Dallas Note Stock Investment

NexBank is a Dallas based financial institute located on 2515 Mckinney Ave, Suite 1100. The bank originally established in 1934 and has since become one of the largest banks in the state of Texas and the United States overall.


On September 27th, 2017, slideshare published an article on their website that NexBank, announcing its completion of a $54 million private placement. This will apply to the fixed-to-floating rate subordinated notes to specific stock holders of NexBank. As of the end of 2016, NexBank Capital had raised $283 million in debt and equity.


The notes themselves are planned for full maturity on September 30th, 2027 and will be non-callable for five years. Bear interest for the notes are 6.375% for five years. Afterward, it will be based on floating rate above 458.5 points. The notes have been giving an investment grade of BBB- and qualifies as a Tier 2 capital, under certain regulations. In closing out the article, the notes are stated to not be registered under the Securities Act and can not be transacted to the US absent registration or exempt from registration requirements.


As for NexBank itself, its business is based on three principles: execution, flexibility, and expertise. Under these few pillars, NexBank focuses on supporting businesses and institutions with specific tailored-solutions to suit all of their needs.


According to recouncil.com, under NexBank’s system, there are three possible classes of banking: commercial, mortgage, and institutional services. Commercial banking offers commercial lending, real estate lending, credit services, and treasury management. Mortgage offers a client option, wholesale & correspondent lending, and warehouse lending. Lastly, institutional services offers investment banking and public funds.


NexBank has three main account types. The first being a one year account. The second is a two year account. Lastly, the third is a eighteen month account. Any one of the three standard Checking accounts can yield 1.25%. With a Savings account one can earn 0.15% interest annually while Money Market accounts can yield 100k annually.


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