History Behind the Success of Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a successful investor who was born in 1947 in Brazil country. He received his education at the Federal University of Parana where he studied engineering and also economics. Federal University was the only University in all the States of Parana and Santa Catarina that offered the engineering course by then. This made the protocol of the admission for the course tough because of the high level of competition. Through the education, Igor has succeeded in transforming lives of many people by focusing on his visions which are in the form of the Bainbridge. The first job of Mr. Cornelsen was at the investment bank after his graduation in 1970. This investment bank was the bridge of the engineers because they had the best skills of doing the calculations of the compounded interest rate.

Igor Cornelsen has held different leadership positions in a lot of Brazilian banking firms. For instance, he was among the Multibanco’s board members and also a CEO, in Standard Chartered Merchant Bank he was the representative in Brazil as well as the board member of directors. After working in banking firms for some years, Igor has to quit his career so that he could focus on the investment. He opened his investment company that would help him peruse his dreams of helping the investors by providing them the services they require for the investments. Cornelsen is well known as an investor who persuades the potential investors with the aim of advising them to be aware of the firms having financial problems as they invest.

He encourages the investors to consider investing in the declining stocks or damaged stocks that they will be able to sell and make the profit. The damaged stocks are affordable when picking up as the market stabilize. Commitment is required from the investors for the long-term rewards. Cornelsen has extensive knowledge on various investment areas. The many years that Igor Cornelsen has spent as research on the patterns of the market has brought about his professionalism in the stock market. He knows the pros and cons of several investments because of his long experience in the industry.

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