The Future Of Learning Rests With Institutes Like The Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University was born back in 1929, marking a somewhat historical day of a relatively new kind of academy that aimed to help their students achieve their maximum potential. The institute is privately owned and was originally founded by Richard Stephens. Not only that, but he opened the academy for advertising, rather than for art and design. The original campus is located in San Fransisco California.

Today, Academy of Art University plays host to roughly 20 thousand students all over the world in dozens of different countries. The Academy has 25 different areas of study for their students, ranging from art, design, fashion, and even communication. All campuses are highly supportive environments, helping students build their ideas and creativity for the future of their careers.

Starting back in 2005, Academy of Art University has been participating in the New York Fashion Week, allowing many of their students an have a chance at showing off their talents in the shows. Many graduates from the Academy have been showcased in the runways for this highly prestigious bi-annual show. Recently, there was an article published on the Huffington Post that discussed some of the good aspects behind the Academy, including the diversity of student backgrounds and the wide range of creativity that was showed off during the events.

The Academy of Art University has maintained a strong curriculum for their students in all subjects, challenging them and encouraging them to innovate in their chosen fields of study. Elisa Stephens is the current President representing the Academy and has done an excellent job thus far. Currently, the admission policy for the Academy remains light, with a no-barrier policy still in place to provide more students with an opportunity to grow and learn. The Academy is also regularly on the lookout for part-time teachers looking to pass own their own experiences and expertise to students to help them build their skills and perspectives.



The Brown Agency Offers Fresh Faces


When a company is looking for a talented model or a striking face to attach to their product or work with on promotions, the Brown Agency is one of the first ones they think of. With a roster loaded with some of the most popular and well-known names in the market they can guarantee professionalism, and a good job done timely.


The Brown Agency is a well-known agency that offers a full-service of clients in all areas of the industry. From commercials to television and film and print media such as catalogues and magazines, as a leader in providing some of the best well known fashion and runway models. Formerly known as Wilhelmina Austin associated with the well-known Wilhelmina Agency, Justin Brown is the current president of the agency that has lent some of its faces to companies like Loreal Louis Vuitton, Dell. The companies finds the freshest faces and best talent in the market and trains their models to be

some of the most professional around. Modeling can mean long taxing days under not-ideal conditions, training their models on what to realistically expect means they are prepared for almost anything.


Fashion weeks in both Austin and Dallas have celebrated representatives from the agency by placing them front and center on the runways. Based in Austin, the team at Brown can review your project, the specifics you are looking for and then line up the perfect face and personality to compliment your campaign. Check out representatives from the Brown Agency at fashion weeks across the country such as Dallas Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week. Miami Swim Week is another event the Brown Agency works with each year.


The Brown Agency is full-service talent agency representing models and actors in the areas of commercials, film, television, industrial videos, voice over, print, catalogue, fashion, runway, conventions, trade shows, promotional and corporate events. The models from the Brown Agency may start out in the central Texas market but before they’re done, there’s a chance they might work almost anywhere in the world. There’s a reason the Brown Agency has established itself as one of the finest agencies in the business.

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Fabletics the Market Drivers in Clothing

Personal branding is nothing new. It dates back to the 30s of the last century. Modern day branding and marketing changed with the start of the digital era. Before that happened, companies relied on the word of mouth or advertising in local newspapers. Later it travelled to the radio, and the introduction of television changed things once more. However, the biggest game changer was the internet. Nowadays people more often read reviews online and rely on those than the previous means of gaining information about new products and services they want to incorporate into their daily routine.


Modern Customer Driven Marketing


Companies with positive feedback on different review sites see higher and faster growth than others. One of these brands is Fabletics. The company was born in 2013 and saw a rise of more than 200 percent driving the revenue to 235 million dollars. Their paying member base grew to a million and is still growing. To their parent company TechSyle Fashion Groups it is clear that a lot of this success comes from customer reviews. Fabletics are scoring high with new and regular customers. In return, the positive reviews attract new customers. It is precisely the kind of circle Fabletics brand needs to keep the numbers up.


This crowd driver was the idea penned by actress Kate Hudson. She worked together with Demi Lovato to create an attractive marketing campaign for the brand. Their clothes look great, but the underlying message is more important. The company wants to inspire women and make them feel more empowered, boost their self-esteem and self-confidence. Both Lovato and Hudson want to show women that the shape and size are not the most important things. It’s allowing women to feel in control about the way they dress and not feel the need to tick certain boxes or fit a certain standard.


Do What You Believe is Right


Kate Hudson herself is an actress. She doesn’t hold a fancy business degree and yet she has what many start-up businessmen and women don’t have. Passion for what the actress believes in. She worked side by side with her team since the company was just a sketch on a drawing board. She put in the effort to sit in budget and marketing meetings, help create a social media and marketing strategies. She reviews all the sales at the end of each week to see which product is doing well and which needs to be scrapped to create something better.


Fabletics homepage is about activity and comfort at the same time as well. There is a short life quiz people can take to find out the best clothing for their level of activity. This interaction with the customer continues throughout the process of making a one-off purchase or subscribing to the service.


Hudson insists on clear communication with the clients. It is one of the reasons people stay loyal to the brand. It offers excellent customer service, clothing that suits different lifestyles and doesn’t make customers break the bank either.


Partnering up with the parent company also helped the growth, getting Fabletics off the ground and helping them with technical advice and practical information.

A (Non-Sponsored) Fabletics Review

Fabletics Is Taking Over The Industry For Activewear

In a world where fashion is an ever growing industry, it’s about time a company like Fabletics has paved its way into this industry. The company is going to make such a growth and successful change in the world of fashion by giving women that space to find all the great activewear that they have ever wanted in such a great and easy space online and in person. With their future stores about to be in place, there is no doubt that women are going to love and enjoy the easiness of being a paying member for this brand.


Fabletics is an online membership site that has women paying a monthly subscription, and it focuses on primarily giving women what they want. It’s almost like having your own personal online assistant who can go through all the best designers and give you the clothes that you are looking for, whether it’s a top quality set of Yoga pants or new tops for the gym. There’s so much that you can choose from, and members actually go through simple quizzes when they join to help the site recommend what you want to have.


Kate Hudson is the main face for the brand, and she is so proud to be able to stand in as the head of the company. She works in conjunction with the owner of the company, but she definitely is known for being the head face of it because of how often she represents the brand. With already millions of users, Kate is still very hands on with the company coming in for meetings every single month and always being on top of things to ensure that the company is doing what it needs to do. Kate is such a beautiful woman who truly understands and sees the meaning behind her work. She spends plenty of time working on advertising and marketing for the company utilizing her celebrity status in a way that is effective and powerful.


Fabletics wants to help YOU get the clothes you want and save money doing so. They are always here to open up new suggestions and recommendations, but it all starts with the FREE quiz. Joining the company means they want to see what kind of activities you are into and what you are looking for. This simple quiz can help them define what they can best recommend to you and help you find everything.

Fabletics Opens New Retail Locations And Increases Sales

Given the success of the online retail business, Fabletics has decided to open up new retail locations so that more people can have access to the products. While shopping online is something that is convenient for some people, there are still tons of people that would rather shop in stores and buy the items from the stores. There are also people that love to do a combination of both. Fabletics is now making efforts to make both channels available to the customers. This business decision and move has proven to be very profitable for the company. This allows them to look at other means of expansion.

One thing that Gregg Thompson, the president of retail has noticed is that the customers are very fond of the experience. This has turned out to be a very wise move in order to make the retailer available as both an online store and a physical location. This allows people to shop in a multitude of ways on which include finding a product, trying it on to feel the fabric and other aspects of the clothing. They also get to find out which size fits them and how it looks on them. Afterwards, they could buy the product online.

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Since Fabletics has turned out to be a hit, they have decided that they are going to open up a lot more retail locations throughout the next couple of years. This is so a growing number of people can get the unique experience that is offered. Fabletics is also expanding to include a men’s line of clothing. Fabletics itself has expanded from JustFab as an answer to the issue of the limited selection of styles in many clothing retail stores.

This Marie Claire interview shows why they have become one of the most successful online retailers. There are also other retailers that are considering opening up a set of physical locations in order to accompany the online experience. Fabletics is definitely looking to expand in some of the busiest malls of the market.

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Keeping Your Lips Kissable Smooth

There is nothing worse than dry, cracked, and flaking lips. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it may make some people feel self-conscious. Luckily, it isn’t difficult or expensive to keep lips moisturized and smooth. A simple lip balm can make a world of difference.

Choosing a lip balm can be overwhelming because there are just SO MANY options. The best lip balms are the ones with the most natural ingredients. Look for things like Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and nourishing oils like Coconut, Jojoba, or Avocado. Evolution of Smooth, or EOS lip balm contains Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and Jojoba. It also contains no parabens or petroleum, making it a more natural choice. Since lip balm is applied to one of the most sensitive areas of the body, it is very important to be confident that it will not cause a bad reaction. While everybody’s body reacts differently, looking for a lip balm that is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested can drastically reduce the chances of having a bad reaction. EOS is one brand that can guarantee all of their lip balms are held to these standards.

While ingredients and certifications are the most important thing to look at in choosing a lip balm, it is also worth thinking about the application options for the lip balm. EOS has a variety of application options for their Walmart customers. One of the most popular is the sphere applicators which are exactly what they sound like. A plastic sphere with a twist top holds an egg shaped balm which can be applied directly or using your finger. The sphere comes in Perfectly Smooth varieties and Organic varieties.

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Giving Into Our Lazy Girl Side

For too long have we been waiting for a fashion trend that lets us dress comfortably while also being body flattering and fashionable. That is exactly what is being offered by online active fashion company Fabletics. Co-founded by actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics offers a new way of being the lazy girl. In a recent interview done by Marie Claire Magazine at, Hudson describes her line of new active dresses and versatile bikini wear.

When asked what made Hudson want to create a line of active dresses, Hudson explains that their goal was to keep the active girl casual. Athleisure wear works wherever you are, whether it is a date night, out on the town or just hanging out with your girlfriends. The dresses are made out of the same material that Fabletics activewear is made out of, providing comfort and easy movability. Because the dresses are made with the same material as the active wear is, when wearing the dress, everything will be sucked in, giving your body a smoother look and allows for the ease of going braless or just wearing a simple sports bra.

The new bathing suit designs of My Subscription Addiction are designed to allow you to be active in your bathing suit without the hassle of body parts falling out. Doing yoga on the beach or playing a fun game of volleyball is now possible with these bathing suits. Being comfortable and able to move freely while also being super stylish is a must have in a bathing suit. Bikini tops are now versatile and act as sports bras when not in the water.

Fabletics is promoting health and fitness with their line of clothing. With new styles each month, Fabletics provides a way for women everywhere to be active in their daily life while also being affordable.

Each month comes with limited edition prints and is specially picked out by stylist based on your fashion personality which is determined by taking a short quiz from their website at