Graeme Holm: A Financial Management Guru

Australia has produced a lot of successful entrepreneurs who managed to change the world. One of them is Graeme Holm, who is known as the founder of the Infinity Group Australia. He has been in the financial services sector for more than 17 years, and he stated that his career continues to grow more than a decade after he started. He is considered as an excellent businessman with an impressive background, and he was able to secure accreditations for the companies that he worked with in the past. He used to work for businesses which are in the financial and real estate industries, and he learned a lot about how to manage a business effectively after working for these companies.



Throughout his career, Graeme Holm has spent more than a decade working for a bank, but he grew tired of working repetitively, so he decided to quit his job and establish a new business. The establishment of the Infinity Group Australia is a dream come true for Graeme Holm because he has been thinking about it for some time, but he is being hindered in creating his own business by negative thoughts stating that he would not make it big. He dismissed all of the negativities inside his mind and continued with his decision to run his own business. He established the Infinity Group Australia and focused on becoming a firm that offers financial management services.



One of his inspirations in establishing a financial management services firm is the report stating that a lot of Australians are in debt and many could not manage their finances effectively. He wanted to help the people get out of debt, and through his company, he was able to help hundreds of people who have been struggling in the past because of their debts. His previous clients have been thanking him and his company because of their effective approach to eliminating debt and changing the lives of so many people who have felt hopeless after they have mismanaged their finances. The Infinity Group Australia managed to become one of the most reputable companies in the country, and the number of their clients continues to increase.



To help an individual who is having issues with his or her finances, Graeme Holm’s first step would be getting a list from their client indicating their monthly income and expenses. From the information given to them, he can formulate a way on how they could help the client. The first thing that the company does would be giving the client a list of items that they would need for a whole month, and advise them to strictly follow the budget and limit their urge to buy something that they won’t need. Most of the time, the majority of the money made by their clients are going to expenses like food and gasoline. Next would be the management of their debts, and Infinity Group Australia manages to clear off their debt by encouraging their clients to be more disciplined and prioritize paying their debts. Just this year, the company managed to help a client who has $90,000 in debt.

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