The Release of New Payment Option by Allied Wallet for Booming Malaysian E-Commerce Market

Allied Wallet is not a new name in the e-commerce industry. The firm has operations in more than 196 counties across the world. Allied is a leading provider of online payment solutions for e-commerce enterprises. Some of the payment processing options Allied Wallet has developed include; e-Pay, AirCash, and 7-eleven, among many others. Recently, the payment options solutions provider released a new payment option to support Malaysia’s growing e-commerce industry.

Currently, the value of Malaysia’s e-commerce market is pegged at €1.1 Billion with this figure expected to double by 2020. The release of the new payment option comes at a great time since more consumers in Malaysia are embracing digital banking. According to Allied Wallet´s survey, Malaysia has a population of about 31.38 million people. As of now, more than 75% of the country’s population are internet users, figures showing that more than 25 million people are regularly connected to the internet. Statistics from a recent survey indicated that 93% of individuals in the age bracket (16-24) make daily logins to the internet.

Additionally, 88% of individuals in the age bracket (25-34) daily access the internet. The stats also show that 69% of Malaysia’s citizens who are aged 55 and above are also connected to the internet daily. As earlier highlighted, digital banking is increasing in demand to facilitate online payments. The most sort-after goods in Malaysia include fashion/beauty products, electronics, and sport/hobby goods. Experts, however, project that furniture appliances will be the most sort-after commodity by the year 2022 (Linkedin).

When Allied Wallet is developing payment option solutions, convenience and security have always been a top priority. To ensure that clients using their payment options solutions experience convenience, Allied Wallet has been offering payment option solutions that are compatible with existing payment options thereby making cash transfers seamless.

About Allied Wallet

Allied Wallet is a globally renowned payment options provider that continues to revolutionize the online retail industry. The firm introduces new and innovative payment solutions for online merchants to facilitate the transfer of payments both locally and globally. The firm is also known to provide state-of-the-art payment gateways necessary in optimizing online transactions.

Learn more about Allied Wallet´s online payment method at,24.htm

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