Lincolnshire Management Exits Holley Performance Products

Lincolnshire Management has held quite a few investments over the past few years. Perhaps one of the most notable of these has been Holley Performance Products. Holley was founded in 1903 and has since gone on to become a leader in the automotive performance product market. Lincolnshire Management invested in the company in 2013, noting that it was quite a significant investment opportunity. Now, the private equity firm has announced that it has sold its interest in the company to an affiliate of Sentinel Capital Partners. It was also announced that Holley Performance Products would be merged with Driven Performance Brands. Other transaction terms haven’t been released.

T.J. Maloney, Chairman, and CEO of Lincolnshire Management, noted the product portfolio that Holley Performance Products had access to. This included the likes of Hays, Mallory, Earls, Quick Fuel Technologies and DiabloSport, among much more. This was of a significant interest to Lincolnshire Management. Also of note was the automotive performance company’s management team. Since partnering with the company, Lincolnshire Management was able to triple revenues and quadruple earnings over five years. This was something that Ben Bartlett, a Principal at Lincolnshire Management noted invested a considerable success for both companies.

Lincolnshire Management also noted that Holley Performance Products had developed quite a considerable reputation over the past century. Throughout this time, it cultivated a strong relationship with customers across the industry. This was something that Lincolnshire Management was able to capitalize on. Bartlett also noted that Holley Performance Products has been able to successfully navigate a variety of different challenges and evolving customer preferences during that time.

President and CEO of Holley Performance Products Tom Tomlinson noted that Lincolnshire Management had a considerable impact on the company in the past five years. One of the most notable of these has been that it increased investment in new product development and pursued an aggressive acquisition strategy during that time. He also noted that Lincolnshire Management brought a considerable amount of knowledge to the industry. Lincolnshire Management also helped Holley Performance Products to successfully navigate a range of different challenges during their investment period. This was something Tomlinson noted when Lincolnshire Management divested from the company.

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Michael Nierenberg and excess mortgage servicing rights

Over the years, Michael Nierenberg has been deeply invested in excess mortgage servicing rights. He’s come up with harrowing feats of groundbreaking work and leadership as a powerful name in the residential mortgage loan investment market by way of his position as the board chairman, president and CEO of New Residential Investment Corp.

Usually, Investment managers have to seek out assets that aren’t worth as much. Long-term connections with companies are essential to an MSR and New Residential went and acquired roughly $114 billion worth of MSRs.

Given the benefits such as the potential to generate an incredible amount of money and the difficulty to replicate MSR assets and their limitations which include fragile business connections hindering MSRs, an experienced mind would be required. Cue Michael Nierenberg. He has constantly been on the search for inventive ways to keep the residential financing market thrilling with New Residential Investment Corp.

Investors have typically avoided residential mortgage-backed securities given their problems such as changes in interest rate and trouble with assets but Michael Nierenberg has been advantageous in his approach to them.

Given the five great obstacles that RMBS investment can present, never is it a simple task to handle each and every situation. Regardless of this though, New Residential has managed to come up with a few ways to combat those difficulties. Maintaining an active portfolio is key to helping resolve these issues. This helps to brace for unforeseen circumstances, being forced to buy assets from some investors, shifting portfolio and restricting investments at the right time.

Michael Nierenberg has made leaps and bounds in his financial career when taking advantage of opportunities in investments and applying his deep understanding of residential mortgages. During his tenure at Merrill Lynch, he was known as one of the most talented and respected people in the business of mortgage. From 2013, he held his position as CEO and President of New Residential Investment Corp and Chairman of the board from 2016.

The Growth And Achievements Of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is not a new name when it comes to the world of investment. It has had numerous achievements over the past two decades even since it began operating. It is a highly diversified and leading firm when it comes to investment management.

Fortress has applied its experience and its specialties in the investment sector and has emerged as the best in the industry with numerous people and companies looking to them for advice in the investment sector. Other achievements Fortress Investment Group has been able to accomplish include creating a groundbreaking hedge fund that would later go public.

This was the first fund to ever go public in the New York Stock Exchange. The next achievement of this company was its purchase by SoftBank Group Corporation, a Japan-based company. SoftBank Group Corporation is a world-leading developer and financer cutting—edge technology. These are, but a few of the achievements Fortress has accomplished over the years. However, the merger between SoftBank Group and Fortress Investment made the highlights when it comes to the top accomplishments of the company. The alliance between the two parties is worth approximately $3.3 billion. It also came with numerous conditions that each party was expected to comply with.

One of the terms of condition for the merger was that Randy Nardone, Wes Edens, and Pete Bridger were to continue running Fortress Investment Group and commit at least 50% of their after-tax investment proceeds to Fortress vehicles and managed funds. Fortress Investment Group was to operate under SoftBank Group but as an independent entity, meaning that SoftBank was to maintain the business model, leadership, business culture, processes, and brand of Fortress irrespective of it operating under SoftBank. According to the Chairperson and CEO of Fortress Investment, the accomplishments and strides that this company has made speak for themselves.

These accomplishments make it easy for SoftBank to want to live up to its achievements. For SoftBank Group, merging with Fortress is an opportunity to expand its group capabilities and establish a SoftBank fund that will help accelerate its growth and drive SoftBank into sustainable long-term growth.

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How Jeff Yastine is Offering Thought Leadership in Financial Strategy and Investment

Jeff has been working at the Banyan Hill Publishing for three years. He took up a job as an editorial director and has been offering thought leadership in magazines such as the total wealth insider, the sovereign investor daily and the winning investor. He has been using his position as a business leader to help investors understand current business trends, and see the profit-making opportunities open to them. Read more about Jeff Yastine at Talk Markets.

Jeff has a strong background as a financial journalist. He started out his career in 1994 and was the financial correspondent for the PBS Business report. Through his career as a financial reporter, Jeff Yastine started identifying the gaps which existed in the investment industry and started offering his skill and expertise in helping companies which were suffering to make a financial turnaround. He is also a stock market investor with years of experience in the business and has spent years talking to some of the most successful entrepreneurs. He even contributed to the NBR guide to the process of buying bonds.

Jeff studied Journalism at the University of Florida. He started out his career in North Carolina, and when he joined PBS, his financial insights made the show so popular that it had more than a million views every night. He helped potential investors by pointing them towards companies which had the potential to become huge market winners. These included PetMed Express, Royal Caribbean, and SBA Communications. He has also held interviews with some of the wealthiest men on the planet including Warren Buffet, Michael Dell, and Richard Branson.


Currently, he shares the decades of experience that he has gathered in investment with the ordinary Americans. He states that he feels deeply honored to use the Total Wealth Insider to help people understand how financial investment works and to make sound investment decisions. His most significant dream is to help the ordinary American grow their wealth by investing in stable and safe companies which offer a lot of value to investors.

Jeff has personal experience with poor investment decisions. He recaps how he bought his first stock, Wal-Mart. Even though he did not make a loss from the resale of the same, he wasn’t able to make as much as he imagined he would have. He made a little profit margin because he sold too soon. Therefore, his lack of patience cost him long-term gains. It made him realize that there was a lot that many investors didn’t know and thus, offered to be disseminating this information. Visit Kennedy Accounts to know more.