Article Title: The RealReal, The Affordable Way to Make a Statement

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Shopping over the past decade has changed drastically, from having to fight traffic and over parking spots to now most of your shopping being done online and arriving at your doorstep in two days. For the latest update in the shopping world comes The RealReal. The RealReal is a luxury consignment store you can simultaneously shop in store or online for designer brand items. This isn’t a store where you have many options for one item, you have to browse and take advantage of the item ASAP! To browse items at the RealReal, their Instagram always stays up to date about different looks and styles for your everyday outfit or to spruce up an existing wardrobe. One of my favorite photos that prompted me to sign up with my email on The RealReal was their recent post of their pointed shoes which shows five different styles of cute, designer shoes with reasonable prices. I can achieve my dream of wearing designer shoes and still being able to pay all of my bills this month! Not only does their Instagram include inspirations for daily looks, they regularly post fashion quotes with my favorite one by Meghan Markle stating, “We have a deep connection to what we wear. For me it is about supporting and empowering each other, especially as women.” This quote stood out to me for this site because as you continue to scroll down through their feed you see a variety of women embracing these beautiful designer items while embracing their fierce selves which is a rare event for women. The RealReal allows women to afford designer items to not only boost their self esteem but allowing them to express themselves. Read more about The RealReal:

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