The Best Private Jet Booking App by Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is an innovator, an inventor, and a tech-savvy individual who has made his name one of the most prominent names in Information Technology. Sergey Petrossov has changed the way private aircrafts get booked forever – from the brick-and-mortar manual approach to booking private aircrafts, to a more technological and more modern approach. Sergey Petrossov, with his Information Technology background and his experience serving as a private jet operator in South Florida – he created a friendly online application that serves as a platform for consumers to book their top rated private jet operators and order their flights with ease.


Sergey Petrossov’s application, JetSmarter, was first released in 2012 to a closed, experimental group of jet travelers. His app garnered great reviews and had a growing online presence in the mobile application market. He then proceeded to develop the application further and turned JetSmarter into a fully functional application. Sergey Petrossov collaborated with a multitude of vendors and he recruited a focus group with an overly extensive experience in private air travel to make sure that JetSmarter was the perfect application for booking private jet travels. When everything was polished and the application was already smoothly operating, he released the application to the public market in March of 2013.


JetSmarter has its own Safety Audit committee which is focused on making sure that all the procedures of the operators of the program are safe and up to standard. JetSmarter is officially partnered with operators with a Wyvern Wingman recognition or an ARG / US Gold or Platinum Safety rating. All these ratings can be viewed in the application while you are booking to make sure that the aircraft is safe to board.


Sergey Petrossov uses his application personally. He books about 3-4 times a month through his application, for domestic and international flights. He has visited more than 30 countries with his application and he has deemed New York and Hong Kong as one of the best travel destinations.


Sergey Petrossov says that JetSmarter is the best way to travel, with your personal VIP configured Boeing BBJ or Airbus ACJ. For more information, you can visit their site at – and download JetSmarter now to travel with style.


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