Achievements of Jeremy Goldstein at Fountain House

Mental Illness is one of the causes of suicides across the globe. Many people are left to live in difficult situations whereby they are unable to access medical treatments. Some people have sacrificed their time, resources and properties to help these people get their normal lives back.

Considering that 85% of these people are unemployed makes the figure so significant to the extent of creating a crisis in the society.  Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

These people are also unemployed because the majority are from poor backgrounds whereby people mind about their welfare alone. They are therefore left to live very lonely lives which makes them feel neglected.

It is as a result of numerous observations that Jeremy Goldstein decided to host a dinner on 22nd May. The meal was meant to promote awareness of the mental diseases as well as promoting Fountain House. The organization is a renowned charitable movement that was established in 1944 by a group of six members.

They named it, “We Are Not Alone.” It was created to help both men and women who suffer from mental illnesses. In 1948, they moved to a new location which had a fountain and a garden and thus renaming the organization to Fountain House.

The organization according to Jeremy Goldstein is to offer the necessary support, care, new skills and education to people who suffer from mental illnesses. The house is aimed at building confidence in individuals so that their self-esteem can grow. They are working on maintaining their relationships, dwelling and also employment which would help raise their standards.

With the assistance of the organization, the majority of these people have gained employment and also the necessary skills. Those who have benefited include 42% of the people suffering from mental disorders in the country. Their combined revenue is now $2 million every year which is soundproof that something with high impact has been done.

Jeremy Goldstein has managed to help people live a life worth respect and has been celebrated for his love for these kinds of people. He has always wanted to see them succeed in life and have always been passionate about helping them.

His field of philanthropy is very, and he has been on the frontline helping these people secure jobs and get proper housing. It is one unique thing that very few in the society have ever done. The overall achievement of Jeremy Goldstein has been a tremendous success for his company, Jeremy Goldstein & Associates.

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