Sunday Riley’s Skincare Success

The skin-care brand Sunday Riley has a unique formula that was created by Sunday Riley herself, who is a “cosmetic chemist and product formulator”. Riley started the brand after finding other products to be ineffective. Within her formula is a substance called retinol, which can seem scary to people who are familiar with its effects in other formulas, as it can cause dry, red skin, but to detract from the ingredient list, Riley’s formulas are given names like Martian, Good Genes, and Luna.

The price of Sunday Riley products is more expensive than that of other skincare formulas, excluding luxury products. A one-ounce bottle of Luna Oil costs $105, with a one-ounce bottle of Good Genes at $105 as well. Since Riley does her own formulating, there isn’t the added cost of research. Sunday Riley was first picked up by Barneys New York in 2009, and the lead buyer suggested Riley use her own name for the brand. Riley’s brand didn’t have a large budget for advertising, so they used social media influencers to promote their products to their followers. The brand even shared samples with social media users who had a smaller following, capitalizing on those people sharing their success with the brand with their friends and followers.

Riley also takes note of what products are successful and which are not, in 2011, she expanded her company to include many cosmetic products. She noticed those products weren’t selling as well as the skincare products, so she removed them from stores after two years. Riley often has her friends and family test out her products to get their feedback before beginning to sell those products. At the moment, Riley is working on a vitamin C-focused collection, continuing to expand her skincare brand. Though her makeup products didn’t do well before, Riley sees herself expanding into that field, and others, again in the future.

EOS Lip Balm For Anytime Wear

EOS has launched a new lip balm that comes in all kinds of scented flavors. In addition, they also have an unscented flavor for those individuals who do not care for scents. Furthermore, these three new flavors consisted of Tropical Mango, Melon Blossom, and the EOS Unscented lip balm. First, a review was given about the Tropical Mango lip balm. The Tropical Mango lip balm comes in a basic orange EOS case. This product has a magnificent aroma that smells just like a mango. For instance, the smell is so sweet that the product is described as like having a Mango Italian Ice. Once you start using this lip balm on your lips the scent becomes more well known. The Tropical Mango lip balm is very moisturizing, lightweight, and consistent. Secondly, a review was conducted about the new eos Organic Stick Lip Balm.

The Organic Lip Balm Smooth Stick does not contain any flavors; however, the product case does come in a variety of colors. The Organic Lip Balm does not have a smell at all. For those individuals that do not care for scented flavors try the Organic Lip Balm Smooth Stick. Once you place this lip balm on your lips; however, this product is described as thin, smooth, and it maintains its consistency. Thirdly, a review was also discussed about the new EOS Crystal Melon Blossom. This product comes in an incredible pink case that sort of remind you of a 3-D triangle. The Crystal Melon Blossom has an amazing smell. The smell is described as smelling identical to the Water Melon Lemonade at Bath and Body Works. This product is described as a moisturizer that is smooth, slick, and weightless. Finally, the EOS Crystal Melon Blossom was rated a ten out of ten from reviewers.