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Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod have found themselves under one roof, and this is after running separate ventures for almost two decades. They had worked as a one in the running of Merlin BioMed Group and later separated. The two are known to be giants in the healthcare investments industry. They are now operating in one office with the hope of having a future collaboration.

The Birth of Merlin

In 1998, Merlin was co-founded by Weisbrod. The company focused on healthcare investments, biotechnology, medical device, pharmaceutical, and healthcare service sectors. The track record of Weisbrod has been unbeaten in biotechnology and healthcare investments. Weisbrod was able to secure positions with Harper Partners, Merrill Lynch, Oracle Partners, Prudential-Bache Securities, and Harpel Partners.

The Emergence of Iguana Health Partners

After the completion of Merlin, Weisbrod went ahead and created Iguana Health Partners. He used the same strategy he had applied on Merlin. His focus was on public companies that operated in the healthcare industry. These investments were on pharmaceutical, diagnostic, medical device service, healthcare information technology companies, and biotechnology healthcare. The name Iguana is an inspiration to Weisbrod because it relates to a reptile that can survive in any environment just like his company.

Rise and Fall of Visium

Gottlieb took a similar step and came up with Visium. After leaving Merlin, he did not want to move away from the investment business. He started the business with an initial capital of $300 million, and the business grew to a 2.5 billion venture in 2008. A financial crisis hit the company, but later, Gottlieb managed to grow back the business to an $8 billion investment firm. Visium was taken to court for practicing in insider trading and fined $10 million. Gottlieb maintained his position as the CEO, working in Visium and returning funds to investors as the company winds up.

As Visium is winding, Gottlieb is concentrating on his next undertaking, Altium Capital. The new venture is like Visium, a hedge fund that is fresh from any scandals. Weisbrod and Gottlieb were former colleagues and successful financial entrepreneurs. They are working in the same office, and people are expecting changes that are exciting and great things in the healthcare investment industry.

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