The Many Qualities of OSI Food Solutions

If you have general knowledge of the food industry, then you’ve probably heard of a company named OSI Food Solutions. This food juggernaut has been the most productive food processor in the industry for quite some time. OSI Food Solutions isn’t a newbie to this field, and it definitely has earned its respect throughout the industry. You are looking at up to 65 facilities, and these facilities consist of test kitchens, pilot plants, general offices and culinary-innovation centers. The sky is truly the limit with this particular business. OSI has certainly experienced its share of setbacks throughout the years, but this happens with just about any professional business. The only difference is that this food processor got back up and improved on its shortcomings.

Job opportunities is another big reason for such huge success. As state above, OSI has well-over 60 facilities, and these facilities need manpower to operate at full-capacity. Being an equal-opportunity employer, OSI Food Solutions has a range of open positions that need to be filled. The company is always seeking individuals who have a love for the craft. Ambition is another fine attribute that OSI is looking for, and they’ll know if a person has that spark to succeed. CEO Sheldon Lavin became the captain of this ship back in 1975, and he has ushered in years of financial experience. The guy has literally owned a finance consulting firm in the city of Chicago. On top of that, David McDonald took over the role as president, and he has been successfully involved with many of the companies acquisitions. McDonald has put in 30 years of hard work.

Thanks to the upmost capabilities of dedication and perseverance, Lavin has been honored with the Global Visionary Award. This specific award goes to someone who has turned his/her dream into a reality while staying the course. All in all, OSI Food Solutions has racked-up the awards throughout the years, and one article won’t do it any real justice.

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