EOS Lip Balm For Anytime Wear

EOS has launched a new lip balm that comes in all kinds of scented flavors. In addition, they also have an unscented flavor for those individuals who do not care for scents. Furthermore, these three new flavors consisted of Tropical Mango, Melon Blossom, and the EOS Unscented lip balm. First, a review was given about the Tropical Mango lip balm. The Tropical Mango lip balm comes in a basic orange EOS case. This product has a magnificent aroma that smells just like a mango. For instance, the smell is so sweet that the product is described as like having a Mango Italian Ice. Once you start using this lip balm on your lips the scent becomes more well known. The Tropical Mango lip balm is very moisturizing, lightweight, and consistent. Secondly, a review was conducted about the new eos Organic Stick Lip Balm.

The Organic Lip Balm Smooth Stick does not contain any flavors; however, the product case does come in a variety of colors. The Organic Lip Balm does not have a smell at all. For those individuals that do not care for scented flavors try the Organic Lip Balm Smooth Stick. Once you place this lip balm on your lips; however, this product is described as thin, smooth, and it maintains its consistency. Thirdly, a review was also discussed about the new EOS Crystal Melon Blossom. This product comes in an incredible pink case that sort of remind you of a 3-D triangle. The Crystal Melon Blossom has an amazing smell. The smell is described as smelling identical to the Water Melon Lemonade at Bath and Body Works. This product is described as a moisturizer that is smooth, slick, and weightless. Finally, the EOS Crystal Melon Blossom was rated a ten out of ten from reviewers.

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  1. You might be wondering why people always love to purchase Evolution of Smooth as their favorite lip brand. It might interest you to know that EOS is a new player in the market but then they produced what the people needed and this has ensure they remain relevant in the market. That is why reading Relationship Starters Blog is very important today and more importantly they have dominated the market. I have been a favorite user of the Melon Blossom flavor of the EOS.

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