Edwin Miranda Specializes In Kinesiology

Edwin Miranda is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Michigan, specializing in kinesiology, nutrition and exercise physiology. In the Fall of 2016, Edwin Miranda worked as a teacher assistant for Dr. Tracy Baynard at the Applied Sciences Building. Edwin Miranda won awards like the APS Travel award and the CSCTR New Investigator Award.

Edwin Miranda co-wrote nineteen journal articles. He discussed inflammation effects of the body’s endocrine systems. Some studies covered healthy people and subjects with diabetes or obesity. The most recent article, published in August 2018 is called, “Endogenous Secretor RAGE Increases with Improvements in Body Composition and is Associated with Markers of Adipocyte Health.” The article warns against high fat diets, which can lead to diabetes and atherosclerosis. Miranda and his colleagues suggest a low-inflammation diet.

In addition, Miranda studied the changes in sRAGE plasma for healthy people and subjects with diabetes. The plasma is found in body tissues. The study found that men and women could not increase their RAGE plasma by exercising just one time. However, they also found men could increase sRAGE plasma and sRAGEc but women, both healthy and obese, could not. Research showed that women’s estrogen may be blocking the sRAGE and sRAGEc plasma.

In 2017, Edwin Miranda co-wrote an article called the “Energy Cost of Active and Sedentary Music Video Games: Drum and Handheld Gaming vs. Walking and Sitting.” It was published in the International Journal of Exercise Science. The study found that while traditional exercise is the best path to health, the drumming video game is better than traditional video games, in terms of getting exercise. The study recommends finding video games that use the lower extremities.

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