Neurocore: Easing Tension and Stress

Stress is contagious. Researchers have established that people pick up the emotions of the individuals around them that include stress. What’s worse is the contagiousness of these emotions mainly if an individual is prone to anxiety as well as depression. Many people are perhaps familiar with the feeling in a room that can drastically change when a person comes in. Mirror neurons can clearly explain the phenomenon in the brain. A person that is stressed has blur neurons in the lines of seeing and acting thereby transmitting the emotion to another person.

Neurocore is committed to helping such people to overcome stress through different treatment plans and therapies. The experienced staff and management understand that everyone stresses at some point in life. The magnitude of stress people live with in addition to how they cope with the stress depending on the person determines the treatment method provided by Neurocore. That’s why the company offers a broad spectrum of drug-free therapies to treat stress-related conditions in humans. Neurocore was launched in 2014 to provide patients who have mental illness with comprehensive care.

The process starts with the identification of physical and emotional signs of stress. Individualized brain mapping, as well as a guide by Neurocore clinicians, is released to help patients to handle the stress. Thanks to recent research and development in technology in the industry of applied neuroscience, researchers and scientists are beginning to create momentum in the healthcare sector. Scientists and employees at the Center are additionally discovering the developing career paths in Neurotherapy. Founded by Timothy Royer in 2004, Neurocore operates about eight centers that use the latest technology based on Neuroscience to provide patients with drug-free solutions for their mental illness. The company thrives in evaluating the needs of its clients and determining the right treatment for their conditions.

Agera Energy As An Exclusive Firm In The Energy Industry

Agera Energy focuses on supplying electricity and natural gas to its customers. The organization offers environmentally responsible and competitive energy options to residential and commercial customers throughout the United States. With these considerations, many individuals choose Agera. The company’s impeccable services and outstanding products also attract clients. The company’s items include renewable energy, electricity and the supply of natural gas. In the latter, the public utility firm addresses critical issues in the sector including energy efficiency and demand management among others.

Agera Energy aims at not only offering clean and efficient energy but also providing sustainability. The organization directs its operations towards helping customers manage their energy expenses. The company achieves this by allowing the clients to have control over their energy costs. In many instances, Agera Energy proposes efficient energy options including the use of LEDs. Clients using LEDs manage their energy costs quite effectively because the LEDs assist in the reduction of energy consumption while facilitating excellent lighting quality.

Besides its products, clients choose Agera Energy because it is a certified organization. The Westchester Green Business certified the company with a green business certification helping it develop a conscious way to supply energy. When you work with Agera Energy, you are guaranteed more than electricity and natural gas supply. Instead, the company’s agents partners with you attending to your every need. Working with the firm is prestigious. The company provides an overview of its career postings to create opportunities for job seekers. It keeps the intent of its customers and community into consideration to guarantee client satisfaction.

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Guardian Tech Covers Cyber Civic Through Editor Alex Hern

Alex Hern

Freedom in social media and technology has inevitably entangled lawmakers, which makes Alex Hern’s job as UK technology editor at The Guardian as much political as tech. As quick as technology guides our dreams of what’s possible, government follows to mark the boundaries. Alex’s recent articles, on and, cover cyber privacy errors, apps gone wrong, and social media tragedy.

Where federal government used to comment, state health department input is turning into mandatory regulations as self-harm images on Instagram may have prompted a teenage suicide. Following the same trend Facebook’s messenger, which is deemed unsafe for youth. Companies Apple and Amazon are also on the cyber news reel and Alex Hern is quick to express a candid opinion.

Through his editorials, Alex Hern heralds both political and cyber-security stories, hitting on a new but too familiar sub-category of cyber civics. Alex Hern also covers opinion through Twitter as @alexhern, posting retweet rags on US online shopping systems and alerting followers on issues of data privacy awareness.

A Star You Should Know: Heather Parry

Heather Parry seemingly has risen out of nowhere. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Heather Parry has been continuously working in the industry and has pushed and strived to really be a key part of the entertainment industry.

But who is Heather Parry and where did she come from? Let us find out in this brief piece on her rise to the top!

Heather Parry Started with the Simple Foundations

Heather Parry knew that she had to make a difference in her life, she knew her life had to have some more meaning and so she sought a career in the entertainment industry where she knew that she would have significant reach.

All she had to do was to make the right moves. Heather Parry started out in the industry at the young age of 22. She was able to start out with a prominent production entity, MTV News. As she proved herself, she found out that she was able to progress to be the West Coast Bureau Chief.

There she had more considerable clout and was able to work on more compelling projects that had more significance to a concentrated and highly interested viewer base. This was a pivotal time in her career, she was able to move from here to the interesting and fast-paced world of movie production.

The movie production business had its own challenges and issues but she was ready to meet them head -on.

She started out with movies such as “Get Rich or Die Tryin” with the prominent artist and rapper Curtis Jackson. She then went on to work with other stars such as Adam Sandler. She knew that she would have to strive to make a difference here as well and always kept an eye out for different opportunities.

Her latest involvement has been in that of “A Star is Born” with stars such Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. She has worked hard and has compiled a list of people, tactics, and strategies to bring about successes.

Michael Nierenberg Via The Mode That He Has Applied In The Managerial Field

Michael Nierenberg through the skills of the leadership that he has portrayed to the public marks the fact that he is among the few people who have mastered the area of administration. He is one of the dedicated people who has achieved a lot within a short period. The dedication that Michael Nierenberg has set in a position elevated him to the place where he manages Global Mortgages and Securitized Products.

The factor that has made him achieve a lot within a short period is the experience that he has on the matters regarding management. Michael Nierenberg through the resilience that he has shown and the expertise of the issues of leadership has made him be one of the managers who can handle the severe problems of management with ease.

This is the factor that has set him at the top of the management list. The main form of leadership that he has applied in the sector of management include the dynamism and issues of innovation. The team of experts that are running the departments of the company has the vast knowledge to handle different matters and fix the problem whenever they arise. Michael Nierenberg believes that technology is the way to go for the company to achieve its goals in the market.

Michael Nierenberg via the mode that he has applied in the managerial field shows his wits on the matters of professionalism. There are a lot of the changes that he has made as the leader in the organization. For instance, he has integrated the junior team to the issues of management within the company. Most of the known firms across the world have tried their best ways to lure him to fall into their managerial field. Additionally, Michael Nierenberg has gained support from most of the companies’ management.

Nierenberg has proved through his wits that he has the potential and abilities to push for the matters of management in various areas. He is one of the great leaders who has made tremendous changes in the sector of management. He is currently one of the managers at New Residential Investment Corp and the leading people at the foundation of Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation.

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Alex Hern And His Work

Alex Hern

Alex Hern is a businessman that is located in San Diego but that is only where his main office, in fact, he is rarely there. The reason for that is because his job is to travel the world helping other companies with the technology world they used in order to increase productivity and to help companies get off the ground.

For the companies that he helps to get off the ground, he will actually stay with that company for a good portion of his working time until that company is not only off the ground but thriving with a good direction to go in for the future. This service is great for owners that don’t have the confidence or just don’t know what they need to do for everything at the start but tech expert Alex spends the time teaching the owners so that they are sufficient in the future and will be able to grow the business.

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Entrepreneur Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is a marketing expert with much experience and knowledge in the marketing sector. His passion and creativity led to the inception of KOI IXS which he runs as its Chief Executive Officer. Edwin Miranda came up with the idea to create this marketing agency when he was 21 years old.

He envisioned a platform that would help businesses sell their brands efficiently. This is what KOI IXS has turned out to be, a marketing agency that connects businesses with consumers. It is involved in marketing that is performance-based and future-oriented.

KOL IXS has a pool of creative designers and talented strategists that have significantly steered its growth and expansion. Edwin Miranda exhibits great management capabilities and skill in leading the KOI IXS professional team.

In a recent interview, Edwin Miranda discusses the importance of predictive marketing. He highlights the need for enterprises to take up this marketing strategy. Its ability to help in analyzing and forecasting future trends in the markets makes it an ideal tool for marketing.

Edwin Miranda has developed a culture of goal setting. He sets long term, medium term and short term goals that he regularly reviews to gauge his progress. This practice has contributed significantly to his personal and career growth. Edwin Miranda also advises entrepreneurs to invest in modern technology.

He understands that technology is imperative in delivering efficient services to customers. KOI IXS has proved to be a unique agency due to its integration of technology with its operations. As an entrepreneur, Edwin Miranda has experienced failures in business.

However, his setbacks have not deterred him from achieving his business goals. His resilience and determination paved the way for his breakthrough in the business world. Edwin Miranda uses his skills to empower young entrepreneurs in marketing sector.

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Ryan Seacrest and Success

Ryan Seacrest just doesn’t stop working. He’s everywhere. He co-hosts his own TV show, Live With Kelly and Ryan. He also hosts a radio show on IHeartMedia. In addition, Ryan Seacrest has also started his own cosmetics and fashion line. He has also engaged in philanthropic work. He is the chairman and founder of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Seacrest is also an avid investor and is always on the lookout for that next great opportunity. His work ethic is incredible. There are a number of factors that have led to his success. In the following, we’ll list out some things that have helped succeed at every level.

Work Ethic

He never rests. Even when he’s had success, he is constantly looking for the next opportunity to improve and find new projects. He understands that success is temporary and that you consistently have to push yourself to maintain it.


Seacrest chose Merv Griffin, another legendary talk show host, to look up to as his mentor. Admiring and following someone that’s already successful in your line of business can go a long way in your personal success.

Do Something You Love

A big part of Seacrest’s work ethic is staying busy doing the things he enjoys. The more activities and things he has planned for himself to do, the better he operates. Being busy just gets your creative juices flowing. Hard work is a big part of successful and if you’re outworking your competitors you’ll more than likely win out.

Community Engagement and Social Responsibility

He also believes in giving back. Being a part of the community and having the ability to address pressing concerns is something that everyone can do. Even if you’re not at the same level of financial security as he is, you can still give back.

Wake Up Early

Getting an early start is a good way to be productive. When you first wake up is when your mind is typically at its best! This also allows you to finish your daily tasks early and make time for leisure activities.

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Nicolas Krafft and The Ethics Day

L’Oreal is among the leading beauty and Cosmetics Company that has been a market leader for the longest time since the 1800s. The secret behind the company’s success has been the devotion and efforts that employees of the company put in their work.

Moreover, the company has set aside an Ethics day where the employees are in apposition to evaluate their behavior at the office and whether or not it contributes to the company’s success. L’Oreal’s Vice President, Nicolas Krafft is hugely supportive of the company’s annual event, and usually, he is the one in charge of the approval of the budget presented to him for the day by the company’s Chief Ethics Officer.

All employees of L’Oreal participate in this significant day, as it is for them. Therefore, the event is held globally regardless of the location of the outlets. Before the big day, all employees are instructed to send all the ethical questions that they could be having to either the chief ethics officer or the Vice President, Nicolas Krafft.

The items are posted online to either of the two parties, and the employees are given the freedom of being anonymous so that they may not feel intimidated for asking some of those questions. On the actual event day, the issues that the employees presented are categorized into groups as well as the employees, where each employee group tackles a particular set of questions. The day’s activities are also meant to improve teamwork amongst the employees which are necessary for an organization with as many employees as those of L’Oreal.

Another activity that takes place during Ethics Day is the awarding ceremony of the employees who were the most disciplined during the year. It is possible to evaluate the behavior of each employee because the company had come up with a system where the employees can report their colleagues who were being unethical to the H.R. through an online application.

The identity of the reporter is usually hidden, but the wrongdoer’s name is made available to the H.R., as well as the mistake they made. The awarding ceremony during Ethics Day has helped in motivating the employees to keep behaving right while at the office. This, in turn, helps in creating a good working environment for everyone, while maintaining the required ethical standards.

Mariana and Zeco Auriemo Edoardo Caovilla for Dinner

Mariana and Zeco Auriemo receive for dinner around Edoardo Caovilla, on the occasion of the opening of the Italian shoe brand Rene Caovilla’s store in Cidade Jardim, in São Paulo. The celebration will be this Wednesday (22), only for guests. Zeco, in time, is the president of JHSF, a conglomerate that includes, among other big projects, the Cidade Jardim itself, the Fazenda Boa Vista condominium and the Fasano hotel chain.

The lord of luxury: in Brazil, Zeco Auriemo built some of the main icons of high luxury, such as the Fasano hotel chain, which holds the brand, and the Cidade Jardim shopping mall in São Paulo. Your first shot was held in 2010 with the Hotel Fasano Las Piedras in Uruguay. As an argument, critics wielded the fact that the building needed to be preserved as it was the oldest residential section of 5th Avenue between 59th and 110th streets, facing the park. But the claim was considered fragile, since the original building, completed in 1871 with the design of Samuel A. Warner, a respected architect of the period, had been greatly altered.

In the 1920s, almost all the ornamentation of the facade was removed. “The building will have architecture similar to the buildings on the block, which are some of the best the town has,” says Millerman. The designer will be the Citterio and Partners office of the Italian architect Antonio Citterio.” As a first foray into the US, the company was very happy. Few good land is available in New York,” says Millerman, who lives in the city that has never slept since 1993.

Auriemo has been the CEO of JHSF for 2003, although he joined the company in the service department in 1993. He has worked as a real estate developer during this time, and also signed multiple deals to bring more designer businesses (and businesses in general) to Brazil. He is working also on expanding JHSF into the United States, as a building is currently under construction in New York City.