How Betsy DeVos Took A Grassroots Campaign To Washington

Betsy DeVos was well-known among conservative crowds prior to being nominated and confirmed for the Secretary of Education position. DeVos came up as a political reformer in the Michigan Republican Party. DeVos has served on the board of prominent national charities and foundations that have all been aimed at changing the way we approach educating our children as well as the way the government handles the interaction. Now one of the most high-profile members of President Trump’s political cabinet, Betsy DeVos is coming under increasing scrutiny. Let’s take a look at Betsy DeVos’ past in order to learn about how she became the reformer that she is today.


Betsy DeVos was nominated for the Secretary of Education position in November of 2016. However, DeVos’ career as a reformer dates back more than 30 years prior to that date. Betsy DeVos was raised in a house filled with reformers. From the work her brother has done as an overseas defense contractor to her father’s work as the founder of Prince Corporation, Betsy was used to seeing her family do great things. Betsy DeVos attended Calvin College as a teenager, and she would become fascinated by the works of Milton Freidman during her education. Friedman is no mystery to prominent conservatives as he was the first voice to really make an argument for school choice.


As a school reform advocate, Betsy DeVos has spent the majority of her adult life working with state governments in order to try to find a path to reformation. Betsy DeVos has worked as the founding member of the Foundation for Excellence in Education as well as a chair for both the Alliance for School Choice and the All Children Matter PAC. The prior list is just scratching the surface of the various outlets that Betsy DeVos has pursued while stumping for education reform. With that being said, Betsy DeVos has found success both at home in Michigan and abroad. Michigan is currently the state with the most privately funded educational facilities in the U.S., but Florida is currently the school choice capital of the country.


Betsy DeVos points to Florida as an icon for the school choice movement. Florida has embraced tax credits for privately funded facilities in a way that few other states have done. As a result, DeVos has gone to Florida often in order to highlight some of the great institutions that are doing work there. Recently, DeVos made a trip to Miami alongside the famous rapper Pitbull in order to highlight the latter’s own charter schools. With growing media attention and stronger outreach capabilities, Betsy DeVos may finally have her chance to become the reformer that she has always expected herself to become.


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