Enhanced Athlete is Winning in the Courts and the Workouts

In the case, Nutrition Distribution vs Enhanced Athlete (E.D. Cal., Case N. 2:17-cv-2069-JAM-CKD), the judge ruled in favor of the defendant. The plaintiff, Nutrition Distribution had claims of false advertisement by Enhanced Athlete where the District Court judge denounced the injunction. Nutrition Distribution failed to provide proper evidence where they stated there had been a loss in revenue between the marketing and decrease in Nutrition Distribution sales.


Nutrition Distribution had accused Enhanced Athlete of contributing to a decrease in its bodybuilding and fitness supplements sales, by putting forth false ads about its supplements. The preliminary injunction against Enhanced Athlete was squashed as the plaintiff’s evidence alluded to no causal connection between Enhanced Athlete’s products and marketing, and their drop in sales, terming it’s a mere speculative connection.


Scott Cavell, the CEO of Enhanced Athlete, noted that Nutrition Distribution had been a serial plaintiff threatening them and other supplement firms with nuisance value settlements, which he called shakedown lawsuits. He put it categorically Enhanced Athlete will not fall for such coercing schemes and practices from Nutrition Distribution.


Enhanced Athlete is a bodybuilding and fitness company that carries out extensive research on its products that have no side effects. Based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the company seeks to assists athletes in their training practices by developing supplements to help in their health and workouts. As a workout supplements research-firm, Enhanced Athlete creates their products for their users to test them rather than make profits from them like other marketing corporations. Aiming to be a solution provider, Enhanced Athlete is motivated to seek solutions and remedies to problems athletes encounter in training. They roll out their researched efforts in supplements in a progressive way mainly for active athletes.


Enhanced Athlete’s supplements have switched people’s approach to workout and training, impacting not only physical development but also overall body stamina and endurance. Most workouts of their supplements target cardiovascular and circulatory systems using natural herbal extracts to enhance these systems efficiency.


Enhanced Athlete has two other subsidiaries, Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching. Enhanced Coaching mission is to provide essential services and easy to find Enhanced Coaching coaches for the ordinary person who otherwise would not access them. They partner the industry’s best coaches in an economical way depending on the program chosen, to put you in shape and attain the desired look of each customer. Enhanced Gear provides merchandise such as hoodies, joggers, tank tops, and stringers to Enhanced Athletes.