Nitin Khanna’s Research on The Benefits of Cannabis Components

Recent studies have shown that CBD oil has beneficial effects for individuals with epilepsy, chronic pain and skin conditions. Under current testing, is the effects CBD has on psychological disorders like anxiety and PTSD. Although it has not been determined to be medically beneficial, they are in the testing process of the effects it does have. Nitin Khanna is the CEO of Merger Tech, which is an industry that’s main focus is to find the true benefits to cannabis and all of its components like CBD oil. Nitin Khanna has become extremely focused on what this plants has to offer and makes sure that doctors have all the tools necessary to see if it can be helpful to their patients.

At this point in time, there are 104 known cannabinoids with the cannabis plant. The two most familiar being TCH and CBD. As TCH is known for its psychotropic effects, CBD oil only gives a user health benefits such as pain relief and minimal seizures for those with a seizure disorder. Although cannabis advocates and users enjoy the THC effects, medical researches are becoming very interested in what the other 103 components in the plant has to offer. At the moment their main focus is to use components like CBD to help with seizure disorders and even acne.

With all the recorded information at Nitin Khanna’s office, his main goal is to help patients receive the best possible care and treatments without the stigma of the government standing in the way of his progress. In 2014, Nitin  Khanna started investing in the research of Cannabis and has not taken a break from his research on the plant. Where is main thoughts are the old school ways and treatment of cannabis, his views on the plant are nothing but extraordinary and old-fashioned which what the world of cannabis needs.

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Article Title: Bhanu Choudhrie, The Alpha Group Boss

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Bhanu Choudhrie is the founder and CEO of Alpha Group and his contribution to society through this business model consists in helping people to grow their money and businesses to exceptional levels. Whether the company is in a market that exists already or is in a new trending market Alpha Group will most certainly help these people become financially free from the expense column that ensues most failing business. Follow For start up companies Alpha Group typically helps these people by being their backer while the company makes efforts to push themselves into profitability and to stay afloat in the market. They also help those who may be struggling because they need a turn around to happen for their survival and eventual thriving. Alpha Group also helps business owners who may not desire to take as much business risk and instead begin the process to make steady growth based in mid to long term investments in the real estate market. Their business is based in India and the man behind the business is so successful because he takes a well informed approach to business overall. Bhanu Choudhrie is a continual learner and believes wholly that the reason for growth of any sort is because of education and the application of that education in the real world. An example of his model is when he himself went into the University of Harvard in order to refine and sharpen his already earned business acumen. He already attended a university to earn his business degree previously but his arrival to Harvard is testimony to his axiom that learning keeps people on the ball in business. He believes that by pushing himself educationally he is able to keep up to date with things concerning the world of economics and money. Bhanu Choudhrie describes the things that he learned while being a student at Harvard. Just getting in was difficult for him but once he did get in he went through a significant culture shock. Bhanu Choudhrie was used to the high life of being the boss of Alpha Group and people trying to kiss up to him to get a raise but inside the confines of Harvard University no one kissed up him and no one cared that he already had an established business practice. Read more on

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Bhanu Choudhrie’s Career Highlight

Bhanu Choudhrie is the current Executive Director at C&C Alpha Group Ltd. He took up this position in 2001 and has been at the firm for almost two decades. Choudhrie attended the University of Boston and graduated with a degree in Business Marketing.

C&C Alpha Group Ltd is an investment firm whose primary area of specialization is the property market, something that evident in its portfolio. The firm has several properties under its name the most notable ones being award-winning spas that are located in India and Mauritius. While C&C’s portfolio is filled with commercial properties, the firm has numerous care homes in its investment portfolio. Most of the firm’s care homes are found in the United Kingdom. Read more

Bhanu Choudhrie was named the Entrepreneur of the year back in 2008 at the Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards. In this post, we are going to highlight the interesting talking points from Choudhrie’s recent interview in which he discussed C&C Alpha Group investment positions.

During the interview, Bhanu Choudhrie was asked to mention his hero in the business world. His answer came as a surprise to the interviewer as he stated that he didn’t have a specific hero. Upon clarification of his position, Choudhrie noted that since every entrepreneur is a hero since each of them is unique in a different or particular way, whether it’s a matter between Virgin Group of Company’s Richard Branson or the renowned businessman of our age Warren Buffet. When cornered to at least provide one hero, Choudrie said that his ideal hero in the business world would be all entrepreneurs merged to create a single individual; this was one of the interview’s lighter moments.

When talking business, Bhanu Choudhrie made it clear that C&C Group Limited will be pushing to expand its portfolio in the hotel and hospitality market. Besides, he discussed the firm’s recent plans to dive deeper into charity works something that’s evident from C&C’s investment in the creation of an Education Foundation. Choudhrie also stated that he is embarking on a similar charity mission, his objective being to give back to society while supporting various charitable causes across the globe.


Brian Torchin’s HCRC Makes Staffing Easy

Finding quality medical practitioners is not easy; this being the case Brian Torchin decided to establish an enterprise whose objective is to staff institutions in the healthcare industry. Brian is a reputable and accomplished chiropractor who has been in the medical industry for more than a decade. While Brian has been highly regarded within the medical circles, he gained mainstream popularity after he established (HCRC) Health Care Recruitment Counselors.

Most medical institutions confess to spending a lot of time searching for medical personnel. To fix this problem, HCRC was established with an objective to help health institutions save time while meeting their staffing needs. To make hiring a seamless process, the Health Care Recruitment Counselors go an extra mile by interviewing the promising prospects. If the prospect passes the interview while also meeting the qualifications required, then HCRC will redirect the candidate to the medical firm that is hiring. Visit to find out more jobs opening.

Torchin graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Exercise Science. Brian also studied at New York Chiropractic College. Currently, he is the CEO of HCRC staffing which he established in 2007. In an aim to give back to his community, Brian has based his operations in Philadelphia. Chiropractic is a type of alternative medicine that specializes in both diagnosis and treatment of mechanical related ailments. Chiropractic professionals help people suffering from joint pains, back pains and even neck pains.

Since Brian Torchin is an experienced chiropractor, his understanding and expertise in the field allow HCRC to offer chiropractic positions. Therefore, firms looking for chiropractors ought to seek the services of HCRC, and they are guaranteed to receive highly skilled and reputable chiropractors.

Other than offering professionals in the medical industry, HCRC offers numerous different positions across various fields that include legal work, public relations, nursing, engineering among many more. Find out more:

The Best Private Jet Booking App by Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is an innovator, an inventor, and a tech-savvy individual who has made his name one of the most prominent names in Information Technology. Sergey Petrossov has changed the way private aircrafts get booked forever – from the brick-and-mortar manual approach to booking private aircrafts, to a more technological and more modern approach. Sergey Petrossov, with his Information Technology background and his experience serving as a private jet operator in South Florida – he created a friendly online application that serves as a platform for consumers to book their top rated private jet operators and order their flights with ease.


Sergey Petrossov’s application, JetSmarter, was first released in 2012 to a closed, experimental group of jet travelers. His app garnered great reviews and had a growing online presence in the mobile application market. He then proceeded to develop the application further and turned JetSmarter into a fully functional application. Sergey Petrossov collaborated with a multitude of vendors and he recruited a focus group with an overly extensive experience in private air travel to make sure that JetSmarter was the perfect application for booking private jet travels. When everything was polished and the application was already smoothly operating, he released the application to the public market in March of 2013.


JetSmarter has its own Safety Audit committee which is focused on making sure that all the procedures of the operators of the program are safe and up to standard. JetSmarter is officially partnered with operators with a Wyvern Wingman recognition or an ARG / US Gold or Platinum Safety rating. All these ratings can be viewed in the application while you are booking to make sure that the aircraft is safe to board.


Sergey Petrossov uses his application personally. He books about 3-4 times a month through his application, for domestic and international flights. He has visited more than 30 countries with his application and he has deemed New York and Hong Kong as one of the best travel destinations.


Sergey Petrossov says that JetSmarter is the best way to travel, with your personal VIP configured Boeing BBJ or Airbus ACJ. For more information, you can visit their site at – and download JetSmarter now to travel with style.


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Michael Nierenberg Via The Mode That He Has Applied In The Managerial Field

Michael Nierenberg through the skills of the leadership that he has portrayed to the public marks the fact that he is among the few people who have mastered the area of administration. He is one of the dedicated people who has achieved a lot within a short period. The dedication that Michael Nierenberg has set in a position elevated him to the place where he manages Global Mortgages and Securitized Products.

The factor that has made him achieve a lot within a short period is the experience that he has on the matters regarding management. Michael Nierenberg through the resilience that he has shown and the expertise of the issues of leadership has made him be one of the managers who can handle the severe problems of management with ease.

This is the factor that has set him at the top of the management list. The main form of leadership that he has applied in the sector of management include the dynamism and issues of innovation. The team of experts that are running the departments of the company has the vast knowledge to handle different matters and fix the problem whenever they arise. Michael Nierenberg believes that technology is the way to go for the company to achieve its goals in the market.

Michael Nierenberg via the mode that he has applied in the managerial field shows his wits on the matters of professionalism. There are a lot of the changes that he has made as the leader in the organization. For instance, he has integrated the junior team to the issues of management within the company. Most of the known firms across the world have tried their best ways to lure him to fall into their managerial field. Additionally, Michael Nierenberg has gained support from most of the companies’ management.

Nierenberg has proved through his wits that he has the potential and abilities to push for the matters of management in various areas. He is one of the great leaders who has made tremendous changes in the sector of management. He is currently one of the managers at New Residential Investment Corp and the leading people at the foundation of Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation.

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Alex Hern And His Work

Alex Hern

Alex Hern is a businessman that is located in San Diego but that is only where his main office, in fact, he is rarely there. The reason for that is because his job is to travel the world helping other companies with the technology world they used in order to increase productivity and to help companies get off the ground.

For the companies that he helps to get off the ground, he will actually stay with that company for a good portion of his working time until that company is not only off the ground but thriving with a good direction to go in for the future. This service is great for owners that don’t have the confidence or just don’t know what they need to do for everything at the start but tech expert Alex spends the time teaching the owners so that they are sufficient in the future and will be able to grow the business.

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Michael Nierenberg Focuses on the Success of His Company

Michael Nierenberg knows what it’s like to be successful. He spent a lot of time learning about how to help his clients and doing everything he could to make his business as successful as possible. Michael Nierenberg also knew there were things that would help him succeed that other people didn’t really focus on when they were working on things on their own. As long as he was in business, he knew he could focus on the investment opportunities that would allow people to succeed more than they did in the past. It was also his goal to keep showing people what they could do with their own money so they didn’t have to worry about where they were going to make more of it from. Michael Nierenberg believed in creating positive investment plans for all his clients so he could make it easier for them to see what they were going to get out of the business.

Changes are an important part of any investment company, but that’s even more true for businesses like New Residential Investment Corporation. Michael Nierenberg knew what people were able to get out of the business and he pushed to make it easier for them to see what they needed. It was also his goal to always show people how they could try things that would make the company better for their own opportunities. Between his work with the company and his capabilities with investments, Michael Nierenberg knew what it took to get where he wanted to go.

Michael Nierenberg also felt good about what he told his clients to invest in. Since he spent so much time working as an investor and learning about different investments, he was making the most out of everything he did for the company. He also spent a lot of time coming up with positive experiences for everyone. The clients needed someone who knew what they could do and who wanted to give more people the chances they needed for success. As long as he worked hard to give people what they wanted, Michael Nierenberg felt good about his work.

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Robert Deignan on The Process of Omnichannels

Robert Deignan offers been developing his knowledge in the technology sector for more than twenty years. Deignan réceived his bachelor’s level in Business Administration from Purdue Univérsity in 1995. The moment he managed to graduate fróm Purdue University hé started spending so much time to build up his own companiés.

Within 3 years after graduation fróm university, Robert Déignan co-founded FanIink. Through this vénture, this individual started to build up his currently Large interest in technology. He also obtained required éxperience with customer support, the knowledge that could afterward serve its purpose.

3 years following his có-founding of FanIink, Robert Deignan started his, the professional vicé leader óf iS3 Inc. Very much as with Fanlink, at iS3 Deignan was specialized in raising his understanding and improving his abilities. The cómpany, which offered a number of technical needs, provided Déignan the abilities that would be necessary for him to begin his fresh cómpany.

Since you cán see out of this content, as being a successful customer care agent is really as very much regarding being technically savvy since it is about focusing on how to offer with people. In the end, compared to coping with angry, impatient, ánd discouraged customers, resolving an elaborate issue with á pc is usually a walk in the recreation area. And, being truly a successful agent implies that you’re consistently building brand collateral with every single call.

Nevertheless, in the event that you feel want you have got á methods to go before you successfully apply some of the strategies mentioned in this post, don’t wórry. We frequently underestimate how much difficulty it really is to build up thé abilities would have to be an all-stár customer care agent. However, the advantages of developing those abilities for your brand are challenging to overestimate. Furthermore, it’s quite possible to grasp almost everything we stated in this post each and every dáy, over time. All you need to do is usually absorb what is heading upon during éach of your phone calls.

Adam Milstein has great hopes in the young generation

One of the modern challenges that face the Jewish people is a movement known as boycott divestment and sanctions. This is a movement whose main aim is to eradicate the Jewish people and the State of Israel from the face of the earth. They are also working on a strategy of bringing a division between the Jews living in the Middle East and those in the diaspora. They have a keen interest in alienating the Jewish Americans with Jews in the Middle East. According to pro-Jewish activists Adam Milstein, this scenario needs for stern action to be taken right now. What is needed is great leadership from the Jewish people living in the diaspora to ensure that the effects of this movement do not trickle down to the people and achieve the objectives of the enemies of the community.

Jewish people have in the past benefited from strong leaders such as Golda Meir and Ben-Gurion who stood strong and defended the community in the face of challenges. Adam Milstein believes these are the same kind of leaders that the Jewish community in both America and the Middle East need going forward. These leaders who should lead the community in fighting anti-Semitism while uniting the community together.

Adam Milstein says that he is optimistic that the community will rise and defeat the challenges that they face. He sees our generation of young Jews who are ready to defend the identity no matter what it takes. He is working closely with the young generation with the intention of creating the future leaders of the community. The young people he’s interacting with are passionate, hardworking, and innovative and are ready to meet the challenges of modern times. He’s happy that his organization, the Israeli American Council is making an impact in the minds of the Jewish people living in the diaspora.

Adam Milstein says that he sees the young generation bridging the gap that exists between Israeli and Americas and working on a common goal of uniting the community. Adam Milstein believes that the current young generation needs to be supported so that the community can have courageous leaders in the future. A proud Jew will stand up and defend his or her heritage and identity. To fight for this, one needs first to understand the history and origin of the community.