Tidbits of Helpful Pedagogical Info Every Teacher can Utilize, Courtesy of Rocketship Education’s Preston Smith

Public education is the backbone of societies around the world, especially those in first-world, highly advanced nations. Strong public education is directly linked to a wealth of benefits for countries’ citizens. Unfortunately, many areas with low incomes don’t feature quality schools. As such, their future generations are often caught in poverty traps, applicable to their children, and their children, ad nauseam.

Rocketship Education is helping change this unfortunate normalcy in the United States, with eighteen locations across the Lower 48, all of which are situated in low-income regions. Co-founder and current chief executive officer Preston Smith has endured several lessons throughout his time at Rocketship Education. With the idea of spreading things he’s learned to fellow educators across the nation, here are a few valuable sentiments he’s picked up on over the years.

It’s not up for debate that diversification of organizations’ participants’ demographics and backgrounds is beneficial for individuals and entities as a whole. However, many schools aim to draw in students from diverse backgrounds prior to doing so with their teachers and administrators. Something that helps Rocketship Education’s employees better connect with its students is employing individuals whose backgrounds closely matches that of its students, ultimately raising their interest, performance, and positive behavior exhibited in the classroom.

Rocketship Education requires its teachers to visit the homes of students and their respective parents and guardians once every semester. Doing so makes it easier for instructors to design students’ individualized lesson plans, something that Rocketship Education has pioneered in its ten years of operation. Further, positive experiences in visiting children’s homes helps improve their performance in the classroom, for the most part.

This eighteen-deep nexus of public charter schools also encourages its students’ parents to not be scared of enrolling their children elsewhere if they don’t feel current schools aren’t getting the job done. Although this sentiment’s focus is primarily towards students who are past Rocketship’s K-5 scope, administrators regularly urge parents to demand changes within Rocketship Education’s system if they deem appropriate. If their particular, unique needs aren’t met, they should move their children to more accommodating schools, without question.