Francisco Domenech: A Brilliant Political Mind

Francisco Domenech is a big name in the world of governance and politics. His dedication to engage in politics and public policy made him become the managing partner at Politank. The law firm mainly deals with issues about the government of Puerto Rico. In addition to politics, he is deeply involved in the world of charity. Through his firm, he has engaged in the various charitable works for many years. He has given valuable advice to the members of public concerning legal affairs and governance. As such, they are in a better piston to make informed decisions on how to choose their leaders wisely. He is a renowned figure in the area of fundraising, political research, voter registrations, policy research and the management of electoral campaigns. It is this knowledge and experience in politics which has assisted him to make a name in the area of public administration and politics. Read this article at

Francisco Domenech has been associated with leading political figures in Puerto Ricco. He has advised numerous politicians and successfully assisted them to deal with the various legal issues relating to politics. He has been hired by the Senate to represent its interests before the courts and coordinate the outside counsels. That is not all. In the public world, he has held senior positions. For example, he has served as the Director of the Office of Legislative Services. While exercising this role, he was in charge of more than one hundred members of staff and oversaw a budget of more than ten million annually.

While still serving in this capacity, Puerto Rico was undergoing a severe financial crisis. The government had a lot of debts both internally and externally. To make matters worse, the economy was struggling with high levels of unemployment. The levels of poverty were alarming, and tourism was slowing down. The problem was coupled with increasing oil prices and the falling prices of property. However, with Francisco Domenech’s advice together with that of other professionals, the country was able to reverse this trend due to the various policies he and his team advocated for. This and many other roles have helped to cement his name in public administration.



Attorney Bruno Fagali Talks About The Measures Being Used To Stop Corporate Corruption In Brazil

Bruno Fagali is a lawyer who lives in Sao Paulo, Alagoas, Brazil. He opened his own law firm in July 2016 and since December 2015 has been the corporate integrity manager at New / sb. He has several legal specialties including urban law, administrative law, compliance, and ethics. He capped his extensive education in 2017 when he earned a master’s in state law from the University of Sao Paulo. Know more about Fagali at Jusbrasil.

Corporate corruptions scandals have been an ongoing issue in Brazil for a number of years, especially the last two. Bruno Fagali says that companies in Brazil are finally starting to take this issue seriously and have increased their risk monitoring efforts. This is because the credibility of Brazil’s overall business community is very low. He says that an audit study conducted by Deloitte involving 100 businesses. Read more about Fagali at Crunchbase.

This study shows that 73 percent of the companies have put in place anti-corruption measures while two years ago that number was at 59 percent. Management monitoring fraud and unethical conduct has also gone up, from 60 percent to 81 percent. These two results show that companies are being much more responsible when it comes to putting a stop to unethical practices.

Two organizations, the Ethos Institute and CGU, teamed up to offer the Pro-Ethics prize. This prize was created in order to bring attention to businesses that uphold the highest standards when it comes to integrity and anti-corruption practices. Bruno Fagali was gratified when his efforts at New / sb were recognized with this prize. New / sb was one of 25 companies to earn this award and the only one to win that is in the communications industry.

Bruno Fagali says that three major communications companies have had huge scandals in recent years. These are Acronym, Lava Jet, and Monthly. It was in the wake of these scandals that New / sb started to institute a formal corporate integrity program. They wanted to make sure they complied with the law and also set an example for other companies in the communication industry. They brought Bruno Fagali on board early so that he could provide his legal advice in getting this program set up in an effective manner.