GoBuyside Founder Arjun Kapur Opens Up About What Makes Him A Successful Entrepreneur

GoBuyside Founder and Chief Executive Officer Arjun Kapur recently sat down with Inspirery to talk about his business career and the inspiration behind his revolutionary company. Asked about how his idea was brought to life, he reveals that he saw a trend that was recurring in the industry of high finance. Kapur states that this was a trend of “increased competition for talent and shortened hiring cycles in the private equity and hedge fund industry…” A problem this trend was creating was a lack of transparency where both candidates and employers suffered. Kapur had the idea of creating a “tech-enabled platform” that would be a major innovation in the hiring model. The goal of GoBuyside was to create a network where both sides of the hiring equations mutually benefitted. The company has grown to become the largest platform for the financial industry in the U.S. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

new business opportunities to grow GoBuyside. Kapur also says that for him, avoiding social media has been something that helps him maintain productivity. He is also questioned as to how he brings his ideas to life in his business dealings. His response is that it is a tough question but he believes the important thing is to identify your opportunities. After that, you have to do your due diligence in research before you start any process of trying to execute your plans. It is vitally important to learn from any potential customers as well and take any feedback seriously.

Regarding the question of what really excites him, Kapur talks about how he is highly interested in artificial intelligence development and research. This technology is still in its early phases but it has such massive potential. He reveals that he has big hopes that there are major breakthroughs with this technology in the next decade. He is also asked to talk about the worst job he has ever had. While he doesn't want to out any particular company, he simply says that he learned from some of his most demanding work just how much you have to put into your business life in order to achieve success.

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Arjun Kapur has very interesting advice on how to grow a business. This advice is what he has personally used to build and continue to grow GoBuyside. He believes that though it may sound old-fashioned, taking care of your clients and providing the best possible service is still the clearest and surest path to success in the business world. An entrepreneur should always strive to not only meet but exceed the expectations of their clients. Kapur is also asked if there are any books he recommends that entrepreneurs should read. His answer is Peter Thiel's Zero to One. He feels it is an excellent guide to starting a new business venture.

With all the success that GoBuyside has achieved since its 2011 launch, Arjun Kapur is a businessman who's advice should be taken seriously. GoBuyside is now serving in excess of 10,000 financial firms worldwide. Read more about GoBuyside at inspirery.com.