The Many Products & Services of Regional Banking

Regional Banking has come along way over the years thanks to today’s advanced innovation. These smaller sized financial centers are usually specified in certain areas and tend not to be located across the nation. Today these banks have become some of the most popular financial institutions in the country thanks to their products, services, expertise, and capabilities. In many cases these banks are outperforming their larger counterparts and there is one bank in particular that is doing just so and it’s known as NexBank.


NexBank or NexBank Capital has pushed the envelope, created a buzz, and taken over the market. This financial institution is located in the Dallas, Texas Area and it has quickly become a powerhouse in this ever demanding industry. NexBank specializes in commercial, mortgage, and investment banking. This fairly common for most regional banks, but it really stands out for the wide range of other professional services such as treasury management, public funds, real estate advisory, credit services, loan support, agency services, warehouse lending, commercial lending, and more. Did you know that its name use to be Heritage bank? That’s right! It’s fairly common for businesses to change their names depending on which direction they’re are willing to take. Last year, NexBank teamed up with Habitat for Humanity and Dallas Neighborhood Homes to provide affordable mortgage coverage to families with limited access. This was known as the ‘”Affordable Housing Loan Program” and it was a hit. Nexbank provided up to $50 Million in loan support as well as financial guidance.


This bank has done some truly remarkable things for its community, unlike other financial centers who’s sole purpose is to make as much capital as possible. With NexBank guiding the way, the future of regional banking is in very good hands.


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