Get Huge College Savings Offers Today

PRN Newswire has did an extensive article on the largest growing financial institution in the industry. NexBank pioneers are one of the superior financial institutions that allows their customers to save big for college. College Savings Bank is based in New Jersey and currently offers over 7,700+ programs to their customers. You get extended savings programs offered by the acquisition between NexBank and College Savings. You can say goodbye to huge debt with student loans and the rising costs of tuition.

NexBank Offers Their Customers

– IRA accounts
– Mortgage accounts
– 24/7 customer service
– Free deposit

Dallas based Habitat For Humanity has allowed their customers to achieve home ownership like never before. NexBank customers have a financially responsible bank backing them up that offers a fixed interest rate and a monthly mortgage that you can afford. You can live in your dream home and say goodbye to that nasty landlord. Find out more about quality NexBank mortgage accounts today.

If you decide that you want to buy a car you have the option of joining the car buying program that will give you easy to afford monthly loan installments. Thousands of people have trusted the car buying program with NexBank and now drive their dream car. When you not sure what services will work for you speak to a friendly customer service professional for more details. They are their to answer your questions, help you with your account, or assist you with opening a new account with NexBank. Visit their website for more details today and save more than ever on college and more.

Trusted Dallas Bank to Provide Home Loans to Low-Income Families

NexBank announced in September that it will partner with Dallas Neighborhood Homes to bring affordable housing to Southern Dallas. NexBank provides commercial banking, mortgage and investment services, but expands its mission through this newly announced partnership [2]. NexBank also plans to pay for closing costs up to $2,000 per loan. This aligns with NexBank’s mission to provide uncommon value at any opportunity. With help from Dallas Neighborhood Homes and the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, NexBank has welcomed the opportunity to help lower-income families improve their living situations through home ownership.

Dallas Neighborhood Homes is a nonprofit mortgage banker. It is a state-licensed banker and was founded by the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity to bring affordable loans to a diverse Dallas community. Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity will council recipients of the loans on financial management to help impoverished families improve their financial health and quality of life.

Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity’s Mark Tribuna, Senior VP of Mortgage Operations, expressed gratitude to NexBank for helping to make home ownership more accessible to low income families. North Texas has home ownership rates well below the national average, but Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, Dallas Neighborhood Homes, and NexBank will work to change this statistic.

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