Sandy Chin Ensures That the Students at the PS11 School Have Enough Reading Materials

Sandy Chin is a professional portfolio manager. She is widely known for doing things in an organized manner. There came the point when she realized that the PS11 elementary school was in need. Without hesitating, she chipped in since the children at the school needed books that they would read through during summer. Nevertheless, they could not access these books since some of the families were not financially well-off. Sandy Chin reviewed the problem that the school was facing, and she found a solution.


Many children’s reading skills are generally affected during the holiday period. In this case, the students usually o on holidays during summer. Some children may also fail to read during summer since they lack access to reading materials. At times, the children may also be victims of peer pressure whereby they may advise each other not to read. The summer break consists of three months. Chin has a son who also attends the PS11 elementary school. She ensures that her son has enough reading materials throughout the summer break.


To ensure that most children have access to reading materials throughout the summer break, most public libraries have come up with summer reading programs. Nevertheless, most children and their parents lack time to go to the library. As a result, it is good to ensure that your child has a book of his own. If you gift your child with a book, they will always carry it around like it’s a treasure.


To solve the problem at the PS11 elementary school, Sandy Chin has partnered with some volunteers to come up with a summer book drive. The main aim of the drive is to collect books that have been used before. These books will be given to the kindergarten students at the PS11 elementary school free of charge. The drive was named “Books, Boxes, and Bodies.” Sandy Chin and the other organizers of the drive placed a call for book donations. Many people participated in the exercise. Many books were brought to the school. Coincidentally, Sandy Chin and the other volunteers got more books than they had expected. Each of the kindergarten students at the PS11 elementary school got enough books to take home. They now had enough reading materials that they could use during the summer break.


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