Finding Favor with Marc Sparks and Spark Tank

Anytime that an entrepreneur finds favor with a venture capitalist, it is a good thing. Marc Sparks is the venture capitalist that has managed to provide a big break to some entrepreneurs that are building businesses off the beaten path. I think that this is noble.

It can be quite discouraging for people to think outside of the box when they know that the banks are going to turn them down. It can be a nightmare to work hard on an idea that feels a void for a select group of people. A niche market can be difficult to work, but Marc Sparks is showing favor to those that have the desire to think about a whole new way of reaching out to customers. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

I am certain that Marc Sparks has created the Spark Tank because he knows about the hardships that other people can run into with social business concepts. I believe that I would do the same thing that he is doing. If I knew the keys to success and had the ability to keep others from stumbling I would do this. That is what Sparks is doing with the Spark Tank. He is able to give contestants honest assessments of what is working and what is not working.

In the business world I feel like a lot of people are wasting time trying to reinvent the wheel. I don’t believe in trying to do something that another person has already done. They already have the experience so you need to get with that person and tap into their knowledge base.

I feel like the social innovative entrepreneurs for businesses like Mommies in Need and the House of Eli are well aware of the influence that Marc Sparks has. They are also aware of the fact that he knows the business. They didn’t look to reinvent the wheel. They simply wanted to see how the wheel worked. That would allow them to save a lot of time.

Word can spread quickly any time that someone is giving away a $5,000 grant. Marc Sparks has continued to work as a serial entrepreneur. He builds up company portfolios, and I have seen the way that he has managed to build his riches through trial and error.  Read more: Marc Sparks – Profile – Disqus

I think that people that find favor with Marc Sparks are quite fortunate. They get the chance to get direction from someone that knows the ropes.