Partnering To Bring Vegan Products To China: Lime Crime and Revolve

In response to mandatory animal testing for cosmetics in the Chinese market, Lime Crime’s Global General Manager had to find a new way to market to its makeup lovers. During a conference in Los Angeles, Kim Wells explained that the cosmetic brand could not expose itself like traditional sales required. Lime Crime identifies itself as vegan, and as such, it can not pass Chinese cosmetic expectations without what vegans consider animal cruelty, defeating the purpose of their wholesome morals. To make matters worse, there were already counterfeit products in circulation within the Chinese market.

There is, however, a loophole! If the products are shipped out from the USA, Lime Crime doesn’t have to be subjected to the Chinese testing involved. The downside is the logistics needed for this would be a new realm to research and handle. For this reason, Lime Crime has partnered with the LA based company Revolve to help distribute their products. Revolve and Lime Crime shared similar interests and goals. Together, they could cement themselves as the only real vegan cosmetic producer in the country.

Combining this partnership and a smart social media presence, LimeCrime created a base audience to help spread the word about it’s upcoming launch. Instead of using big names to promote the brand Lime Crime chose smaller content creators, their reasoning that prime influences have their own image to worry about. Letting smaller influences get early access to buy products on their site, Lime Crime garnered good will and fans from it’s wholesome approach to makeup despite many complications.