Healthy Hair, Here I Come!

As a hair salon employee one girl took it upon herself to test out the wonderful claims made by WEN hair, Chaz Dean’s hair care product line. This is a brief recount of her seven-day experiment.

  • Day 1: Long, rough day and ready for a hot shower and to kick off her Wen experiment. The recommended portion of Wen was significantly larger than her normal shampoo, but she went with the recommendation and massaged the cleansing and conditioning product into her scalp and immediately felt her hair thicken.
  • Day 2: She woke up late to disappointing greasy hair. With no time to shower, she couldn’t wait to get back home. That evening another round with Wen and styling her hair before bed produced another excellent result.
  • Days 3 and 4: Very much like day two’s disturbing results, she mixed her normal use products with Wen and was still pleased with the result, yet her fine hair still fell flat before the end of the day. Not giving up, she continued with Wen use and still loved the resulting look and feel of her hair.
  • Day 5: Our brave tester was feeling more and more confident about her beautiful hair from beginning to end!
  • Day 6: Accepting that fact that morning showers and hair styling would be more effective for her, she started her day with Wen and received several flattering comments that night. Confidence is a beautiful, glowing trait.
  • Day 7: Aside from pretty curls that didn’t last as long as she wanted, her hair was looking like a healthier specimen of hair excellence.

The experiment was declared a success! Thanks Chaz for sharing your healthy hair expertise!

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Everything You Need To Know About Cleansing Conditioner

If you have figured out that shampoo and conditioner are actually causing your hair to become dry and frizzy, you may want to consider switching to a cleansing conditioner. Cleansing conditioners use unique formulas that don’t contain the harmful ingredients used in most commercial shampoo and conditioners.

Most hair care brands use ingredients that damage hair over time. One ingredient is sodium lauryl sulfate, an aggressive and harsh detergent that creates a foamy lather. This ingredient cleans hair by stripping it of dirt and oils. The problem is that our hair relies on its own natural oils to keep it protected, healthy and soft. Therefore, by using shampoo, you are routinely drying out your hair and causing it to become frizzy and unmanageable.

Hair care brands also often use synthetic fragrances in their products. These fragrances can be highly toxic to the body and irritate the scalp.

That’s why it’s best to switch to a cleansing conditioner. These products use natural ingredients that gently clean and condition hair without the use of these dangerous ingredients.

Wen hair 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner does not use sodium lauryl sulfate or synthetic fragrances.

Wen hair Cleansing Conditioner uses plant-based ingredients that won’t damage hair. Instead, it will restore hair back to its natural glory, leaving it soft, shiny and free of frizz.

WEN’s Cleansing Conditioner also acts as a deep conditioner thanks to its unique formula of moisturizing ingredients. In other words, you won’t need to continue to buy expensive hair products that restore moisture to damaged hair. This one bottle does it all. Wen hair is available on QVC.

If your hair is dry and damaged after repeated usage of commercial shampoos and conditioners, switch to a cleansing conditioner to achieve the soft, luscious hair of your dreams.

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Women’s Haircare Advice

Every woman seems to have a fascination with hair. It’s a woman’s secret weapon of choice for attracting the opposite sex. Hair comes in many textures as well as colors, but many of the everyday grooming techniques are causing underlying damage to your follicles. Dyes and perms are a great way for achieving a specific look, but these treatments are very draining when it comes to haircare. Being made up of sulfates, consistently treating your hair in this manner is simply overkill.

According to, hair breakage and even hairloss can and will occur at some point so if you’re the kind of person who loves using these products, using them at a minimum is much safer in the long run. Many conditioners and shampoo are loaded with sulfates as well. These products can help and hurt your hair in one punch. If using the products, try to be as gentle as possible, literally. Some of the major brands are extremely powerful so you never really want to over do it. Have you ever seen QVC ads of WEN hair by Chaz? This is one of the leading haircare brands currently on the market. The ingredients of (WEN) products are top of the line and naturally grown from the earth. This means that there are no chemical sulfates or additives. Check out some of the Wen hair care products below:

  • Lavender Cleaning Conditioner
  • Fig Cleaning Conditioner
  • 34 Day Supply Kit
  • Sweet Almond Mint Haircare Kit
  • Texture Balm Anti-Frizz Styling Creme
  • And many more

It’s time throw away those harmful synthetic products and start taking care of your hair from a more natural approach. WEN by Chaz Dean is the present as well as the future for any and all things in organic haircare.

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