The Wedding Adventures with Wengie



Wengie is a Youtube beauty blogger. She makes videos documenting her everyday life. She has a vlog called “Getting Married-Life of Wengie #15.” It first starts off showing her cat. Wengie is on her way to a wedding. She shows her outfit which is a nude skirt with a white/nude blouse. Her fiance is driving. He has on a suit. His only suit. She then shows off her fiance’s outfit. The wedding starts. The people that are in the wedding ceremony is not speaking English. After the ceremony, Wengie and her fiance leaves to go have lunch at a cafe. Wengie orders coffee and her fiance orders cappuccino. Wengie receives a plate of garlic mushrooms with an egg. She expresses the fact that she doesn’t care for the egg but can’t substitute it for anything else. Therefore, she has to still pay for it. Her and her fiance shares the meal together. She puts a lot of pepper on her meal. She loves pepper! They talk and laugh, enjoying each other’s company.


Wengie practices a Ariana Grande makeup tutorial. She is heading to a wedding for the night. She has on a black or navy blue form fitting dress. Her and her fiance had vegetarian entrees at the wedding. They enjoy some dancing and a good time. Other people start line dancing. They return home and are relaxing with the cat. Wengie is working on her laptop, editing photos. Wengie’s makeup is still holding up nonetheless. Wengie and her fiance joke around comparing their arms. Wengie talks about her dress more in depth, with a full body shot. She purchased it from H&M for $10 dollars. She loves her makeup and ends her vlog with a big thank you to Ariana!