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Running a business is hard. Starting one with borrowed money is even harder. Beginning one’s adult life off with zero dollars, earning two degrees, working in financial services for roughly a decade without getting too far, then creating a business that succeeds is infinitely harder than the two aforementioned general scenarios, and likely harder than a vast majority of things you and every other reader has been through.


Mr. Stephen Hicks – he also goes by Steve Hicks or Stephen M. Hicks, when he wants to look professional – is a middle-aged investor, having graduated from high school in 1977, earning a degree from King’s College in his home state of New York – King’s College can be found in Briarcliff Manor – in 1981, then boasting an MBA from Fordham University in New York City – the Big Apple.


Steve got married to his wife, Mary Hicks, about four years before he started Southridge Capital. They’ve been together the entire time with absolutely zero separations, something that a couple should certainly be proud of when we live in an age where it is far easier to live on our own than most, if not all, times in the past – at least all times that we’ve talked about.


Hicks also has two children, though they’re both adults now; suggesting that Mr. Stephen Hicks has “two adults” would probably sound pretty concerning, right? For more details visit Bloomberg.


Southridge Capital LLC, the legal, government-registered name of the investment firm of Stephen Hicks, is often called nothing more than “Southridge” in today’s tongue, though Southridge Capital or Southridge LLC are often used to refer to the exclusive creation of none other than Mr. Stephen M. Hicks, effectively made possible through the strong wifey-ship that his wife Mary has fortunately provided him with over the years. Check out bizjournals for more.



Currently, Hicks and Southridge LLC are looking for companies to put investments in if they belong to the consumer goods investments sector or the wholesale beverage business – this includes lots of drinks and other consumables for sale, as well as innovative hardware that makes dispensing, manufacturing, and storing soda easier.



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