Perry Mandera and His Passion to Support The Future of the Delinquents

Sometimes the ideas we implement in our strategies don’t end up well-translated into reality. This is something that people behind the projects of Perry Mandera know, but the fact that Mr. Mandera pushes for his projects despite these is an indication that there’s still more to Mr. Mandera than meets his eye.


The Passions of Perry Mandera

Among the many interests that take up most of the time and energy of Mr. Mandera is his involvement in bolstering the ISCC’s Law Enforcement Legislation. He’s all for the development of the training initiatives that the government is willing to pay for just to get the right modules for the society. The fact, too, that Perry Mandera has a reputable background in the transportation industry as business executive makes him one of the ideal people who can initiate such assistance. In the event that there would be unforeseen risks and challenges in the implementation of the programs from the government agency, it will be reassuring that Perry Mandera can offer his support to take the programs back to their feet.

Unless you’re not interested in the progress of the transport industry, you probably already heard the name of Perry Mandera from the fact that he’s the founder of The Customer Companies, Inc. in Northlake, Illinois (LinkedIn). For 30 years, Perry Mandera has been successful in this career to the point that he was even awarded the Bishop Sheil Award in 2010 as well as the Citizen of the Year Award last 2011.

Because of the passion for good products of Perry Mandera, he found it his duty to help charity and non-profit groups to achieve the complete rounded service that he wants to offer to the world. For this reason, he is actively pushing for the projects of ISCC in making sure that delinquents in the state would be lessened and those who have minor delinquency problems could get back on their feet.

He wants to make sure that those children who conflict with the law could see the hope they need through the charity work he started. Without such program, there would be less help and assistance for those children that have so much potential but could not get the work because of their bad records.


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