Nicolas Krafft and The Ethics Day

L’Oreal is among the leading beauty and Cosmetics Company that has been a market leader for the longest time since the 1800s. The secret behind the company’s success has been the devotion and efforts that employees of the company put in their work.

Moreover, the company has set aside an Ethics day where the employees are in apposition to evaluate their behavior at the office and whether or not it contributes to the company’s success. L’Oreal’s Vice President, Nicolas Krafft is hugely supportive of the company’s annual event, and usually, he is the one in charge of the approval of the budget presented to him for the day by the company’s Chief Ethics Officer.

All employees of L’Oreal participate in this significant day, as it is for them. Therefore, the event is held globally regardless of the location of the outlets. Before the big day, all employees are instructed to send all the ethical questions that they could be having to either the chief ethics officer or the Vice President, Nicolas Krafft.

The items are posted online to either of the two parties, and the employees are given the freedom of being anonymous so that they may not feel intimidated for asking some of those questions. On the actual event day, the issues that the employees presented are categorized into groups as well as the employees, where each employee group tackles a particular set of questions. The day’s activities are also meant to improve teamwork amongst the employees which are necessary for an organization with as many employees as those of L’Oreal.

Another activity that takes place during Ethics Day is the awarding ceremony of the employees who were the most disciplined during the year. It is possible to evaluate the behavior of each employee because the company had come up with a system where the employees can report their colleagues who were being unethical to the H.R. through an online application.

The identity of the reporter is usually hidden, but the wrongdoer’s name is made available to the H.R., as well as the mistake they made. The awarding ceremony during Ethics Day has helped in motivating the employees to keep behaving right while at the office. This, in turn, helps in creating a good working environment for everyone, while maintaining the required ethical standards.