George Soros Continues to Inspire All of Us

It is sad to see commentators, within the Media, take shots, at great individuals such as George Soros. This author hopes that Mr. Beck’s jealousy does not become so great as to take away from the character of any man, or woman. However, such is the sad truth of some radio personalities. This is to say, certain radio hosts are more interested in making a living and keeping ratings up, even if doing so, compromises the true integrity of another individual. That said, it is naturally okay, if maintaining ratings does not do so at the expense of another person.

In order to keep matters controversial and shook up, the goal of the media commentator, such as Beck, is to make as many outrageous claims about the individual as possible. Unfortunately, the claims are so abundantly outrageous, and embarrassingly uneducated, that the person, subject to them, is truly objectified. This is cheating: Yes. However, it is done in many different ways and across various mediums.

To say George Soros is opportunistic and a threat to governmental entities is totally ridiculous. However, one journalist was concerned, because even though the comments, made by Beck are outlandish, she feared his listening audience, may actually believe them. Some may think it is inconceivable that a person, whom they trust, such as Beck, is making such an outlandish claim without cause. The journalist believed that Beck practiced discrimination when it came to Jewish individuals–a form of discrimination that the world seems to embrace, now and historically.

Mr. George Soros is internally strong. He has faced, historically, much in the way of dealing with hate-mongers. He is far from opportunistic, as Mr. Beck suggests. He had a normal career progression: it is just that he became fabulously wealthy–something that, it is a certainty, Mr. Beck, probably wishes for himself. It is important, then, to not believe everything you are fed is good for you.

Mr.Beck is basically a replacement for former right-wing personality Rush Limbaugh. And we all remember how Mr. Limbaugh, went on and on about Hillary Clinton. Hillary, though, earned the popular vote during the last Presidential race.

Mr. Soros’s only character flaw which is not a character flaw at all is that he is enormously rich. Can he help it if he is innately talented in way of amassing a fortune on the stock exchange? George Soros works with the people and his great misdeed, with regard to supporting liberal causes, was supporting persons such as Barack Obama in his Presidential campaign. Many of us stand guilty of that charge. We even did so much as vote for Mr. Obama.

Regardless, Mr. George Soros remains a true inspiration. He is very immune to criticism, and his only offense, as it pertains to wealth, is that he is very good, instinctually, in addressing the currency and stock exchanges. He is eighty some years young, so it is doubtful he wishes to take control of some governmental enterprise. Historically, it was Mr. Soros who warned his people about the trickery of the Nazis, and later was instrumental in minimizing, successfully, the poor effects of Communism, upon the world’s populace.

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