Sergey Petrossov, a Skillful Entrepreneur

Sergey Petrossov was born in Russia-born entrepreneur and businessman. Earlier in his life, his family relocated to the US, taking him along. At first, Sergey lived in Colorado and then California. Later on, he settled in Florida. While in Florida, Sergey attended Florida University, where he attained a degree in finance.

While at the university, Petrossov was introduced to computer sciences and technology. The development laid the basis of his career in technology. Upon graduating, he co-founded two IT projects; a distances learning platform for Russian –speaking education institution, and an online chat system for website customers.

Petrossov is also an experienced business executive. He has served as a board advisor for a private jet company that offered on-demand charter services. His experience at the company as a board advisor paved the way for his venture in the flight services. During one of his private flights, he noticed a gap in the way the traditional brick-and-mortar approach to booking charter flights was inconvenient. He was convinced that technology could be used to solve this problem.

Armed with his computer skills from the university, Sergey Petrossov started the process of creating an app that was going to solve this problem. His key idea was to connect flyers with the jet operators. The idea became operational in mid-2012, leading to the birth of JetSmarter.

With additional funds and working with his team of skillful technology, advisory, and management teams, Sergey hit the ground running. Most of the experts in his team are credited with successful projects executions for more than 40 years. They have worked with leading technology companies like Mercedes Benz, Nokia, Microsoft, and uber.

Petrossov officially launched the JetSmarter app to the public in early 2013. With his superior business acumen and entrepreneur skills at the helm of JetSmarter, Sergey Petrossov was headed to great success. Following his impressive success with JetSmarter, Sergey has been severally recognized. As the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer, he won Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Consumer Technology Award.

Currently, JetSmarter app is connecting millions of travelers across the world, and Petrossov is more focused on creating more customer satisfaction through making traveling easy, convenient and fun. With his team, Sergey Petrossov seeks to grow the market base through word of mouth and referrals from satisfied users for the services.

Article Title: Bhanu Choudhrie, The Alpha Group Boss

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Bhanu Choudhrie is the founder and CEO of Alpha Group and his contribution to society through this business model consists in helping people to grow their money and businesses to exceptional levels. Whether the company is in a market that exists already or is in a new trending market Alpha Group will most certainly help these people become financially free from the expense column that ensues most failing business. Follow For start up companies Alpha Group typically helps these people by being their backer while the company makes efforts to push themselves into profitability and to stay afloat in the market. They also help those who may be struggling because they need a turn around to happen for their survival and eventual thriving. Alpha Group also helps business owners who may not desire to take as much business risk and instead begin the process to make steady growth based in mid to long term investments in the real estate market. Their business is based in India and the man behind the business is so successful because he takes a well informed approach to business overall. Bhanu Choudhrie is a continual learner and believes wholly that the reason for growth of any sort is because of education and the application of that education in the real world. An example of his model is when he himself went into the University of Harvard in order to refine and sharpen his already earned business acumen. He already attended a university to earn his business degree previously but his arrival to Harvard is testimony to his axiom that learning keeps people on the ball in business. He believes that by pushing himself educationally he is able to keep up to date with things concerning the world of economics and money. Bhanu Choudhrie describes the things that he learned while being a student at Harvard. Just getting in was difficult for him but once he did get in he went through a significant culture shock. Bhanu Choudhrie was used to the high life of being the boss of Alpha Group and people trying to kiss up to him to get a raise but inside the confines of Harvard University no one kissed up him and no one cared that he already had an established business practice. Read more on

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Steve Lesnard shares two ways to successful market a product in a technology driven world

Steve Lesnard in a blog post from Medium shares two tips to successfully market a product as marketing can be a big factor to its success. Today’s technology makes it easy for people to market their ideas to the public but it has to be done right according to Lesnard as he lists the first tip to just keep it simple. He uses an example in Walt Disney, and how they always prioritize the story above all. The introduction can be crucial to an items success as it should highlight what is new and better about it from the last item. Steve Lesnard understands that this can not be so easy as it seems and shares another example with Apple and how they created the iPod so people could listen to music wherever they are. Apple seems to stay above the competition because they continue to offer new elements to their products such as more safety features for their watch and add health and fitness options to it. The ideas can be simple as Lesnard states but it works because they add new features that people are interested in and want. Another company named Peleton offered at home fitness and focused on the unique experience to be successful. The last tip that Steve Lesnard gives is focusing on the customers’ experience, which is how it looks, feels, and the purpose of it. Videos can be a good way to show what the purpose of the product is while showing how it looks and can feel like. This has become only easier in today’s society with platforms such as Facebook and Instagram where pictures can be posted and shared to millions of people across the world. Lesnard ends the article giving advice for people to ask themselves what they want their product to be remembered for and who they can get to represent the item. People can listen to his podcast on Moidiam and can see more marketing tips from the businessman on both LinkedIn and Crunchbase.


Steve Lesnard Medium blog post – how to successfully market a product

Highlighting the Realizations of Edwin Miranda, the Force behind KOI IXS

If you are an entrepreneur based in Puerto Rico, we guess that you have heard of Edwin Miranda, a marketing expert who has helped many companies to acquire the top position in United States’ industry.

Miranda manages KOI IXS, a company he started at the age of 21. He established his company to transform Puerto Rico’s marketing industry with smart, performance-driven marketing strategies.

To grow the company, Edwin Miranda teamed up with talented strategists, designers, and thought leaders who would serve entrepreneurs from various sectors. The team formulated solutions that enhanced a company’s visibility, authority, and credibility.

Unlike traditional marketers, Edwin Miranda’s team spends their time conducting marketing research, collecting useful marketing information, and analyzing various marketing strategies.

They use the information to formulate result-oriented marketing schemes that align with the customers of a specific industry. The team specializes in search engine optimization, content development, social media marketing, influencer marketing, and many more digital or hybrid marketing strategies.

“Our company leverages the power of cutting-edge marketing technology, and creative brand work to give Puerto Rico’s entrepreneurs the edge they need to acquire and defend the industry’s top position,” says Edwin Miranda.

What tactics does Edwin Miranda use to manage KOI IXS? An interview posted on, suggests that Mr. Miranda uses two primary tactics to keep KOI IXS ahead of other marketing agencies.

Miranda dedicates his time reading insightful articles and books authored by other successful marketing experts. The reading routine keeps him abreast with the ever-changing needs of the marketing industry.

Apart from reading, Miranda uses his managerial skills to keep his team organized. Before the start of each working day, the marketing expert identifies and lists all the activities that need his team’s attention. Subsequently, he delegates the operations to relevant team members, and he makes a roster that guides them through the day.

How Betsy DeVos Took A Grassroots Campaign To Washington

Betsy DeVos was well-known among conservative crowds prior to being nominated and confirmed for the Secretary of Education position. DeVos came up as a political reformer in the Michigan Republican Party. DeVos has served on the board of prominent national charities and foundations that have all been aimed at changing the way we approach educating our children as well as the way the government handles the interaction. Now one of the most high-profile members of President Trump’s political cabinet, Betsy DeVos is coming under increasing scrutiny. Let’s take a look at Betsy DeVos’ past in order to learn about how she became the reformer that she is today.


Betsy DeVos was nominated for the Secretary of Education position in November of 2016. However, DeVos’ career as a reformer dates back more than 30 years prior to that date. Betsy DeVos was raised in a house filled with reformers. From the work her brother has done as an overseas defense contractor to her father’s work as the founder of Prince Corporation, Betsy was used to seeing her family do great things. Betsy DeVos attended Calvin College as a teenager, and she would become fascinated by the works of Milton Freidman during her education. Friedman is no mystery to prominent conservatives as he was the first voice to really make an argument for school choice.


As a school reform advocate, Betsy DeVos has spent the majority of her adult life working with state governments in order to try to find a path to reformation. Betsy DeVos has worked as the founding member of the Foundation for Excellence in Education as well as a chair for both the Alliance for School Choice and the All Children Matter PAC. The prior list is just scratching the surface of the various outlets that Betsy DeVos has pursued while stumping for education reform. With that being said, Betsy DeVos has found success both at home in Michigan and abroad. Michigan is currently the state with the most privately funded educational facilities in the U.S., but Florida is currently the school choice capital of the country.


Betsy DeVos points to Florida as an icon for the school choice movement. Florida has embraced tax credits for privately funded facilities in a way that few other states have done. As a result, DeVos has gone to Florida often in order to highlight some of the great institutions that are doing work there. Recently, DeVos made a trip to Miami alongside the famous rapper Pitbull in order to highlight the latter’s own charter schools. With growing media attention and stronger outreach capabilities, Betsy DeVos may finally have her chance to become the reformer that she has always expected herself to become.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

Press Release Writing Tips: How to Announce a New Product

When making up a press release on your brand-new service, it should certainly suffice to catch the interest of the media that are the device in expanding words concerning it. Understanding exactly how to write a launch about your brand-new offering may provide you with as much advertising which may boost brand awareness, sales and also get to.

Below Are a Few Tips when you intend to market your brand-new items or solutions:

Pointer # 1: Focus on the item’s attributes.

A relevant product statement should certainly be made up in a way that it contains the best functions of your item. Why would certainly the reporter’s attention to pay your story? Highlight the benefits that it provides the reader.

Do not just create like, “we developed the suitable canopy on the marketplace.” Guarantee the journalists capture the benefits it provides; otherwise, they ‘d continue into one more story.

Suggestion # 2: Include a story.

Yes, they provided every one of the stats as well as facts, yet it does not have any kind of story.

Do you think that it would intrigue the target clients? A media release is a modern technique of narration. Customers are not just interested in your brand-new product. They wish to learn about just how you developed it, making it distinctive from other individuals, as well as how it can fix their troubles.

A story has an individual component or feelings which makes the readers wish to relate to you. Attempt to position on your own right into their footwear to supply this demand.

Suggestion # 3: Write a heading that highlights your product’s special marketing factor.

A wonderful headline ought to revolve around the outstanding selling point of your item. Does it’s an unusual function, permit the visitors to learn about it?

The reporters should make certain they should certainly write your story, and the clients ought to learn about your products.

Suggestion # 4: Respond to the who, what, when, where, why as well as just how.

When composing your release, make confident you go right to the factor.

Do not make the journalists search for the details in your launch. This must detail what your brand-new merchandise is about.

Suggestion # 5: Be clear with whom you’re targeting your press release.

Your brand-new item is developed for a particular set of people, that are probably to profit from your item. Make sure the visitors understand who these people are.

Invite them at the beginning of your launch. Talk to them directly. If people comprehend your item is produced for them, they’re more urged to see your story and also discuss it.

Suggestion # 6: Write the body of journalism release.

The body of this launch need to support your claims on your brand-new item. You might consist of quotes in the thought leader, an expert or an investor in your company.

Their invoices can develop assistance and also trust fund because it shows they are still a genuine supplier. Furthermore, it supplies the press something to utilize to their cover tale.

Idea # 7: Have noticeable get in touch with details.

Possessing a media call at discharge is important. It needs to be uncovered on the top section of the very first page.

This uses the investors, a person, to contact whenever they wish to comply with up details or perform organisation.

Suggestion # 8: Disperse your launch via compensated supply services.

After composing your release, you need to send this right into a paid distribution service which may assist you land books. Your launch might be syndicated by thousands of supporters and also media outlets that might provide you with the promotion which you call for.

Whenever your release is printed in several web sites and also books, you increase the size of the series of your product. This can bring about a boost in sales and also brand name recognition.

Adhere to these media release composing tips via your merchandise launch. Do not fail to remember that while composing your launch, make sure you construct connection with your intended media.

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Optimize Your Energy With Agera Energy

The retailing of electricity or the sale of electricity for the use of a consumer is the fourth vital step in the delivery process of electricity and this also includes transmission, generation, and distribution. If you have the opportunity to select a strategy that benefits the energy of your home or business, then Agera Energy is the most suitable supplier for you. Whenever you are selecting the pricing plan of your energy, the company takes note of the intrinsic volatility of the wholesale market and turns it into opportunities and other goals for your business. It is best to take advantage of various energy opportunities as well as the comparison of prices and rates for cost-efficiency. Read more about Agera Energy at

Understanding the Basics of the Market

Knowing the product types, terms, price, and market basics will ensure that you are getting the right value and long-lasting relationship with an energy supplier. Agera Energy provides electricity and natural gas supply so that their customers have a choice and the company will make it easier for them to choose. The energy of their choice will establish energy solutions that are cost-effective and saves money in every day use and in the long run.



Market pricing is a very compound system that constantly changes due to season and periods of utmost volatility which is why it is important to understand the anticipated and current market conditions that could possibly affect the prices of energy. Let Agera Energy select the right and proper strategy for your home or business by offering different energy products that are available in the service area as well as its price components. Consider how their products and services will meet your requirements, goals, and factors such as financial objectives and efficiency.


Remember that not all supplier provides the same or accurate information regarding their pricing quote yet Agera Energy knows their best offer for homes and businesses since they will only treat you as a customer and not just a ratepayer. Agera Energy will surely meet all the needs that you need in terms of billing options, electricity costs, and natural gas costs. Follow Agera Energy’s profile on Twitter.

Neurocore – How the Brain Center is Also a Great Place to Work With

Neurocore is a mental wellness center that specializes in behavioral enhancement and brain training.

Founded in 2004, Neurocore has come a long way since the days of its inception. Under the leadership of its founders Dr. Timothy Royer and Elisabeth DeVos, the organization has scaled to become one of the most renowned entities in terms of neurosciences.

It is based out of Livonia, Michigan, but holds its presence in various locations throughout the United States. While Neurocore is known for being one of the most popular centers for mental health and training, it also holds a reputation for being a great place to work with.

According to the various reviews that the organization has obtained through its employees, it has also emerged as a great place to work with.

Not only does the entity have amazing training and development processes in place, but it also provides immense career growth opportunities.

Through various departments, the organization has various positions opening up from time to time, which are filled by likeminded people with a drive to improve biotech for the betterment of everyone.

But even while being a place with its eyes on the prize to be leader in neurosciences, Neurocore doesn’t cause its employees to feel restricted. It maintains a very relaxed working environment even with its high expectations, since the organization’s leadership is aware of how crucial it is to provide an environment where people could feel themselves, and thus contribute to the organization’s success with innovative ideas.

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How To Make Money With Organo Gold

Organo Gold has been making waves over the past few years as one of the more successful network marketing companies across the globe. Much of this has been down to the fact that the company has focused on offering people new levels of balance, freedom, and well-being. This is offered to both their Independent Distributors, as well as their customers; much of this has been accomplished through their premium products and relatively innovative business opportunities.

This has led many people to wonder how they can make money with Organo Gold; having said that, the answer is relatively simple. This is because the company offers Distributors a somewhat unique compensation plan that actively rewards individuals for their commitment and hard work. Through selling products on behalf of the company, Distributors are eligible for a certain portion of those sales. However, Organo Gold offers an extensive amount of support for each of its Distributors to ensure that they can be as successful as possible.

This is in contrast to many other network marketing companies who merely sell products to their Distributors and wish them luck. Speaking of products, Organo Gold has offered a wide range of different items across a few significant niches. Chief among these have been Health & Wellness, Personal Care, Body Management and, of course, Beverages. All of these are highly successful among many markets, and a significant few have sold extremely well in a variety of different countries. Coupled with the backing that Organo Gold offers, then Distributors are set up for success.

Treatment For Many Ailments At Neurocore

Neurocore is a service that helps people who suffer from a lot of mental disorders, such as anxiety and depression, get the proper treatment for their illness. Many people do not seek professional help for their psychological problems because of time restraints and money. Without the proper help, they may go through their lives suffering needlessly. Neurocore wants to change that and make treatment available in an easier and more convenient way. They have an app that can be used by sufferers to get the right therapist.

Neurocore believes that in order for treatment to be successful, it takes a combination of things. They feel that retraining the brain to give positive feedback to the body, can result in a greater decline in a persons mental illness. The way that their treatment works is that they teach patients the proper way to breath. Once a person has developed this to the point that they are able to think clearly, this triggers enzymes in the brain that produce positive feedback. The positive feedback that is produced by this is what makes a person overcome any anxiety or stress they may have been feeling.

Neurocore has been deveiloping thier technique for treatment for many years and feel that they have been able to help many of their clients get a better outcome from therapy. They have treated people with symptoms of anxiety, stress, sleep loss and many other conditions. Each of these cases have found a level of success to where the patient is better able to function in daily life.

The app that was developed by Neurocore is easily downloaded to your smartphone and it will teach you the proper breathing techniques which is the basis of their treatment. You can set up an account with Neurocore on the app where you will have full access to their website. They can also provide you with information on follow up treatments that can help with your particular ailment. Neurocore continues to study the effects of training the brain to function right and how patients can benefit from it. Their website provides all of the information you will need to get started.

Neurocore’s: Facebook Page.