Organo Gold Provides Ideas To Spice Up Coffee

Organo Gold is a network marketing firm that is based in British Columbia, Canada. It was founded in 2008 by entrepreneurs Bernardo Chua and Shane Morand. Their facilities are in China and their offices are in the Vancouver area as well as in the United States.

Among the beverages they sell are gourmet coffees. Bernardo Chua made the decision early on to have Ganoderma Lucidem in company’s coffees and other beverages. He says that this Asian mushroom is very healthy and helps manage people’s cholesterol. It is in their beverages in powdered form.

The team at Organo Gold has provided ideas for ways to spice up their coffee products. One idea was to create iced orange Creamsicle coffee. You should use medium roast coffee, they say, and then add grated orange peel. Other additions include either organic milk, almond milk, or heavy whipping cream. Once you add ice you can sip and enjoy.

Pumpkin spice coffee is also easy to make at home, Organo Gold says, All it takes is putting a slice of fresh pumpkin in your water before bringing it to a boil for your coffee. You also add pumpkin spice and voila, you got yourself a drink that costs more than $5 at coffee shops.

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