Lincolnshire Management Exits Holley Performance Products

Lincolnshire Management has held quite a few investments over the past few years. Perhaps one of the most notable of these has been Holley Performance Products. Holley was founded in 1903 and has since gone on to become a leader in the automotive performance product market. Lincolnshire Management invested in the company in 2013, noting that it was quite a significant investment opportunity. Now, the private equity firm has announced that it has sold its interest in the company to an affiliate of Sentinel Capital Partners. It was also announced that Holley Performance Products would be merged with Driven Performance Brands. Other transaction terms haven’t been released.

T.J. Maloney, Chairman, and CEO of Lincolnshire Management, noted the product portfolio that Holley Performance Products had access to. This included the likes of Hays, Mallory, Earls, Quick Fuel Technologies and DiabloSport, among much more. This was of a significant interest to Lincolnshire Management. Also of note was the automotive performance company’s management team. Since partnering with the company, Lincolnshire Management was able to triple revenues and quadruple earnings over five years. This was something that Ben Bartlett, a Principal at Lincolnshire Management noted invested a considerable success for both companies.

Lincolnshire Management also noted that Holley Performance Products had developed quite a considerable reputation over the past century. Throughout this time, it cultivated a strong relationship with customers across the industry. This was something that Lincolnshire Management was able to capitalize on. Bartlett also noted that Holley Performance Products has been able to successfully navigate a variety of different challenges and evolving customer preferences during that time.

President and CEO of Holley Performance Products Tom Tomlinson noted that Lincolnshire Management had a considerable impact on the company in the past five years. One of the most notable of these has been that it increased investment in new product development and pursued an aggressive acquisition strategy during that time. He also noted that Lincolnshire Management brought a considerable amount of knowledge to the industry. Lincolnshire Management also helped Holley Performance Products to successfully navigate a range of different challenges during their investment period. This was something Tomlinson noted when Lincolnshire Management divested from the company.

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Equities First Holdings: New Era in Stock-Based Lending

Today, Equities First Holdings, one of the leaders in consumer lending, announces fewer restrictions for its consumers and more choices for all beneficiaries of its international service. The company now provides personalized financial solutions that other companies have cut, giving customers a unique experience that stock – based loans have been missing in recent years.

Finally, a company can adhere to an international standard, which is achieved, of course, with a lot of collaboration and remote legal support. The EFH ‘s customers welcome the service as a champion for small businesses. Personal loans through the service, which has collected over $ 30 million in transactions, have recently become available, enabling anyone to receive professional assistance in a wide range of areas without having to be particularly wealthy or head of a large corporation.

With Equities First Holdings as your personal advocate, you will be equipped with valuable information in development funds and be able to maneuver gracefully in what some would say marks the beginning of a renaissance in stock – based lending. Click here

Peter Briger Has Improved Fortress Investment With A Decade Of Service

Peter Briger is an executive veteran and a financial billionaire, much of which was acquired during his current position at Fortress Investment Group. Peter first joined Fortress Investment while they were still a private company back in 2002 and today he has been appointed as company president and board chairman. After the company was recently sold off to SoftBank Corp in 2017, Fortress Investment executives pulled in a combined 1.3 billion dollars, with more than 500 million going to Peter Briger. This massive financial gain put Peter Briger’s net worth above 2 billion dollars, making him one of the top billionaires in the country today according to the Forbes Billionaire list. View Peter Briger’s profile on Linkedin

Fortress Investment was a major boost to Peter’s financial career, but he has been building his wealth for the past three decades ever since he took up a position at Goldman Sachs. Peter worked his way up the company ladder at Goldman for 15 years and in 1996 he became a company partner.

When Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment in 2002, he was already considered a financial veteran and his expertise helped Fortress become the company that it is today. Peter increased the annual company revenue by a huge amount each year and played a pivotal role in the company turning public. As president of the company, one of Peter’s biggest goals is to keep raising the assets and clients that they continue to manage each year, which is roughly 1700 clients and 45 billion dollars.

Peter has spent many years earning degrees and improving his academic record before he became a financial success. Before starting out his career, Peter studied at the University of Pennsylvania as well as Princeton University, where he obtained his bachelors in business and his masters in business administration.

On the philanthropist side of things, Peter Briger is a member for the Tipping Point, the Council of Foreign Relations, and Caliber Schools, which are dedicated to improving living standards and education for underprivileged families across the nation.

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Mike Bagguley Highly Popular Investment Banker in the United Kingdom

Mike Bagguley is one of the leading investment bankers in the United Kingdom and has been associated with the Barclays Bank for the past many years. The field of investment banking has been expanding in the past few years, and Barclays International is known to be one of the leading banking and investment firms. Mike Bagguley studied Bachelors in Science in the UK from the University of Warwick. He has achieved a lot in the field of banking throughout his career of more than fourteen years. Recently, Mike Bagguley was posted as the COO of the Investment Banking department of Barclays Bank.

Whether it is an organization or an individual, it is necessary to manage your finance and investment. If you are looking for some professional expertise with investments, Mike Bagguley is the man who can help you. Mike Bagguley has been able to help Barclays with increasing its revenue and getting more clients. The marketing strategy of Barclays has been modified and improved by Mike Bagguley that has helped the bank to expand its outreach. Before handling the investment banking portfolio, Mike Bagguley used to manage the macro products sell and marketing. Before Mike became the COO of investment banking at Barclays, Justin Bull was the COO.

One of the reasons why Mike has been able to achieve success in the field of banking is because he has been able to grasp the basics as well as advanced level knowledge of banking in his career. It has helped him develop marketing and business strategies that help him deliver the performance that his clients expect from him. At Barclays, not only has Mike’s strategy helped the bank get more clients, but it has also helped him get tons of recognition in the field. As the field of investment banking continues to expand and grow, it has become essential for the people to focus on managing their investment in a proficient manner to secure their financial future. The organizations should hire experts like Mike Bagguley to ensure that their investment portfolio is managed professionally and is delivering results that would keep the wealth multiplying with time.

Stansberry Research Newsletter Sounds the Alarm On Trump’s Tariff Stance

With the looming threat of a trade war between the United States and a number of countries (China, European Union members, etc.), the Stansberry Digest, the daily newsletter for subscribers to investment research and publishing firm Stansberry Research, published an article by lead editor Justin Brill, detailing the potential effects of a trade war on the American economy.

Stansberry Research, founded in 1999 by Frank Porter Stansberry, is as a noted investment research firm that provides information to its subscribers regarding secure and successful investing. Headquartered in Maryland, with operations out of three additional states and subscribers in over a hundred countries, Stansberry utilizes a collection of financial analysts with diverse views on investing to deliver varied opinions and investment advice through the firm’s newsletters.

In light of President Donald Trump’s announcement of 25% steel and 10% aluminium import tariffs that he said would apply to all U.S. trading partners without exception, investors have been bracing for what would the economic repercussions if the tariffs did go into effect. Brill explained both why he believed the administration’s plan would not work, and the ways in which it could harm instead of benefit the economy.

For one, the steel and aluminium markets in the U.S., according to Brill, are unlikely to rebound from their wartime employment highs in the 1940s and 1950s, regardless of tariff imposition. Having outsourced more than four-fifths of jobs overseas since the late 50s, while seeing a drop in productivity of less than half in the same time frame, Brill posits that the American steel market has very little incentive to bring back outsourced jobs.

Perhaps more critically, however, Brill points out that imposition of tariffs would trigger retaliation from those affected like China, leading to higher prices for consumer items across the board, from jeans and motorbikes, to corn and orange juice.

In addition to providing investment analysis and advice, Stansberry Research organizes conferences that host noted speakers with experience in the financial industry ( Speakers during the conferences have included Steve Forbes, Ron Paul, Kevin O’Leary and Robert Kiyosaki, among others.