Lincolnshire Management Exits Holley Performance Products

Lincolnshire Management has held quite a few investments over the past few years. Perhaps one of the most notable of these has been Holley Performance Products. Holley was founded in 1903 and has since gone on to become a leader in the automotive performance product market. Lincolnshire Management invested in the company in 2013, noting that it was quite a significant investment opportunity. Now, the private equity firm has announced that it has sold its interest in the company to an affiliate of Sentinel Capital Partners. It was also announced that Holley Performance Products would be merged with Driven Performance Brands. Other transaction terms haven’t been released.

T.J. Maloney, Chairman, and CEO of Lincolnshire Management, noted the product portfolio that Holley Performance Products had access to. This included the likes of Hays, Mallory, Earls, Quick Fuel Technologies and DiabloSport, among much more. This was of a significant interest to Lincolnshire Management. Also of note was the automotive performance company’s management team. Since partnering with the company, Lincolnshire Management was able to triple revenues and quadruple earnings over five years. This was something that Ben Bartlett, a Principal at Lincolnshire Management noted invested a considerable success for both companies.

Lincolnshire Management also noted that Holley Performance Products had developed quite a considerable reputation over the past century. Throughout this time, it cultivated a strong relationship with customers across the industry. This was something that Lincolnshire Management was able to capitalize on. Bartlett also noted that Holley Performance Products has been able to successfully navigate a variety of different challenges and evolving customer preferences during that time.

President and CEO of Holley Performance Products Tom Tomlinson noted that Lincolnshire Management had a considerable impact on the company in the past five years. One of the most notable of these has been that it increased investment in new product development and pursued an aggressive acquisition strategy during that time. He also noted that Lincolnshire Management brought a considerable amount of knowledge to the industry. Lincolnshire Management also helped Holley Performance Products to successfully navigate a range of different challenges during their investment period. This was something Tomlinson noted when Lincolnshire Management divested from the company.

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Nitin Khanna’s Research on The Benefits of Cannabis Components

Recent studies have shown that CBD oil has beneficial effects for individuals with epilepsy, chronic pain and skin conditions. Under current testing, is the effects CBD has on psychological disorders like anxiety and PTSD. Although it has not been determined to be medically beneficial, they are in the testing process of the effects it does have. Nitin Khanna is the CEO of Merger Tech, which is an industry that’s main focus is to find the true benefits to cannabis and all of its components like CBD oil. Nitin Khanna has become extremely focused on what this plants has to offer and makes sure that doctors have all the tools necessary to see if it can be helpful to their patients.

At this point in time, there are 104 known cannabinoids with the cannabis plant. The two most familiar being TCH and CBD. As TCH is known for its psychotropic effects, CBD oil only gives a user health benefits such as pain relief and minimal seizures for those with a seizure disorder. Although cannabis advocates and users enjoy the THC effects, medical researches are becoming very interested in what the other 103 components in the plant has to offer. At the moment their main focus is to use components like CBD to help with seizure disorders and even acne.

With all the recorded information at Nitin Khanna’s office, his main goal is to help patients receive the best possible care and treatments without the stigma of the government standing in the way of his progress. In 2014, Nitin  Khanna started investing in the research of Cannabis and has not taken a break from his research on the plant. Where is main thoughts are the old school ways and treatment of cannabis, his views on the plant are nothing but extraordinary and old-fashioned which what the world of cannabis needs.

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How To Make Money With Organo Gold

Organo Gold has been making waves over the past few years as one of the more successful network marketing companies across the globe. Much of this has been down to the fact that the company has focused on offering people new levels of balance, freedom, and well-being. This is offered to both their Independent Distributors, as well as their customers; much of this has been accomplished through their premium products and relatively innovative business opportunities.

This has led many people to wonder how they can make money with Organo Gold; having said that, the answer is relatively simple. This is because the company offers Distributors a somewhat unique compensation plan that actively rewards individuals for their commitment and hard work. Through selling products on behalf of the company, Distributors are eligible for a certain portion of those sales. However, Organo Gold offers an extensive amount of support for each of its Distributors to ensure that they can be as successful as possible.

This is in contrast to many other network marketing companies who merely sell products to their Distributors and wish them luck. Speaking of products, Organo Gold has offered a wide range of different items across a few significant niches. Chief among these have been Health & Wellness, Personal Care, Body Management and, of course, Beverages. All of these are highly successful among many markets, and a significant few have sold extremely well in a variety of different countries. Coupled with the backing that Organo Gold offers, then Distributors are set up for success.

Michael Nierenberg and excess mortgage servicing rights

Over the years, Michael Nierenberg has been deeply invested in excess mortgage servicing rights. He’s come up with harrowing feats of groundbreaking work and leadership as a powerful name in the residential mortgage loan investment market by way of his position as the board chairman, president and CEO of New Residential Investment Corp.

Usually, Investment managers have to seek out assets that aren’t worth as much. Long-term connections with companies are essential to an MSR and New Residential went and acquired roughly $114 billion worth of MSRs.

Given the benefits such as the potential to generate an incredible amount of money and the difficulty to replicate MSR assets and their limitations which include fragile business connections hindering MSRs, an experienced mind would be required. Cue Michael Nierenberg. He has constantly been on the search for inventive ways to keep the residential financing market thrilling with New Residential Investment Corp.

Investors have typically avoided residential mortgage-backed securities given their problems such as changes in interest rate and trouble with assets but Michael Nierenberg has been advantageous in his approach to them.

Given the five great obstacles that RMBS investment can present, never is it a simple task to handle each and every situation. Regardless of this though, New Residential has managed to come up with a few ways to combat those difficulties. Maintaining an active portfolio is key to helping resolve these issues. This helps to brace for unforeseen circumstances, being forced to buy assets from some investors, shifting portfolio and restricting investments at the right time.

Michael Nierenberg has made leaps and bounds in his financial career when taking advantage of opportunities in investments and applying his deep understanding of residential mortgages. During his tenure at Merrill Lynch, he was known as one of the most talented and respected people in the business of mortgage. From 2013, he held his position as CEO and President of New Residential Investment Corp and Chairman of the board from 2016.

The progress that Sussex Healthcare is making in the healthcare field

Sussex Healthcare has worked hard over the year to ensure that they come up with an open communication channel. The channel is efficient speedily and accurate in transmitting the administration information horizontally, to the customers and vertically. It has been of help at Sussex in relocating the care needs that customers need and come up with ways that they can address them. By use of the channel then it’s easy for customers and employees to settle the changes that might occur during the management operations course.

Also, when it comes to the team that they hire and train they are careful in ensuring that the team is qualified. Ideally, if any changes will take place in the company, then the staffs will be involved in determining the changes to take place. By doing so, productivity is increased, and employees at the company make good of the resources. Together with the Sussex Healthcare stakeholders they coming together to ensure that the medical, management and technological changes are settled. The motto that the company uses is that “If we change nothing, nothing will change.” For more information about Sussex, view their organization at Crunchbase.

They have gained the reputation of offering the best place for the elderly and the ailing. From the time it was established, Sussex Healthcare has worked hard to be able to provide the best and be the best in the field. The main focus for the company is that through everything they offer their services with integrity, employees are satisfied, and the hospital environment is hospitable. If the employees are provided with the best working condition, then they will in return offer the best to the customers. That’s the reason why Sussex Healthcare have been run for years through continuous development. Recently they made measure to ensure that they offer nothing but the best to customers for years to come.

Sussex Healthcare has been offering its services as a privately held company. In 1998 that’s when the company was founded. The main area of specialty is that they provide the elderly, the disabled and ailing people with a place they can call home. They ensure that the people in the center live a life that’s meaningful and purposeful no matter their condition.



Agera Financial

Agera Energy: Choosing The Right Energy Company For Your Needs

Agera Energy is a top-rated energy supplier in the United States. The company supplies electricity and natural gas to both residential and commercial customers and a range of different powering options.

If you are on the lookout for an energy or power supplier, it is extremely important to do your research. Perhaps you want to find a company that will help you to save money on your energy bills. Maybe you want to sign up with a company that offers the best rates in the industry.

There’s competition among energy companies and it’s imperative that you go with a company that has an established history of rendering outstanding service to customers.

When it comes to selecting the right energy supply company for your needs, it’s crucial to consider the reputation of the company. Reputable companies have numerous customers who rave about their services and rates. You’ll also want to shop for various suppliers based on things like rate, billing options, customer service, and product strategy.

Agera Energy is one of the leading energy companies in the industry. This renowned company has been in business since 2014 and is highly reliable. The company has a team of knowledgeable professionals and has systems in place to ensure a pleasant customer experience.

It is recommended that you take the time to examine their offers so that you can make an informed decision. It is a good idea to visit their website and see why so many choose Agera Energy.

Brian Torchin’s HCRC Makes Staffing Easy

Finding quality medical practitioners is not easy; this being the case Brian Torchin decided to establish an enterprise whose objective is to staff institutions in the healthcare industry. Brian is a reputable and accomplished chiropractor who has been in the medical industry for more than a decade. While Brian has been highly regarded within the medical circles, he gained mainstream popularity after he established (HCRC) Health Care Recruitment Counselors.

Most medical institutions confess to spending a lot of time searching for medical personnel. To fix this problem, HCRC was established with an objective to help health institutions save time while meeting their staffing needs. To make hiring a seamless process, the Health Care Recruitment Counselors go an extra mile by interviewing the promising prospects. If the prospect passes the interview while also meeting the qualifications required, then HCRC will redirect the candidate to the medical firm that is hiring. Visit to find out more jobs opening.

Torchin graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Exercise Science. Brian also studied at New York Chiropractic College. Currently, he is the CEO of HCRC staffing which he established in 2007. In an aim to give back to his community, Brian has based his operations in Philadelphia. Chiropractic is a type of alternative medicine that specializes in both diagnosis and treatment of mechanical related ailments. Chiropractic professionals help people suffering from joint pains, back pains and even neck pains.

Since Brian Torchin is an experienced chiropractor, his understanding and expertise in the field allow HCRC to offer chiropractic positions. Therefore, firms looking for chiropractors ought to seek the services of HCRC, and they are guaranteed to receive highly skilled and reputable chiropractors.

Other than offering professionals in the medical industry, HCRC offers numerous different positions across various fields that include legal work, public relations, nursing, engineering among many more. Find out more:

Flavio Maluf, CEO of Eucatex

FlávioMaluf was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He rocketed to success in his lifetime, taking over as CEO of Eucatex, a company that specializes in environmentally friendly products. Before taking over Eucatex in 1997, Maluf worked for such businesses as Citicorp and GrandFood Group, gaining valuable work experience. It was this experience that made him suitable to take over Eucatex and to bring it into the 21st century.

First and foremost, Eucatex is ecologically conscious. Under Maluf’s supervision, the first factory in Latin America that has an attached recycling plant was built. It turns wood debris into energy, helping to power the factory and nearby buildings. Originally, Eucatex manufactured building materials made out of eucalyptus, and made a name for themselves that way. Since Flávio took over as the CEO, the company has expanded their range of products.

Simultaneously, Maluf is the chairman of the GrandFood Group, where he worked as a young adult. The GrandFood Group produces the majority of pet food sold in Brazil, thanks to Maluf’s cunning intellect. He sensed that pet ownership was on the rise in Brazil and put priority on making quality pet food. Sure enough, Brazilians now own more than 26 million cats and 57 million dogs. Those numbers are expected to go up in the years to come, making sure that the GrandFood Group will continue to have a large client base. Since GrandFood products are environmentally friendly and provide better health benefits for pets than other Brazilian food suppliers, they’ve come out on top in sales and consumer recognition time and time again.

These are merely two examples of FlávioMaluf’s branded business brilliance, and how he manages to make various companies operate much more efficiently. Having revolutionized the pet food, recycling, energy, and manufacturing industries, one has towonder what FlávioMaluf will do next!



Entrepreneur Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is a marketing expert with much experience and knowledge in the marketing sector. His passion and creativity led to the inception of KOI IXS which he runs as its Chief Executive Officer. Edwin Miranda came up with the idea to create this marketing agency when he was 21 years old.

He envisioned a platform that would help businesses sell their brands efficiently. This is what KOI IXS has turned out to be, a marketing agency that connects businesses with consumers. It is involved in marketing that is performance-based and future-oriented.

KOL IXS has a pool of creative designers and talented strategists that have significantly steered its growth and expansion. Edwin Miranda exhibits great management capabilities and skill in leading the KOI IXS professional team.

In a recent interview, Edwin Miranda discusses the importance of predictive marketing. He highlights the need for enterprises to take up this marketing strategy. Its ability to help in analyzing and forecasting future trends in the markets makes it an ideal tool for marketing.

Edwin Miranda has developed a culture of goal setting. He sets long term, medium term and short term goals that he regularly reviews to gauge his progress. This practice has contributed significantly to his personal and career growth. Edwin Miranda also advises entrepreneurs to invest in modern technology.

He understands that technology is imperative in delivering efficient services to customers. KOI IXS has proved to be a unique agency due to its integration of technology with its operations. As an entrepreneur, Edwin Miranda has experienced failures in business.

However, his setbacks have not deterred him from achieving his business goals. His resilience and determination paved the way for his breakthrough in the business world. Edwin Miranda uses his skills to empower young entrepreneurs in marketing sector.

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Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is a marketing expert that has recently taken over a young marketing company in Florida. Although the company is young thanks to the leadership of Edwin it is already a global force that is changing how marketing works. For a long while a lot of larger companies have always found it more beneficial to have their own marketing department. The reason that most large companies would do this is because most marketing companies just aren’t able to keep up with a larger company that is all over the country. But on the other hand small companies would struggle to afford the marketing companies that provided them services especially when they weren’t seeing the return in which they felt they should get off the money they spent on the marketing.

But Edwin’s company is addressing both of those problems and taking them head on as the way he organized his company is completely different than others. For every company that signs up for the marketing services with his company they are assigned a team of people. If the company is relatively small than the same group will likely be with more than one company but all smaller companies so that the team can keep up. But larger companies that are signing up with the company get a large team just for them where the company doesn’t have a need for a marketing department. Because they have their own team and only have to work when they are needed the company still saves money and the marketing efforts thus become much more worth the cost. The company believes that with the right group of people a marketing company can serve anyone with the need for marketing services and they have prices that are fair for everyone so that the companies or people that hire them are able to get their money’s worth.

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