George Soros Proposal on the Ukraine and Europe Stalemate

As a result of the operational faults in the European Union, the European establishments have been caught many crises. According to George Soros, the European Union is currently confronting at least four crunches. These are the euro, Greece migration, British referendum on whether to remain in the European Union, which are internal, and the Russian hostility against Ukraine that is external. All these crises seem to strengthen one another, making the authorities to be overwhelmed.

The above incidents cannot be definitely solved at the same time according to George Soros. He maintains that some of the crises need to be accorded special treatment, nevertheless, without overlooking the others. According to Soros, Ukraine issue need to be given top priority. He asserts his position on the fact that the internal issues in the EU are likely to be gearing towards splitting of the union into debtor and creditor nations. On the contrary, handling the case of Russian aggression to Ukraine is likely to unite the EU.

George Soros Ukraine goes ahead to state that new Ukraine is resolute to becoming the contrary of the ancient Ukraine. According to Soros, the old Ukraine shared common features with old Greece, which did not indicate any signs of reforming. This is because the economy was subjugated by oligarchs together with a governmental class that misused its position for private achievements instead of providing services to the public.

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Soros stresses on the fact that new Ukraine, on the contrary, is enthused by the spirit of the Maidan rebellion that took place in February 2014, which was aimed at radically improving the nation. Therefore, by considering Ukraine as a second class Ukraine, which is not part of the EU, Europe is in fact creating a danger of turning back the new Ukraine nation to the old Ukraine. This would be one of the biggest mistake since new Ukraine is one of the greatest strength that Europe has, especially as a strategy in repelling the Russian aggression and upholding the solidarity spirit within the European Union as it was initially.

George Soros confirms that he is definite about his argument on the Ukraine matter because of his close acquaintance with the new Ukraine affairs that he acquired from his foundation and his personal association with the nation. In the beginning of 2015, Soros came up with a winning strategy for Ukraine that was circulated among European authorities. According to Soros, in as much as sanctioning Russia is necessary, President Putin has already calculated the whole situation to defend himself. Soros says Putin will explain that Russian economic and political troubles are as a result of the antagonism of the Western nations, who intend to negate Russia its just position in the world.

Soros proposes a winning plan to the EU, which is to offer financial assistance to Ukraine both in the private and public sector. In addition to the drastic economic and political reforms in Ukraine, many investors will head to Ukraine. This will instigate many people in Russia to demand similar reforms in the nation, a situation that Putin would not want and is the main reason why he has worked hard to destabilize new Ukraine. In applying this strategy, Russia will have been dealt with to focus on its internal issues and the EU will have an opportunity to focus on other matters.

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