Search Ranking with Reputation Management Fixers

Maintaining high search rankings is of the essence for a better performance of your business. If your rankings are dropping, you need not get alarmed, but rather it should come as a wake-up call for you to find ways to fix your ranking issues. You need to ensure your search traffic keeps rising every time. When you notice a drop in the search ranking of a particular keyword, here are some of the actions you can take from Reputation Management Fixers.

Internal linking, where you link one of your pages to another, is one of the best moves to stabilize your ranking. With internal linking, you should completely avoid using rich anchor texts. Internal linking becomes effective when you utilize non-rich anchor texts. Speeding up your site could also come in handy. For a better user experience, search engines like Google tend to rank sites with a fast speed first. Google wants people to continue using it by offering the best experience there is. Thus, if your site loads slowly, you need to check on that.

You may also consider building links. However, avoid creating them on your rank-fallen pages. Building links to your other internal pages, while still avoiding rich anchor texts, will not only stabilize your ranking, but they will increase. Updating your web page is the most efficient yet simplest tactic. Google typically prefers ranking fresh pages to old, stale ones. You need to add updated images and content to your pages to create a better user experience, and intrinsically increase your ranking.

A search engine can quickly drop your ranking position if it realizes that your click-through rate is very low. Optimizing your design will also help boost your ranking position. Increasing your social shares will also drastically improve your rankings.
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