Enhanced Athlete is Winning in the Courts and the Workouts

In the case, Nutrition Distribution vs Enhanced Athlete (E.D. Cal., Case N. 2:17-cv-2069-JAM-CKD), the judge ruled in favor of the defendant. The plaintiff, Nutrition Distribution had claims of false advertisement by Enhanced Athlete where the District Court judge denounced the injunction. Nutrition Distribution failed to provide proper evidence where they stated there had been a loss in revenue between the marketing and decrease in Nutrition Distribution sales.


Nutrition Distribution had accused Enhanced Athlete of contributing to a decrease in its bodybuilding and fitness supplements sales, by putting forth false ads about its supplements. The preliminary injunction against Enhanced Athlete was squashed as the plaintiff’s evidence alluded to no causal connection between Enhanced Athlete’s products and marketing, and their drop in sales, terming it’s a mere speculative connection.


Scott Cavell, the CEO of Enhanced Athlete, noted that Nutrition Distribution had been a serial plaintiff threatening them and other supplement firms with nuisance value settlements, which he called shakedown lawsuits. He put it categorically Enhanced Athlete will not fall for such coercing schemes and practices from Nutrition Distribution.


Enhanced Athlete is a bodybuilding and fitness company that carries out extensive research on its products that have no side effects. Based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the company seeks to assists athletes in their training practices by developing supplements to help in their health and workouts. As a workout supplements research-firm, Enhanced Athlete creates their products for their users to test them rather than make profits from them like other marketing corporations. Aiming to be a solution provider, Enhanced Athlete is motivated to seek solutions and remedies to problems athletes encounter in training. They roll out their researched efforts in supplements in a progressive way mainly for active athletes.


Enhanced Athlete’s supplements have switched people’s approach to workout and training, impacting not only physical development but also overall body stamina and endurance. Most workouts of their supplements target cardiovascular and circulatory systems using natural herbal extracts to enhance these systems efficiency.


Enhanced Athlete has two other subsidiaries, Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching. Enhanced Coaching mission is to provide essential services and easy to find Enhanced Coaching coaches for the ordinary person who otherwise would not access them. They partner the industry’s best coaches in an economical way depending on the program chosen, to put you in shape and attain the desired look of each customer. Enhanced Gear provides merchandise such as hoodies, joggers, tank tops, and stringers to Enhanced Athletes.

Success In Business Inspired By Alexandre Gama

Success is a compilation of very many attributes. You have to create your own unique to be termed as successful. An astute entrepreneur goes past the expectations of the society and their thinking to achieve greatness. A successful investor is also a person who doesn’t settle but keep fighting to achieve more until they secure their spot. Alexandre Gama has all these characteristics of a great entrepreneur.

Alexandre Gama is among the most successful business persons in Brazil. He operates in the communication and advertisement world. Gama understands all the rules of the game because he has been in the sector since 1982.

After completing his studies at Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP). Standard Ogilvy & Mather, hired him in 1982. He worked as a creative and a copywriter. This was just a beginning of his blossoming career. Today, Alexandre Gama is the owner of the most advertisement agency in Brazil: Neogama.

Through On-Demand Canvassing and Hands Off Distributed Canvassing, NGP VAN is set to disrupt how political organizing works.

A key driver for volunteers to participate in a political campaign they believe in, is the expectation of making an impact as a change agent. On that note, canvassing volunteers at NGP VAN expect to actively participate in as many face to face conversation as possible, with the minimum amount of physical movement to and from the campaign office and administrative time of checking voters lists in and out. This rings even more true for the millennial stereotype.

On the flip side of the coin, field organizers’ main added value comes from finding and training volunteers, whereas scheduling, cutting turfs and consolidating data are merely necessary administrative tasks that end up not adding value to the campaign itself.

Enter MiniVAN: Developed by NGP Van, the leading technology provider to Democratic and progressive campaigns and organizations, MiniVAN aims to leverage on technology to automatically generate lists and cutting turfs based on the canvasser’s location. The field organizer feeds into the tool the universe, script and doors per person, and then the app distributes the lists accordingly.


This kind of solution drastically changes the political landscape: for volunteers, once trained they can access their list and turf with the closest doors to their location without the need to go to the office, generating an on-demand experience for the volunteer. There is no need to physically check lists in and out, enabling the lists to be available as long as possible, and volunteers to squeeze in the maximum value from their time.


Through NGP VAN know-how from working on fundraising, organizing, and social networking platform, positive feedback has also poured in from field organizers spending less time manually distributing canvasses, as well as a wide range of creative applications of the tool based on each campaign’s resources, physical structure and size amongst others.

In it’s current beta stage, MiniVAN has already demonstrated very positive results and comments. With the feedback still pouring in, the expectation is for the tool to continue to improve the political organizing works, enabling campaigns to focus on the most value adding activities.

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Sean Penn on another level with Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn is a writer and producer. He has been named as the greatest actor of all time and stands a performer and director. 57 years old, he still yearns to make more to his name and career and at the end leave a legacy.

His novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, like any other novels, was criticized. What made the critics of this particular one stand out is the fact that even before its publishing, people all over social media networks and platforms were already discussing it.


Why the book so much hit the eyes and translated to millions of comments that fast is because of how differently it was interpreted. Many people felt that the book was more optimistic that fictional. However, Sean in an interview disputed this saying that fictional writing should have a place in the society today so that when a setting is fictional, a reader can consider that it actually is as it is said and not opinion-oriented.

Sean appreciates the fact that there are good writers out there. He does not deny that it is possible to learn a lot from someone, especially from their freedom with and choice of words. Sean Penn’s passion keeps growing and is beginning to extend from audio books to novels.

He talks of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff as a novel he didn’t imagine he would publish. This is because it was initially released as an audiobook. However, with the growing public demand, Sean only saw it fit to publish it.

Writing has been known to take a writer to a world of solitude, and Steve Penn has not been an exception. He enjoys it and likes more the thrill that comes with it. Seclusion from the surroundings and what is happening around is one of the things that make writing amazing and desirable. Sean, therefore, assures that he will keep on writing and strive to publish more novels. Not everyone will agree with a writer, but those who do will not deny them a voice to project that which is within; through writing.

Read a brief summary of the book here:


Adam Milstein Says Young Jewish Americans Have To Be Ready For New Antisemitic Wave

Adam Milstein writes for the Jewish News Syndicate, the Jerusalem Post, the HuffPost, and the Times of Israel and he’s been focused on how Jewish-Americans can be stronger than ever in the face of opposition. According to Milstein, antisemitism has seen revivals in today’s world and a lot of it has come from Muslim groups mixed with far left liberal groups. Milstein warns people that though many of the progressive left claims to be the benefactors to those in the LGBT community, they’ve formed ties to Muslim groups who persecute those very people. He has said that Jewish people need to uphold their traditions and principles stronger than ever and take part in any political activism and voting necessary to support the nation of Israel.

Adam Milstein has fought on the physical battlefield against the enemies of Israel as has his father who fought in the navy during the 1948 War of Independence. Young Adam joined the Israeli Defense Forces when he turned 18 and served four years completing his service at the conclusion of the Yom Kippur War. After returning home and getting married, Adam Milstein enrolled and completed a bachelor’s degree in business and economics at the Technion, and three years later he relocated to Los Angeles and completed grad school at USC. He started becoming a commercial real estate investor, and several years later established a major holdings company in Hager Pacific Properties.

Adam Milstein became highly involved in the Israeli-American community when he came over, but he wanted to do more when he realized there was some alienation between Israeli-Americans and people back home in Israel. He and his wife Gila cofounded the Milstein Family Foundation which has become the main philanthropy organization and parent to groups like StandWithUs, Students Supporting Israel, Hasbara Fellowships and Sifriyat Pijama B’America. The goal of the the foundation is to enrich Jewish tradition learning through Hebrew learning, festivals, and even through sponsoring college student trips to Israel. Other activities that Milstein has presided over include video competitions and conferences hosted by the Israeli-American Council and AIPAC. He was named in 2016 to the Jerusalem Post’s Top 50 Most Influential Jews at number 39.

Jason Hope and the Future of Technology and Medicine

Jason Hope is an Arizona-based futurist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and healthcare technology investor. His obsession with technology began as a young man. He knew even before graduating high school that he would someday be involved in the technology industry. He began his adult life by obtaining a B.A. in Finance and then an M.B.A. from Arizona State University. After this education, he dove full force into the technology world. He firmly believed—and still does—that technology is the future of humanity.

He began by founding Jawa, a mobile communications company. He first started getting customers for Jawa after a client company referred him to some of their own customers. Hope also started getting business after utilizing the power of social media. Although social media remains his most important method, he has since used a wide range of marketing techniques. It ended up becoming the parent company of many others. Jawa clearly showed him that technology was his thing with his business endeavors almost immediately becoming very successful.

This has encouraged him to keep going through the years, but at the same time, he has fought hard against becoming overconfident. He highly recommends taking time out of your business to evaluate it and your direction. Today he owns a large portfolio of technology companies. In addition to running his businesses, Hope is passionate about writing about the future of technology. This writing part of his profession is so important to him that in recent months he has scaled down his position as the leader of his technology businesses.

As busy a man that he is, Hope makes philanthropic work a priority in his life. In fact, he has stated that he considers this philanthropic work its own business. Hope says he considers his $500,000 donation to SENS to be his greatest single philanthropic work. He shares with SENS an optimism of the future of medicine surrounding the anti-aging processes. In particular, he and SENS are both interested in how anti-aging processes can help prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. He strongly believes that technology is key to this as well. Connectivity for Life: Jason Hope Predicts the Future of the Internet of Things

Although Hope reads a lot, he does almost all of his reading online. In particular, much of his reading is focused on scientific articles and journals. Arizona Entrepreneur Jason Hope Predicts the End of Aging   He says that his personal favorite thing read was called “Higher Intake of Whole Grains Associated with Lower Risk of Major Chronic Diseases and Death.” Whenever he reads a really good article online whether it be scientific, medical, or technological, he shares it on social media. He hopes that this is just one avenue of his inspiring and mentoring the next generation of medical, science, and technology innovators. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

Matt Badiali Talks Candidly About His Newsletter Real Wealth Strategist:

Matt Badiali is an expert in advising investors regarding the natural resources industry. He currently serves as editor of S&A Resource Report and natural resources expert for finance and investment publishing house Banyan Hill Publishing. Matt has devoted years of his life to helping everyday, average investors make wise investment decision by putting their money into the right natural resource stocks. His credibility in this field stems from his impeccable credentials. Matt holds several science degrees in the field of geology. This scientific background allows him a level of insight regarding the natural resources industry that most people could never attain. He was originally recruited into the investment consulting field by a friend who saw the huge potential that Matt’s educational background could give to the investment industry. Visit stockgumshoe.com to know more.

Banyan Hill Publishing and Real Wealth Strategist:

Banyan Hill Publishing is a company devoted to publications in the field of investment and finance. Matt Badiali has become a mainstay with the firm by lending his deep insight to Banyan Hill’s publications. He publishes a monthly newsletter call Real Wealth Strategist that is based on his extensive travels around the world searching for the newest upcoming investment opportunities in natural resources. Matt has never been satisfied to get reports about the natural resources industry form others. He likes to go to the places where resources are extracted and get a true feel for the operations responsible for attaining the resources. This in-depth knowledge is what gives his customers such huge confidence in his advice.

Matt Talks About Real Wealth Strategist:

Real Wealth Strategist was the topic of a recent interview that Matt Badiali did with Ideamensch. Asked about where the idea for Real Wealth Strategist came from Matt responded, “Writing a newsletter about natural resource investing requires an unusual skill set. Natural resources are highly cyclical and speculative. You need to understand finance, markets, companies and science – it’s simply the only way to invest successfully in this sector.” Matt also spoke on recent trends that have been particularly exciting to him. He truly believes that the world is about to undergo a major change in the consumption of energy. Matt states that “The shift toward an electric-centric world is huge. It’s as important as the shift from whale oil to kerosene.” Among other topics discussed, Matt was also asked to name one key strategy that has helped him to grow his business. His answer is simple – “Give more value than people expect.” Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

Matt Badiali’s Rules for Investing in Freedom Checks:

A major new trend in resource investing that Matt Badiali has been very vocal about is Freedom Checks. Matt explains these as “a dividend that is paid by one of two types of companies, either a Master Limited Partnership or a Royalty Trust.” These checks trade the same way that you would trade a stock and are available from numerous providers. Matt has been busily involved in advising investors as to which companies offer the best Freedom Checks. In this regard, he has four rules that he suggests all investors follow when deciding on a Freedom Check provider. Rule number one is only by from a company that has $1 billion or more in assets. Rule number two is to only deal with a company that always provides its investors with large and regular payments. Thirdly, only deal with companies with long-established records of making a lot of money for their investors. Finally, Matt will himself only recommend a company after seeing irrefutable evidence that the financials the company is claiming are legitimate.

View: https://mattbadialiguru.com/

Dr. Jennifer Walden Texan Plastic Surgeon

The Jennifer Walden is one of the most well-known plastic surgeons in the state of Texas. She was born November 17, 1971. Her parents were both members of the medical field with her father being a dentist and her mother was a surgical nurse. Dr. Jennifer Walden went to the University of Texas in order to complete her undergraduate education in the field of biology. After putting her undergraduate education, she continued on to the medical branch of the University of Texas in order to receive her medical degree. After completing her medical degree, she began her residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch and began a fellowship in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan eye ear and throat hospital.

During her time at this hospital, she took part in several clinical trials that eventually led to the introduction of silicon breast implants. After cleaning her residency at the New York hospital, she returned to Austin Texas in 2011 and began to open her own private practice. At the private practice is recognized as one of America’s best plastic surgeons by numerous publications. She has obtained this title through her implementation of modern technologies including 3-D imaging technologies. The use of these 3-D imaging technologies has helped patients visualize what they would like to look like after their surgeries. This has had long-term revocations for the private practice as doctors are much more easily able to meet the expectations of potential clients.

She continues to work in the state of Texas and has a staff that is comprised mostly of women. This is significant as the field of plastic surgery particularly in the state of Texas is normally a field that is dominated by male doctors. She has introduced this staff of primarily women in order to provide a place for individuals to receive plastic surgery in peace and to feel comfortable while doing so. She takes special pride in remaining cognizant of cultures and races of our potential clients. She has helped to build a team of mostly women and continues to serve a client base that is comprised of primarily women in an effort to push forward the ideals of women helping women.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drjenniferwalden

Graham Edwards Founder of Telereal Trillium

In 2009 a large merger between two powerful real estate companies took place. One company is called Telereal and the other is Trillium. Graham Edwards who was the chief executive of Telereal played a major part in making this business acquisition happen. The company is now known as Telereal Trillium. Ian Ellis used to be CEO of Trillium. Once the merger went through Graham Edwards became CEO of Telereal Trillium and Ian Ellis became a non-executive director (https://www.propertyweek.com/graham-edwards/2438935.publicprofile?pview=1). They worked together to effectively pool the resources of the two companies and combine them as one.

With the formation of the new company there was plenty of capital on hand to help to achieve the companies goals. Graham Edwards is taking a somewhat conservative approach in running Telereal Trillium. He doesn’t believe in rushing into a deal just for the sake of making it happen. If a deal doesn’t go through then it will simply be because it is the right thing to do and shouldn’t be looked upon as a failure. This is the way that Graham Edwards approaches the business world. He has been this way all along in hes career.

Graham Edwards graduated from Kings College in London and the University of Cambridge. He has used his education to his advantage to obtain positions in many high profile organizations. At one time he was the chief investment officer at Talisman Global Asset Management. He also held important positions at Merrill Lynch and at BTGroup Plc’s property department. Graham Edwards used his business experience at these companies to help him to manage Telereal Trillium. He was able to merge the operations of the two separate companies together to make then a strong single entity.

In order to help the two companies better act as one a team of individuals was assigned this task. A new management team was produced. They were a mix of former management officials from both Telereal and Trillium. The existing clients from both companies were to be held on to and made satisfied. This helped to produce confidence in the new business among existing clients that they serve.


Waiakea Water has a plethora of benefits that people are raving about

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is breaking the mold of the whole bottled water industry with everything they encompass. Bottled water can be very wasteful according to its critics, yet it is the most purchased bottled beverage around the entire world. The great thing about this brand is that they come from 100 percent post consumer products and take way less energy to produce, 85 percent to be exact. They have created the worl’d first fully degradable bottle. Five years and 1,500 experiments made this project a labor of love. Getting the patents for this invention was quite a challenge within itself. Even huge corporations tried, but did not succeed.

No other brand can compete with this incredible company. Catchy slogans and fine lettering do not compare to what Waiakea does for the environment, society, and the fact that this water comes from a volcano and is packed full of health benefits. They provide clean drinking water to people around the world who don’t have it at their disposal like other countries do. The meaning Waiakea is actually two words, “wai akea” and translates to broad waters. The pristine nature of Hawaii and its luscious land brings people all over the world to see its beauty.

World’s greenest bottled water brand Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water based in the beautiful island of Hawaii. On Mauna Loa Volcano this mineral and electrolyte rich alkaline water is filtered through 14,000 feet of volcanic water. It starts on the top with snowmelt and rainfall and cascades down into their facility where the bottle the water.

There are two more factors that make this brand of water so incredible that it’s hard to pass up. Their environmentally friendly facility uses 33 percent renewable energy to help out the planet. Waiakea’s water bottles are 100 percent recyclable which in turn takes 85 percent less energy to produce.

When a one liter bottled is purchase from any store across the nation, 650ml of is donated to poor rural communities in Africa. To date Waiakea and their charity partner PumpAid have donated over 500 million gallons of clean drinking water to people in need.