Perry Mandera and His Passion to Support The Future of the Delinquents

Sometimes the ideas we implement in our strategies don’t end up well-translated into reality. This is something that people behind the projects of Perry Mandera know, but the fact that Mr. Mandera pushes for his projects despite these is an indication that there’s still more to Mr. Mandera than meets his eye.


The Passions of Perry Mandera

Among the many interests that take up most of the time and energy of Mr. Mandera is his involvement in bolstering the ISCC’s Law Enforcement Legislation. He’s all for the development of the training initiatives that the government is willing to pay for just to get the right modules for the society. The fact, too, that Perry Mandera has a reputable background in the transportation industry as business executive makes him one of the ideal people who can initiate such assistance. In the event that there would be unforeseen risks and challenges in the implementation of the programs from the government agency, it will be reassuring that Perry Mandera can offer his support to take the programs back to their feet.

Unless you’re not interested in the progress of the transport industry, you probably already heard the name of Perry Mandera from the fact that he’s the founder of The Customer Companies, Inc. in Northlake, Illinois (LinkedIn). For 30 years, Perry Mandera has been successful in this career to the point that he was even awarded the Bishop Sheil Award in 2010 as well as the Citizen of the Year Award last 2011.

Because of the passion for good products of Perry Mandera, he found it his duty to help charity and non-profit groups to achieve the complete rounded service that he wants to offer to the world. For this reason, he is actively pushing for the projects of ISCC in making sure that delinquents in the state would be lessened and those who have minor delinquency problems could get back on their feet.

He wants to make sure that those children who conflict with the law could see the hope they need through the charity work he started. Without such program, there would be less help and assistance for those children that have so much potential but could not get the work because of their bad records.


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Banyan Hill Publishing’s Ian King Takes Pride In Helping Everyday Investors Succeed

About Banyan Hill Publishing:

Banyan Hill Publishing is a financial and investment advice publishing house that was founded in 1998 under the name The Sovereign Society. The company quickly became a leader in the area of global asset protection and investment organization. In 2016 a rebranding of the company occurred and the Banyan Hill Publishing name was adopted from inspiration taken from the banyan tree. Banyan trees as the largest in the world when ranked by their canopy size and they are a fitting symbolic name for a company like Banyan Hill Publishing. Follow Ian on Twitter.

Ian King is the editor of Banyan Hill Publishing’s Crypto Profit Trader service and a weekly contributor to Banyan’s Sovereign Investor Daily publication that keeps readers up to date on the most recent developments in the cryptocurrency industry. Ian is proud to serve as one of Banyan Hill Publishing’s experts who help everyday American’s make investment choices that lead to a great generation of wealth. Ian King first entered the business world as a desk clerk at the mortgage bond trading firm Salomon Brother before he moved on to a stint at Citigroup. Ian spent ten years working as the head options trader at Peahi Capital, a hedge fund based in New York. During Ian King’s tenure at Peahi, the fund achieved a total return of 339 percent in 2008 alone. Ian had a number of successful years making rich people even richer but he wanted to give back to everyday investors. Around this time he discovered the cryptocurrency market and decided to leave Wall Street behind for a career in venture investing. Today Ian King continues to help average investors due to his involvement at Banyan Hill Publishing. He takes great joy in providing Banyan Hill’s readers with his expert analysis of the burgeoning cryptocurrency market. Visit Banyan Hill to know more about Ian King.

Market volatility is always something that concerns investors and when they want to avoid getting caught up in a financial storm they often turn to investment advisors. The problem is that these advisors charge a hefty fee for advice that is often very generic and run of the mill. Banyan Hill has staked its reputation on being an alternative to this traditional option. The company’s experts have a wide range of investment knowledge that they enjoy sharing with Banyan Hill Publishing’s readers in order to help them generate and protect wealth while gaining financial security for life. Ian King takes great pride in his role as one of these expert advisors and has the track record to justify the fact that readers look to him for the answers to their most important investing questions.


William Saito Explains Why New Business Can Still Work in Financial Turmoil

William Saito is someone that knows about the business of getting a startup off the ground. He knows about this because he has had a ton of experience when it comes to creating different things that he tried to launch himself. The thing that has made it possible for William to survive is his ability to create products that were needed in times of financial turmoil.

Some people may consider shying away from starting a company in a time where financial turmoil is taking place, but William Saito believes that it is better for hungry entrepreneurs to start a company during a time like this.

William Saito actually believes that people have a better chance with their fiscal budget and the management of their money better during these times. It is not impossible to get a loan for a start-up even though some people may think that it is harder in times of financial turmoil. The expectations for a business to do well during these times may not be as high so the pressure is actually lower on someone that is trying to get a start up off the ground. The playing field is leveled in some ways because there may be businesses that have been successful in the past that are struggling because of the economic crisis that may be going on in the world. This is the perfect time to get your business in place if you have some type of innovation that fills a void. William Saito believes that businesses that have a unique perspective will be able to thrive even if the economy overall is not doing as well as entrepreneurs would like for it to do.

Even though an entrepreneur may start out with a lower profit margin in times where there is financial turmoil it will be better to start during these times because you have a more realistic perspective. If someone starts a business during the time where they economy is booming then they find themselves depressed and upset when the business model fails if the economy slumps after they have started the business.


People that start a business during times of economic turmoil, however, will be much more prepared to handle whatever comes their way when the economy is in a downward spiral. This means that they will have a much easier ride when the economy is revived and back to normal.


NGP VAN Teaches You How To Optimize Fundraising

Campaigning for your favorite candidate can be both exciting and rewarding but your campaign can only be as effective as your fundraising efforts. Fortunately, NGP VAN is here to help with all your fundraising needs. Using their platform makes it easier than ever to connect with your target audience and raise the funds you need to keep your political campaign running smoothly. With this technology, fundraisers are able to convey to their donors how donating to their campaign will directly benefit them thus providing them with the motivation they need to contribute to your campaign. Users are then able to track their progress and view their stats to see how far they’ve come and how far they still need to go. With this new technology, you’ll be able to monitor your email stats to see how many people you’ve swayed via email to donate.


Recently, NGP VAN has introduced their latest innovation known as NGP 8. This new software enables grassroots donors to be able to contribute to democratic campaigns via an online platform. With this new technology, grassroots fundraising has never been easier than it is now. This new innovation also allows for you to have as many charts as you want to help you track your progress and it makes the features more reliable and accessible for your fundraising endeavors. Additionally, you can share these charts with anyone in your campaign to help them view your stats.

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all method for effective fundraising but this new technology will help you optimize your fundraising efforts and ensure your campaign is as well-funded as it can be. Looking back at the history of campaign funding won’t do much in the way of indicating how your campaign will fare. However, if you use this platform to organize and sort your data, you might be able to spot patterns which can help you decide what your budget should be. What’s more, this platform ensures that your donors are content and encourages them to continue to donate throughout the duration of the campaign rather just making a one-time contribution. Voter Activation Network was established in 2001 and merged with NGP ten years later to become NGP VAN. With over 200 employees, NGP VAN is constantly striving to make your fundraising efforts easier. We wish them the best of luck as they continue to make democratic campaigning simpler and more effective.

Stansberry Research Newsletter Sounds the Alarm On Trump’s Tariff Stance

With the looming threat of a trade war between the United States and a number of countries (China, European Union members, etc.), the Stansberry Digest, the daily newsletter for subscribers to investment research and publishing firm Stansberry Research, published an article by lead editor Justin Brill, detailing the potential effects of a trade war on the American economy.

Stansberry Research, founded in 1999 by Frank Porter Stansberry, is as a noted investment research firm that provides information to its subscribers regarding secure and successful investing. Headquartered in Maryland, with operations out of three additional states and subscribers in over a hundred countries, Stansberry utilizes a collection of financial analysts with diverse views on investing to deliver varied opinions and investment advice through the firm’s newsletters.

In light of President Donald Trump’s announcement of 25% steel and 10% aluminium import tariffs that he said would apply to all U.S. trading partners without exception, investors have been bracing for what would the economic repercussions if the tariffs did go into effect. Brill explained both why he believed the administration’s plan would not work, and the ways in which it could harm instead of benefit the economy.

For one, the steel and aluminium markets in the U.S., according to Brill, are unlikely to rebound from their wartime employment highs in the 1940s and 1950s, regardless of tariff imposition. Having outsourced more than four-fifths of jobs overseas since the late 50s, while seeing a drop in productivity of less than half in the same time frame, Brill posits that the American steel market has very little incentive to bring back outsourced jobs.

Perhaps more critically, however, Brill points out that imposition of tariffs would trigger retaliation from those affected like China, leading to higher prices for consumer items across the board, from jeans and motorbikes, to corn and orange juice.

In addition to providing investment analysis and advice, Stansberry Research organizes conferences that host noted speakers with experience in the financial industry ( Speakers during the conferences have included Steve Forbes, Ron Paul, Kevin O’Leary and Robert Kiyosaki, among others.


Freedom Checks and Why It’s A Good Idea To Consider Them As Your Asset Options

Some of the investors you meet are too diffident to expand their investment attitudes. They fear that they’re getting less of their money’s worth when they take risks. They feel the regret of the investment might be too much to handle. They worry that it’s too much stress and not enough gains that justify the regret one could feel. However, if you’re an investor and you’ve heard of Freedom Checks from investment expert Matt Badiali, you might be reconsidering your reluctance to invest because you might be missing a lot. Visit to know more.


The Frenetic Payoffs


Yes, it’s fair to say that the Freedom Checks you hear today are filled with frenetic buzz and news that talk about whether it’s legitimate or not. You don’t need to go beyond the news you read from Stock Gumshoe to learn that Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks are as legit as an investment opportunity that you can get. For starters, you can just go to your government authorities to verify their claims, and after that, what reason do you have not to trust what it offers as long as you hedge yourself against complete ruin?


The payoffs you can get from Freedom Checks may have come from its roots through the work of Matt Badiali. You see, Matt works as a geologist and the line of work he’s in has brought him to many places, meeting people and business moguls. In one of his meetings, he was able to stumble upon what is called Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs. These MLPs are companies that are given tax cuts by the government as an incentive for them to push with their line of business, which helps the government generate fuel, oil and gas, and distribute them across the country. With such tax cuts, the investors can get the money as a pay-off. The more you invest, then, in such companies, the more likely you can get a bigger share of the payoffs you can gain.





Of course, not all MLPs are created equal. The more you can hit on the right MLP that can increase your assets, the luckier you can be. To help you get hit that jackpot, you should understand that Matt Badiali has his recommendations of his own. He implies in the Stock Gumshoe article that the two companies right now that can generate a keen amount of payoff are San Juan Basin Royalty Trust and Suncoke Energy Partners. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

Ara Chackerian: Philanthropist, Healthcare Innovator and Environmental Activist

Ara Chackerian is an angel investor, philanthropist and entrepreneur who is involved in a wide variety of nonprofit and for-profit ventures. Best known as the Manager of ASC Capital Holdings, Mr. Chackerian is also the co-founder and a general partner of Limonapa Teak, an environmentally conscious teak farm in Nicaragua that employs many local workers. He also sits on the board of a variety of healthcare organizations, including Mint Medical Education, Pipeline Healthcare and the Hatlen Center for the Blind.


Based on the news version, she most recent of the multitude of roles that Ara Chackerian has played is as a visionary in the field of forestry and environmental preservation. He recognizes that our natural forests don’t just provide us with resources, but also with breathtaking views, recreational areas and creative inspiration. He also believes that promoting public discussion of environmental preservation issues is an integral part of protecting our forests, as it can lead directly to sensible legislation designed to protect natural resources.


Environmental protection is one of many causes that Chackerian has supported as an advocate and an investor, but it is perhaps the cause that is dearest to him. His work with Limonapa Teak has previously demonstrated his dedication to environmental preservation, and he continues to use his influence to promote the protection of the natural world.




Mr. Chackerian’s other current work is focused on advocating for and spreading awareness of transcranial magnetic stimulation, an alternative mental health treatment that has the potential to help thousands of people deal with a variety of mental illnesses. ‘TMS’, as it is often referred to, holds particular promise as a treatment for patients whose depression has been resistant to medication. He and one of his longtime business partners co-founded TMS Health Solutions in an effort to drive research and practice of TMS treatments. Visit for more details.


Chackerian graduated with an MBA from the Florida State University College of Business in 2001. He began his career as the founder and CEO of BMC Diagnostics before becoming a general partner with ASC Capital Holdings in 2007. He remains in that position with ASC to this date, and he also helps manage TMS Health Solutions and the Limonapa Teak Farm.

GoBuyside Founder Arjun Kapur Opens Up About What Makes Him A Successful Entrepreneur

GoBuyside Founder and Chief Executive Officer Arjun Kapur recently sat down with Inspirery to talk about his business career and the inspiration behind his revolutionary company. Asked about how his idea was brought to life, he reveals that he saw a trend that was recurring in the industry of high finance. Kapur states that this was a trend of “increased competition for talent and shortened hiring cycles in the private equity and hedge fund industry…” A problem this trend was creating was a lack of transparency where both candidates and employers suffered. Kapur had the idea of creating a “tech-enabled platform” that would be a major innovation in the hiring model. The goal of GoBuyside was to create a network where both sides of the hiring equations mutually benefitted. The company has grown to become the largest platform for the financial industry in the U.S. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

new business opportunities to grow GoBuyside. Kapur also says that for him, avoiding social media has been something that helps him maintain productivity. He is also questioned as to how he brings his ideas to life in his business dealings. His response is that it is a tough question but he believes the important thing is to identify your opportunities. After that, you have to do your due diligence in research before you start any process of trying to execute your plans. It is vitally important to learn from any potential customers as well and take any feedback seriously.

Regarding the question of what really excites him, Kapur talks about how he is highly interested in artificial intelligence development and research. This technology is still in its early phases but it has such massive potential. He reveals that he has big hopes that there are major breakthroughs with this technology in the next decade. He is also asked to talk about the worst job he has ever had. While he doesn't want to out any particular company, he simply says that he learned from some of his most demanding work just how much you have to put into your business life in order to achieve success.


Arjun Kapur has very interesting advice on how to grow a business. This advice is what he has personally used to build and continue to grow GoBuyside. He believes that though it may sound old-fashioned, taking care of your clients and providing the best possible service is still the clearest and surest path to success in the business world. An entrepreneur should always strive to not only meet but exceed the expectations of their clients. Kapur is also asked if there are any books he recommends that entrepreneurs should read. His answer is Peter Thiel's Zero to One. He feels it is an excellent guide to starting a new business venture.

With all the success that GoBuyside has achieved since its 2011 launch, Arjun Kapur is a businessman who's advice should be taken seriously. GoBuyside is now serving in excess of 10,000 financial firms worldwide. Read more about GoBuyside at

The RealReal- the online luxury store that’s leading the way

“Julie Wainwright, the founder and CEO of the online luxury consignment, The RealReal has been a successful, fearless leader for many years. Julie Wainwright sold luxury products such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton as a second hand seller. The RealReal has grown tremendously and it is one of the most successful online luxury consignment. The RealReal became a successful online business by sellers shipping the products to a company and the company will sell the item and shares the proceeds with the seller. Each item is inspected before shipment. Originally,the website focused primarily on women’s luxury fashion but has now branched into jewelry, menswear, watches and home decor.

Julie Wainwright came up with a strategy by launching brick-and-mortar stores. The first store will be located in New York and is currently under construction. The RealReal has invested in a risky funding, which accumulated $123 million dollars. Julie Wainwright is expected to see an increase in gross merchandise of $500 million in the nearest future. Julie Wainwright has announced that the next private financing that her company receives will be the last before an Initial Public Offering. She would like to secure a new investment in the hopes of it being viable for her company.

Everyone is trying to get a piece of the pie. In today’s world, individuals are conducting their own online e-commerce store in the hopes of making millions of dollars. The only downfall is that every websites are competitive and are selling the same products at a different price. For instance, ThredUp, which sells luxury brands at an affordable price, Poshmark sells used clothes, Ebay and Amazon. The RealReal was viewed as an enemy for many luxury brands; however, as time progresses the concept has change since the company is driving sales and traffic to the name brand.”

The Neurological Research Findings Jorge Moll Came Up With


Whether a person is to keep some money for themselves, or probably wants to donate it to the needy is something that has everything to do with one’s psychology. It is something that some neuroscientists have scanned the brains to prove especially on the volunteers like what Jorge Moll did. A neurology study showed that a primitive brain part got activated anytime the interests of a volunteer went before theirs. The research also indicated that altruism was not the suppression of the selfish urges but something basic to the pleasurable activity in the brain. Certain neurologists like Jorge Moll have also gone ahead to study if there is a built-in compass in the brain using psychological experiments and brain imaging.


According to competent and highly-trained neurologists like Jorge Moll, it is in the brain where morality aspects are hard-wired. They insist that all this happens because of the involuntary processes that take place in the brain. Although some researchers have said that morality has biological roots, it is also clear that empathy is the foundation of morality. This means that immorality and morality are not subject to free will as some people have argued but on the brain chemistry. These neurologists affirm that personal responsibility depends highly on the brain chemistry.


Jorge Moll is among the neurologists who have spent a good time exploring the complex issues in neural system and psychology. He has come up with an excellent publication on how morals and human brain relate. Moll has dedicated his ample time on moral cognitive neuroscience together with other interested and passionate researchers such as Jordan Graftman, Roland Zahn, Ricardo Oliveira Souza and also Frank Krueger ( Moll is one of those who has been able to establish the brain areas that determine social cognition and behavior.


This is what has made Moll gain the ability to manage patients with brain impairment and dysfunction to help them feel they also matter in the society. Moll majored in Public Health in Rio de Janeiro where he graduated with his master’s degree (Crunchbase). It is at the same university where Moll did his medical residency in Neurology. At the Institute of Research and Education, Moll is not only a Board Member but also a senior researcher.