Papa Johns Difficult Times Nearing the End with Steve Ritchie at the Helm

Papa John’s has faced rocky times over the past few years but you can tell from the actions of the company’s new CEO, Steve Ritchie, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The pizza giant needed a decisive move by the top management to salvage the situation. As one his actions, Steve Ritchie released a letter to customers to the effect that the utterances that tinted the image of the company were regrettable and they don’t represent the values and views of the pizza giant. For the 22 years the senior executive member has been at the company, it is the hardest thing he has ever dealt with.

According to the letter, racism and insensitive language has no room in the company. Papa John’s is a huge company with over 120,000 corporate and franchise team members. The people are part of the community of customers they serve. They are always striving to provide customers with better pizza and pizza service. The owners do great things in the community and therefore, the company is greater than any individual.

Steve Ritchie also said in the letter that the customers deserved not just words, but also actions. He outlined what actions the company would take to rectify its practices. Outside experts would be brought on board to audit their company’s culture, diversity as well as inclusion practices to allow the management to identify their strengths as well as weaknesses. Then, they would be able to set more clear goals. Additionally, senior management team of the company would go across its locations and listen to franchisees and employees and get their feedback on the best path to move forward. Throughout the process of trying to earn the trust of their customers back, they will be transparent to allow their customers to hold them accountable.

Steve Ritchie also committed to lead the efforts personally saying that it is the company’s priority. They are working to regain the customers’ trust because they understand they are only in business because of them. This letter was a follow up for another letter which was not well-received. This letter was direct to the point and sincere.


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