A NewsWatch TV Review Drastically Helped Raise Millions for Saygus Smartphones

NewsWatch TV has produced thousands of original reviews for Fortune 500 companies, startups and non-profit organizations from all over the world. When an American smartphone manufacturer called Saygus had launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for its new line of smartphones, they needed to expose it to a lot of people in a short amount of time. Saygus decidedly hired the NewsWatch TV team to craft several video segments of its new smartphone during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The videos were used on their Indiegogo page and it helped Saygus raise over $1.3 million. Saygus Smartphone’s vice president, Mr. Timothy Rush, praised the NewsWatch team for successfully delivering the right message to the right audience.

NewsWatch TV is an Award-winning American television series that became the nation’s trusted source for breaking consumer electronic, technology, medical, travel and entertainment news. The series stars Andrew Tropeano as the main host and features special news reports from Susan Bridges, Amanda Forstrom, Eric Forrest and Michelle Ison. NewsWatch has been honored with the prestigious Videographer Award for its outstanding entertainment and news programming in 2017. During that same year, the series also took home several highly coveted Marcom Awards.

In 1990, NewsWatch TV began production and its original format primarily focused on financial and related news until the late nineties. During that time, it changed its direction to include numerous topics of interest and provided millions of viewers with reviews and a first-look at innovative consumer electronics and mobile apps. Many celebrities stopped by the NewsWatch TV studio for sit-down interviews over the years including Academy Award winner Denzel Washington, Jennifer Lawrence, Will Smith and many other A-list celebrities and American entertainers. Viewers nationwide can watch original episodes of NewsWatch TV on the AMC network as well as ION Television.

Success In Business Inspired By Alexandre Gama

Success is a compilation of very many attributes. You have to create your own unique to be termed as successful. An astute entrepreneur goes past the expectations of the society and their thinking to achieve greatness. A successful investor is also a person who doesn’t settle but keep fighting to achieve more until they secure their spot. Alexandre Gama has all these characteristics of a great entrepreneur.

Alexandre Gama is among the most successful business persons in Brazil. He operates in the communication and advertisement world. Gama understands all the rules of the game because he has been in the sector since 1982.

After completing his studies at Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP). Standard Ogilvy & Mather, hired him in 1982. He worked as a creative and a copywriter. This was just a beginning of his blossoming career. Today, Alexandre Gama is the owner of the most advertisement agency in Brazil: Neogama.

José Henrique Borghi Successful Career in Advertising

José Henrique Borghi is the arguably the best advertising strategist in Brazil. Currently, he is the CCO and co-CEO of Mullen Lowe Brasil, previously known as Borghi Lowe. He is the face behind most of Brazil’s famous adverts that came with significant effects. Adverts such as Mammals of Parmalat where kids wore costumes to make them look like animals and “It is the love” by Sazon, are all creations of this great genius. Both of these adverts have endured the test of time and are fondly recalled up to this day.

Jose, however, claims that his career in advertising started with uncertainty. Up until junior high school, he had not made up his mind on what to become. He was taken to attend a show at the Castro Neves Theater by his sister. She intended to help him choose the path he would like to follow in life. He later found out that the performances in the theater were commercial adverts that had received the Cannes awards. His eyes were opened at that time, and he decided that his career would be in advertising. Nevertheless, he never dreamt that even for once he would receive one of those awards.

Borghi Jose was born in Brazil at Presidente Prudente. He studied Advertising and Propaganda at the PUC. His first formal employment was at the Standart Ogilvy in the year 1989. He soon shone and surpassed the then famous advetiising Agency FCB as well as others like DDB and Talent. This was when together with Erh Ray, he started a firm called BorghiErh.

He says that starting up was tough since they faced a myriad of challenges like lack of investors. The company was acquired by Lowe and renamed Borghi Lowe. More recently, it has merged with Lowe & Partners and the Mullen group and has been renamed again to Mullen Lowe. The Brazilian advertising agency is now among the top in Brazil.

About José Henrique Borghi: inspirad.com.br/tag/jose-henrique-borghi/