Learn to save money with your HVAC with the experts at Goettl

For most people money does not grow on trees. You have to work hard for it, so you want to spend it wisely. During the summer months energy bills can increase drastically because of the air conditioner. There are ways to cut down that bill by following these tips by Goettl Air’s HVAC experts. Here is what they had to say.

Make sure your home is properly weatherized. If it is insulated correctly you will spend less on that pesky energy bill each month. Replace old insulation, seal gaps, etc. to ensure that your home is running as efficiently as possible. They also suggest putting window film or tint on your windows. This will keep out the sun and will help reduce your home’s overall temperature. You can also keep your thermostat and HVAC unit out of direct sunlight/heat. It make it easier to keep your home cool.

Maintenance is so important! Check and change your filters often, tune your thermostat, or even invest in a smart thermostat. It will save you time, headaches, and money buy buying a programmable thermostat. You can even control it when you are away from home!

Awarded Arizona’s best air conditioning and heating company in the state, Goettl Air, is leading the way with their innovative technology since 1939. They provide their customers with heating and air conditioning units, maintenance, repairs, plumbing, and much more!

Goettl has grown from one store to many all over the Southwest region of the United States. They specialize working in the harsher weather conditions of that area. Kenneth Goodrich. the CEO of Goettl, started the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Endowment. They have donated HVAC units to schools that have been vandalized or robbed. They also give scholarships to students or veterans