upon release because other people had the same needs that he had. Video email opened up a new realm for the company and Bob Reina. He wasn’t having much success with the first marketing company that he started, but Talk Fusion changed everything. Talk Fusion has been made available to over 140 countries around the world. They continue to offer new products that meet the needs of their customers. Talk Fusion also helps people gain employment in countries all over the world. He works hard to make sure that his employees are properly advertising the products to customers in the proper way.

Bob Reina is dedicated to supplying his longtime and potential customers products that will change their lives. He does not sell anything that he does not have faith in. He sells things that he has confidence in. Talk Fusion has been successful based off of his belief in his product. He takes pride and joy in what he believes in. He spreads the word of his products to all of the people he knows before he has his employees to. He does the same work that he expects his workers to do. He makes sure they are adequately prepared to make Talk Fusion sales and impress the people they are selling to. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/bob-reina/

Talk Fusion has offered many different products to their customers. It continues to get better with time.

Hussain Sajwani and The Growth of A World-Class Business

Hussain Sauwani grew up working long hours for his father in the family business in Dubai. The store sold Chinese imports, consumer items, and office supplies, and he told his father that he would never become self-employed when he grew up due to the hours. He would rather get a degree and become a professional, at least his hours would be more regular.

Hussain was awarded a scholarship to the University of Washington where he completed the coursework for degrees in economics and engineering. He then returned to Dubai where he found work in Abu Dhabi Gas Industries.

That post did not last too long, however, because he had an opportunity to strike out on his own. His boyhood pledge to his father was something that he had forgotten about because he formed a catering company that sold food to the US Army.

The Army experience paved the way for Hussain to learn more about running a larger company, and it was a great success, by the way. The company is still in business today and doing well.

In 2002, Sajwani formed DAMAC Properties, the company that was to entrench the Hussain Sajwani family forever as one of the world’s leading companies. DAMAC is a real estate management and development company.

The UAE had just relaxed the restrictions in regard to the immigration of foreign nationals to the country, and he wanted to be ready. He sensed correctly that there would be a real estate boom with people seeking accommodations when they arrived.

Sajwani has a real flair for promotion and marketing and he wasted no time in getting started. His very first real estate project was all sold out way before the construction had even gotten started.

He had the DAMAC name posted all over the countryside and people knew who they were dealing with when it came to the name of DAMAC.

The luxury apartments and villas were just what people were looking for as the DAMAC owner began construction in a big way. Read more: Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg

The sumptuous apartments had lush interiors designed by Italian fashion-houses of Fendi and Versace, and hotels and resorts in partnership with Paramount Pictures. He partnered with Donald Trump to have Tiger Woods-designed golf courses in some of the locations.

To date, DAMAC has built 19,000 apartments with an additional 44,000 more in different stages of being built.